Bitcoin $10,000 THIS Week (Or DOOM?!) June 2019 Price Prediction, News & Trade Analysis

Bitcoin $10,000 THIS Week (Or DOOM?!) June 2019 Price Prediction, News & Trade Analysis

well well well welcome back to crown sciutto cave it is a nice start to this Monday morning of this new week of opportunities and we got plenty to talk about with Bitcoin having some moves in the overnight session all yesterday as well and my god this this market has been ripe with opportunity recently so please take advantage of Bitcoin while he's feeling generous or she what have youd whatever jenner that bitcoin prefers and of course as always want to wish you the best the best the happy is the happiest without further ado let's waste no more time and getting the live Cena right here right now initiate that good old teleportation and I'll see you in there she is haha so gorgeous and bitcoin closing closing the week out pretty damn strong it from from what I see now people will look at this and probably say we have a shooting star dildo on the daily we have heavier volume and we're going down and the boy in this is my favorite one right now this is the best meme right now guys this this this push has been done up and low volume you know what that means it's bad it's like oh my god volume is such a Mimi because you have all of these probably well-intentioned people spewing this garbage about the volume the volumes low the volume the volume it's like shut the up in traditional marks when I was special trader vol with some that I very rarely even looked at I only cared about it on major market pivots like major highs and major lows typically where you see those climaxes on what we're seeing right here is just a consolidation is what we're actually seeing as we have as we have that nice orderly drop up in volume which is your very obvious signature of what's going on right now when people just blindly say the volumes low and it's like it's implied that it's a bad that means absolutely nothing no it needs to be taken into context over the current price action right now well we have a nice little we have a nice little consolidation right here and the beginning of a breakout so to me that means it mean it means very little what matters a lot more is volatility now a volatility a completely different type thing which we might get into a little bit later but I just want to do to address that because I keep on seeing this around the whole crypto sphere the volumes low that volumes been down on a low post like oh my god oh holy I the the liquidation engine does not care about the volume that that prized section was that when you get liquidated so again understand that and in this formation as a whole just getting started in a way that I look at it more importantly let's go over to the weekly as the Bitcoin has disclosed a pretty damn powerful weekly this is not a bullish engulfing but it's damn close and technically not a bullish engulfing but but does look good for continuation right over here we pretty much just bought back up that last weekly red dildo and once again I'm gonna be testing probably the upper echelons of this you know of the upper troll under banner which is now going to be coming in right around look at that 9800 which is kind of in the middle of my next target region between about ninety six and ten thousand – region and I do you believe that bitcoin is gonna start you know to make a push for that I looking at the weekly right over here I do believe that we get continuation I do believe that we probably test at the very least ninety eight hundred at that point you know it's gonna open up a little bit more ten thousand comes in the picture as well and yes now we actually have tentacles pointing up and uh you know up and around that area not only that but I do believe that weekly Stokes have crossed back up to the upside this is incredibly powerful yes you can see this happen in very aggressive and in in in powerful markets which is exactly what we're seeing right now it is a market you know it's it does say that you know statistically speaking should be a little more cautious but do not underestimate the last push of a you know of a FOMO rally and that's exactly what we're seeing right now so again the worst thing that you can do is be irrational in an irrational market the worst thing that you can do is be a smart bear in a you know and basically a bullish market is what we're looking at right now looking at the weekly right over here we do see all moving averages splayed out in a bullish Posche and we do see the red ten symbol above the yellow 21 above the green 50 above the cyan eighty nine all above the purl 200 to me that's you know it's just just setting the overall trend for a longer period of time and we out while yes we did get reject from the top drone to ban last week I mean to me this just looks like we came down not even to test the red ten some but probably the nine exponential if I had to put it on for a second let's go put this on and see what it's doing I'm gonna get somebody tested that yes we did and in very very very very strong market seal on it you'll only come down to your nine exponential on the weekly for those you know for those reset attempts if you want to call it that if you want to refer to that anyways I'm gonna put that calling the twenty one that's something that my mentor used to used on both the daily and the weekly to kind of judge general trend and we need you get that splayed out effect usually in very strong marks you're only just gonna be riding off the nine actually or some people use the eight as well but I found that's with the nine especially in cryptocurrencies anyways taking this off and going back down just kind of working our way down a little bit here we do you see three day three day it looks good to me as well three days Stokes we're gonna be pointing back up which is again just marker it's just a marker of the strength of this rally that we're in right now he very rarely do you see something like this but hey I guess buzz you know it can't happen we do see I suppose one one example right over here of just a little bit of a fake-out it does is gonna imply that we do build some divergence for the next attempt but looking at the RSI right over here you know we still have we still have a lot of room to roll before that becomes a legitimate topic of conversation and also we need to set in a local high in price section first as well so it's gonna be a little while before you know that's that becomes like a legitimate you know topic of conversations we just said looking at this right over here as well we do see that's this this will close like it's not at a p.m. Eastern Time any close above 90 100 and not be looking for continuation based off the three days old time frame on top of that we do see the three-day Jul probably gonna bounce off the off the white or yellow depending upon which color you have over there and again we spoke about this you know early last week that's the jewel was kind of running out of juice right over here is this gonna act as support that's exactly right now that you were getting it exactly right just as soon as design so you know I'm liking what I'm seeing here from the higher time frame still higher time frames you know get get in the private section relat you know better better than most looking at two days stokes we do see two days so it's having fresh cross to the upside once again not only that but we are we are defending the edge of the bullish control zone so to me you know just another just another tentacle kind of lining up with that the two day stokes happened it have been pretty damn good at getting the overall price action especially with the with the crosses on the same side of the macro trend so the macro trend being to the upside let me just make sure that i'm recording okay recording good and my disgusting haircut in the background over there awesome but but yes you know the two days folks have been getting the private section very very very very very well especially when he's going with macro trend to the upside here so the last time that we saw across to the upside was well basically on all these attempts so we have this guy down around here that was a 6th of february that was pretty much this low right here okay the time after that was this guy right over here cross him right over there time after that was right over here and then right over here so all them have been pretty goodbyes and we are once again crossing back up to the upside not only that but we do see at two days Stokes our sorry two day jewel I having a little bit of a support built up in this region as well so bouncing off having a little bit of a bouncy bounce there so again you know all the higher time frames look to me like they probably want some continuation here it's a very easy way to be managing this overall although the ranges are bigger but I would say that as long as bit corny remains above this pivot this pivot now officially at about 88 50 whatever the low of yesterday's daily Diller was about actually a little bit lower than that about 8800 on G decks but do you believe that it's higher on bit Mexico yes it no it is not higher bid Mexico that's about the same about 8800 and what about bitstamp yeah same 8800 okay so fair enough I just can't I stand corrected about 8800 as long as Bitcoin remains above 8800 I am you know I'm you know I am looking for some more upside of course that's a nonsensical stations like statement it's like if it doesn't go if it doesn't go below one I'm definitely looking for it to go higher than that it's like yeah no but my point is that's a pivot for the market so as long as Pokorny remains above 8800 the bowls basis is is is intact if you want to kind of relate it in that way that also means that a Bitcoin does violate eighty eight hundred and not even close below there but just even a violate it with a tick I would be looking for a move back down to about the 83 to 8400 US region probably fill the gap on the CMEs from Friday which is once again we have a massive gap to the upside so about 8,500 so that will come into play at some point in time but if I am looking at the higher time frame so do you think that we give a try higher first and foremost and of course when it comes to gaps it's like volume it's like another Mimi in this market it's so silly there's nothing to do before the gap actually gets filled people think like if you know if bitcoins trading right here then it's like we better short this bitch we got a gap below we must shorter right now right now short short short great way to get rekt and the market movers that people actually move these markets know that less fisca – people are thinking up for whatever reason this Mimi has gone to people mind people's minds by the by the ways of crypto read and crypto Twitter and crypto YouTube and all these very amazing social media venues that well tell you to do excellent things like this which is great for making your account value equal to zero bitcoins and and you open in the Arthur focus and blow fund as well now my point is that yes when Bitcoin does come back down and fill this gap at 8500 I will be a buyer there but I won't i won't be shorting into or anything like that i only take the trade when we actually come back down around there so at some point in time this will come this will come back into you know in a you know into a you know as a topic of relevancy right now we're pretty far away from it and of course you know it'll wait to that's all that's like a one-minute move in bitcoin land you know a $500 move down but my point is that I only take that trade even when we actually do come back down and fill that for a nice little at the very least scout bounce to the upside anyway so looking at CMI's here we do have a fresh cross to the upside on the daily Stokes we actually were kind of riding this trend line down over here as well I kind of like it is ascending brawny which way which actually isn't polish but it doesn't really operate like that on the Stokes more importantly you know we're just kind of bouncing off this area rejecting the bearish control zone and headed back up at the plenty of room to do and I do put more weight on the CMA also does I do seem to get price action a little bit better and looking at the wee-fee right over here gap up above all of our products that's massively bull the technical term from that is massively bullish massively bullish so really don't see too much stopping us from about 70 hours sorry 97 to 98 hundred region let's see technically right over here and that does line up with the measure move off that past prior formation that we were looking at before right around about 90 yeah about 97 we'll call which does match up with our mesh moves on on spot exchanges over here I think I have it done on the GX chart nope there's my GX chart yeah a little bit higher in this blue box territory between about ninety six hundred and ten thousand is what I have I suppose I could make that a little more accurately speaking right around ninety seven hundred to ten thousand so actually do I you know actually do you think that ten thousand gonna be–start gonna gonna really start to be a top of conversation this week especially with the way that weekly closed you know last night I mean that's that's damn it's damn good so you know again a lot of people trying to try to short every hundred dollars up it's the same thing as all the Bears although you know sorry all the perma Bulls trying to buy every one hundred dollars down right over here you know you're just getting the opposite but equal gang mentality leading to rekt two two two two good old retinas right over here so again just just the mark the the market at its best like showing you all you know everywhere where your mind works wrong I gotta love trading for that for just revealing our own our own in officials needs as humans or maybe not you but but definitely me looking at the 4-hour looking at lower timeframes on my bit Mexican sharp what do we see here we do see for our Stokes headed down right now probably section getting rejected right at this level as you can see do you see support very very very very more immediately right around about a hundred bucks lower right around ninety fiftyish region overall I just consider this a consolidation in and of itself kind of trying to flag out right now you do see basically one massive cup and handles what it looks like let's actually get rid of some of these because again they're they're just not that it's not that appropriate anymore we should have something where the CME's are which is going to be right around eighty five so I'll leave that one right there we can get rid of this guy right over here and then you see these what's getting picked up last night around the eighty eight eighty eight hundred Harry two eighty eight fifty area so I do like that I'm just kind of flagging out right now is what it looks like to me as Bitcoin you know starts to grab itself once again hourly Stokes just consolidating is what is kind of telling us Ally RSI same thing we're not getting too much off this I'm curious what the two hours says to our I mean more immediately probably do have a little bit of downside like I said to about ninety fifty region if I'm talking about if I'm talking about like the very low time prints but I do believe that it gets picked up right around there and we do you know we do try a little bit higher for our we already talked about that eight hour eight I was gonna be turning down so all the medium timeframe Stokes gonna be turning down right now except they have not been they really haven't been a good at getting the price action over the past like five to six months they have they haven't been very useful that's that same thing goes for the ten hour which ten hour price structure looks fine to me ten hour Stokes you know coming down of course but again I don't put too much weight on that also looking at the RSI we did catch wind of the exponential so I do you think that we pop back up and put in and try to like create some divergence or something but that's gonna be you know again that would imply a little bit more of a longer longer horizon on the timeframe looking at structure right here I really actually actually really like this setup and I do you think that this one if we can close this next ten hours above 9150 we're gonna move back up to the mid 9000 s for full disclosure I did make a few trades yesterday I did close my short put position got to collect all five contracts of that four oh I don't know like a hundred fifty bucks each so not bad actually not bad as far as a spa positions I did trade yesterday as well actually I did short that move right around night what was my position let's see what I do ok errantly I just had a little bit of a around right over there I'm just trading for ten dollars great one crown what did I do in my streamer account before that okay so our shorting 9380 okay short 9380 about a hundred thousand contracts or 120 thousand contracts and then bought about a hundred bucks lower and every $20 lots yeah 9250 big low that's right there 92 sixty some lots right there yeah so yes so so I don't know trading four hundred bucks or whatever so yeah my position change around a little bit but but overall flat once again not really looking to do anything spectacular here my main account is a little bit long on actual position my stream account obviously flat and then the accounts value is long but I will be probably managing that a little bit later today I want to see how I don't want to see how kind of the the beginning of a stay plays out I want to see where this next 12 hour doodle closes but this 12 hour dildo closes anywhere above 90 150 I probably will I probably will put some risk Basilan back on the table but but again still not in any sort of a hurry right now pretty happy with the way that you know my trainings been leading for the past oh we can have even with that even with a big mess up last week anyways looking at 12 hour 12 hour Stokes army coming down I really disliked trading against these guys especially in this zone is they have been pretty damn good at getting the overall movement the last cross that went down that we had in this zone was right over here on the 28th to leading on from 8800 down to about 7800 7600 so a thousand-dollar move right there before that you know we had this guy right over here on the 16th of May which was this move from 82 to 7000 before that we had this guy right over here on the 11th of May not as much of a not as much of a reaction actually but you can see that you know it has held some weight in the past so I don't you know I really don't like to trade against them so twelve-hour is getting a little bit more menacing here and that's really why I want to see this next close on this one if it does close above 9:00 150 I would be looking for continuation to this next level somewhere right around 94 and probably beyond if it does close below 90 150 it's not a death sentence but it doesn't really offer up a good trade potential as of yet I'd probably want to kind of sit back and just watch again if that were to happen because if we do take out again the low of the last 12 hour dildo which is just 88 28 actually on max then I would be looking for a move probably back down to fill that gap at around 8500 on CME's that we looked at so again you know even then I'd be a buyer of that area I wouldn't want to short it really I'm not really interested too much in shorting right now I'm interested in buying you know and getting some good Wong's and so yeah you know there there's the there's your 12-hour not really too much I'll say about other than that we do see 12-hour jewel getting you know pretty deep into this critical territory it certainly has gotten deeper in the past but usually a warning sign when when this gets a negative slope which to be fair does not have so again the next sort of move to be determined I'd say within the next three hours once we are sorry not three hours about five hours and 26 minutes once we see this next 12 hour Dental closed we close above 90 150 pretty a pretty confident that would you see that next leg up if we do close below it's not a death sentence but it does it does to me say be a little more conservative of course this is not pointed robots not venture advisor just Sharon exactly what I'd be thinking the exact sort of same situations I am curious how Jeep or gbtc it's gonna be opening up probably massive up today yeah probably somewhere up here probably the twelve dollar region but we don't have any real doubt on that right now obviously we're not trading over the weekend going back to see Emmys for a second I do want to check out what what happened to this to the weekly Stokes over here we haven't checked on these in a while and so we do see that they look like they want to cross back up actually not only that but I haven't really been talking about this and I think it's I think it's time to talk about it anyway so I'm gonna zoom at the whole the whole entire chart actually let's do this on the weekly as well and let's get out the good old fibs right let's get other good old fibs where where's my Fibonacci's there we go Fibonacci retracement and we'll do a Fibonacci retracement actually for the whole past 2018 to 2019 so we're gonna do a tradesmen from the high to the low and let's just let's start to see like where we're matching up that right so we spoke about this yesterday where BIC was likely to have some resistance right around the 90 400 ish level well guess what you know not not only was that lining up with the horizontal that we had and but it was also just a three a two Fibonacci retracement so it does make sense that we did get stifled right around that region we do see actually bit Mexico getting exactly to that dollar amount whereas G Dax didn't it was like about $60 off but close enough is close enough would you see the 0.5 a little bit higher right around 1111 400 region which does line up with this pivot you see a little bit going all the way back on over here so that's gonna be a major area within the market I would be expecting some pretty heavy counter trend plays within that region and that's actually where I might be a little bit more interested in a real sell but for right now with Bitcoin consolidating like this at a major fib to me that that actually typically leads to more upside so or sorry leads continuation when you consolidate like this you know along side a major resistance that's usually bullish just like we saw right over here remember this when everyone was talking about the 50 simple moon average and saying we're gonna get reject about the 50 cent moon em because that's exactly what happened in 20 in 2014 2015 I mean the fractals still haven't learned that doesn't work like that and more importantly when you see a setup like this where we're grinding it up creating higher lows along the way in Quran you know grinding a major movement average that's bullish as from a moving average perspective I mean that's that's a really good thing so yeah Bitcoin really fighting for it here taking its time kind of moving a little bit a little bit more slow fashion but you are noticing that once again Bitcoin is just having these incredible intra intra dildo vault of volatility you know screaming around price action you know 20 bucks and some ticks you know I see like a tick for 20 bucks every once in a while it's pretty insane and that's just because looking at the volume profile right over here we are we are pretty much in no-man's land once again I mean yes it gets it gets even more no-man's e above 12,000 but you do see that we're a far cry away from what we were doing at the 3,000 level to 4000 level the 5000 level and of course the sub of the 8000 level right over here you know the volume profile on the right side just basically showing that now this I mean once once bitcoins above this area can it can rip pretty hard so really big message that I'd have is that a Bitcoin you know if you do see bitcoins start to move do you not get in its way I really don't think that the I really don't think that it's it's not clever to be looking for shorts right now it's it's it's it's clever to just ride the trend the trend is your friend and chilling about trying to Z you know as the saying goes shorts will be viable at some point in time but I do want to see divert and something like I'm on a higher time from at the very least a daily preferably up to a three-day and a weekly is where I've been looking for for the money shot on the end of this this rally attempt but for right now looking to me like more continuation more than anything so with all that said I do want to go back down and go into the lower timeframes just see if there's anything that I missed over here yeah for our for our still kind of fighting for it but um you know again you look at the structure like this we didn't break out of that 8800 ish region came back down retested it perfectly and bought back up immediately so that is a good response in the way they look at it all the volume people saying that this is bad nope it doesn't it's it's it's irrelevant it's what it is it was consolidation and we're actually getting an increase in volume right here right now for you know for the quote-unquote breakout so with all of that said let's go check out the other top check coins I'm curious what the market leaders are doing and this is like one over here one of the market leaders topping out herself a little bit and in fact yesterday did not get the continuation I was looking for so this is not I'm starting to start to say that while like coin has been quite resilient in this region I'm not – I'm not a huge fan of the way the daily looks I am a fan of the way the weekly looks so perhaps we do have a little bit of downside on the daily if light coin came back down to like 122 123 I would be looking for a major bounce there that weakly does still look like it wants continuation maybe we do see weekly Stokes toe up although getting tired we do you see weekly RSI getting up there it's gonna be creating some divergence but not not quite yet would you see weekly jewel firing off some morning signals it is not self who in any way shape or form but it is a warning signal and we do see that price action in general does actually look like more continuation to me so there there's warning signals present but again you know do not underestimate the last-ditch effort of these of these rally attempts on litecoin support right around 131 and and then as we just said about 122 and a half to 123 I do believe that we hit one of those areas first before continuing onwards and higher again looking at the weekly I do think that we get another try hard but but first things first probably a little bit of a pullback like I said likely around maybe maybe even a little bit higher than that maybe maybe over to around like wait what did I say like when did I say 131 mmm looking at the weekly I'd say that's 129 is actually a little more likely but anywhere within this region is really it's kind of its kind of the it's kind of what I'm getting towards I mean I'm not getting too exact with this one because I don't feel too comfortable with it I suppose I'm trying to find something that lines up but I'm not really finding anything right now I guess 129 is an area of consideration perhaps let's go to the two day yeah two day looks good to me okay you know what I can stick with that then um you know 131 I really don't want to see it get lower than that if we do start to violate below 130 again I do think that this one does come back down to lower to the lower 120 is around 120 to 2 123 if that would have happened but for right now actually do you think that we might have already seen that pullback temped maybe maybe one more try to 131 and then I'd be looking for another attempt ahead to the upside again looking at looking at all the higher time frames here looking fine me this is your monthly monthly is just straight up continuation in fact looking a little bit better than that than even Bitcoin himself let me make sure this is yeah this is consistent amongst bits down or sorry G Dax and finnex would you see making new highs on the monthly not only that but monthly so is pointing back up to the upside erectus just like we're just like what we're seeing on Bitcoin right now which let me just get off this following profile it's quite annoying and we do see monthly Stokes on Bitcoin pointed back up we got plenty of room to roll here monthly RS I getting back about the exponential I do you think that at some at some point we do come back down and test the exponential and that's gonna be a major buy for me but um don't think that that happens anytime soon actually I mean we're more than halfway through the month of June now but then halfway through the month of June and we seventh really you know I mean this just looks like continuation to me we have new highs right now we need to set it up we need to set on a local high on the on the monthly first and foremost before anything else and then and then we can talk about you know you know about an actual come back down and setting a higher low and all that kind of stuff but as you can see that would take at least a few months because first we need to confirm this as a local high so the soon is that we do that is I guess next month maybe at the end of next month but even then that would be that would be I don't think that that happens like that and then we have to have some down and then set it in the higher low so that would be you know three months ho hey at the most aggressive of the aggressive way of looking at this so could it happen yes isn't likely to happen no I think that I think that we actually add a little bit more so again things are starting to law and one you know things are starting to line and this is you know Bitcoin is looking constructive so we looked at mrs. like let's go looking this is a mister BMB what's what's easy coin doing over here and sees the coin do we have new highs for the month yes we do and what about the weekly how'd the weekly close weekly closed okay not as good as Bitcoin not as good as what I coin but is okay and we have a very natural stop right here right around the low of yesterday's daily dildo or in fact anywhere below about thirty dollars and I would say this one wants to come back down sub 30 dollars well no 30 dogs w is so 2013 oh yes I get that but you know I'd be I'd be looking for a more prolonged down movement into like you know 25 26 ish region for right now though it weekly still looks okay I would give the I would give the nod to the Bulls here would give the benefit of the doubt to them would you see weekly Stokes wanting to cross back to be upside they are more critical zone it is a time to be cautious but I would say that's you know depending upon your risk appetite just a natural stop right here is very obvious and until that gets hit I'm leaning upside looking at daily daily looks okay looks like we're just gonna react in later right around the yellow 21 exponential moon average and I do you think that we get another chunk back up to 35 dollars daily Stokes a little bit weaker here daily RSI just all sitting between the bullish control zone in the neutral zone bulletins tells me it's both consolidation but more importantly than anything this I don't think that it's leading right now I think that it's kind of following him let's go check out mr. Budrow house mister beater all doing and where are you mr. beard all 269 there your arm and just kind of stair step in his way up but same thing as Bitcoin actually very easy way to trade this a very natural stop right below the low of the still about 264 and spot zero one Phenix and if that were to happen if we do take out the downside of this and yes I would be looking for a move back down to about 255 256 just like I'd be looking for a Bitcoin back down to 85 but I'm not really leaning towards that hmmm actually well do I lean towards that happening on this one it looks constructive to me here's a thing with the weekly the weekly can come all the way back down to 245 and still be quote-unquote okay and what do we look like only weekly Stokes we still up oh my god man what about three-day yeah so three-day three-day I would really not want to see violate 257 daily yes so we could even get back down to that 255 ish region and still be okay or sorry 257 2-day okay not as strong as Bitcoin as you as we're not really making new highs here but the way that I'd trade it would be essentially the same so the low this guy right over here 264 as long as we maintain above that I do you believe that the neck move to the upside if we do take out juice 279 and a half then I would be then that'd be confirmed me and I'd be looking for a move back towards about three hundred dollars plus three eight three three hundred ollars with my first target and then like three three three six it would technically been my second target looking at the volume profile we do see a little bit of activity in this region but really not much above it in fact Bitcoin can recite mr. beat all can really rip love that area there's really not too much you've been pulling it out a little bit more you can see very very clearly that's it's pretty much barren about 350 would be the target actually sorry 350 so first target 300 second target 350 if that would have happened but still a little bit of weight he needs that needs you know needs to come before we make a decision on this one did we look at daily also does just we did day daily Stokes headed back up so I you know I I would be lean a little more to the upside here I'm curious how the 12rwex 12 m yeah this one this one's making it difficult I do think that bitcoin is a little bit easier to read right now and they're pretty much all gonna move with Bitcoin to begin with so I'd put the most weight on that anyway sell let's go check out what about what about card don't you know card onea versus the big cone and this is what I'm assuming most of the you know you know mostly all coins looks like versus Bitcoin which they're basically trying to stroke that they're struggling to hold on to loads they look some variation of this versus Bitcoin but in the actual dollar chart you're gonna probably you're gonna see that moving up right now but yeah rejection off the read ten simple last week the second that we take out nine eighty to the downside and I'm looking for new lows on this one or at the very least to reach our prior low right around here probably like eight 80s region and probably probably probably does make new lows over time but let's go check out the dollar valuation I just want to I just want to accurately represent this so you know the Bitcoin parent is gonna be losing ground right but the dollar pairing the dollar parent actually looks actually looks kind of bullish right here basically just flagging out creating this nice consolidation above all these major movement averages I would say that's card John you know probably as a target around almost about ten ten spot eight cents to almost eleven cents and target a little bit higher than about right around twelve and a half cents and I do believe that it actually hits those we're about to get a we're about to get another bullish cross of the cyan eighty nine above the purple two hundred so I do like that and looking at Cardoni o versus the dollar yes it is bullish but looking at it versus the Bitcoin it is bearish and what does that mean it basically means you'd be making more money if you just blindly holding Bitcoin right now rather than whatever the this name is let's go check outs we looked at BMB what about z cash z cash hitting our first target i believe our first target was around wait no what was my first target nope it's a little bit higher about 105 106 we haven't quite hit there just yet but i do believe that is stairs up its way up there looking fine to me and we're about to get it going across on the you know on the daily right here weekly looks fine as well and i would still be sticking with that target to 106 if we do see a pullback $90 would be the target sorry about about eighty eight and a half dollars 90 or $89 would be the target now i'll be looking to be a buyer right there um be cash what's be cash doing same thing pretty much it's basically the same thing resistance right around here 144 and let's just call Ari 445 at 4.45 breaks and yes I do believe that we hit that next target somewhere around this area right here right around about five hundred dollars and prod you head up a little bit more after that again if we do even just take out the high of last week at four thirty nine spot eight six then I would be looking for that continuation regardless to $500 and that'd be the first target second hardwood be actually actually around six hundred dollars not not six hundred oh it's about five five sixty five seventy Wow those no those numbers really do change anyways yeah again same thing right over here if we do take out the loaf yesterday at 4:17 I'd be looking for a move back down to this region somewhere right around about $400 even but not leaning toward that happening right now Tron cash what strong cash doing very obvious support right around three spot to two cent as long as we're above that area I do look at this as a base when you probably do rally up towards our next target of three and a half cent and probably beyond after that again same thing with with all these guys very obvious and natural sport on the weekly right around third about the three spot one cent regardless and overall as long as we as long as we respect this area I do look at this as a bottom information– actually so again Tron you know put in a little bit of a base here amongst above all these major moving averages probably good thing looking at daily soaps crossing back up to you upside as well I do you think though this one does continue back up and daily daily fighting with the RSI so I start with us our daily RSI fighting with exponential again I do give the nod to the Bulls here let's go check out Neil what's neo doing Neil is actually looking okay actually more strong than most of them right now we do see daily Stokes very very rekt right there do you think that we hit on we didn't have our first target yesterday I have read around $14.20 and I do believe that's our next target fifteen and a half dollars is is on the way above there things get a little more different as neo can really rip to this next area of about twenty dollars even just looking at the volume profile do you see some activity being shuffled in that area so yeah the second that we actually take out our prior hives we're at around fifteen dollars and four cents you know probably do initiate that next leg EOS what's EOS doing hit our target of 720 I believe yeah about seven yeah seven 22 I said seven and a quarter we got seven 22 not bad I do think that this one has some more to go and same thing here you know saucing remain above the low of yesterday 680 very natural stop and I'd be looking for a mood while I pack up towards 770 region looking at the weekly weekly has has support right around 663 so could come back down around there but I would be looking to be a bar I'm gonna be right around the yellow 21x tantrum to manage all in the daily so if if if yo else does lose this area I would be looking for a more prolonged downside into the low $6 region upper $5 region but again I'm not looking I'm not leaning toward that happening I'm leaning towards it probably continuing the upside here as I get rid of the volume profile and let's go check out mr. ripple me nipples and almost 43 cents so did hit our first target of 42 cents yesterday our second target of I think I had like forty five forty four and a half cent not hit you know I had just yet we got to forty four cent I do think that we give do you think that we give an overall test to it relatively soon but looking at the daily right here Burberry obviously in a triangle we have the Golden Cross where above all major movement averages I'm bullish on this bullish on this looking at the daily Stokes very erect looking at daily RSI just regain the exponential this is this is all looking good to me I do think that's you know it you know if and when we do get the break out of this area I'll be looking for a move towards about 52 to 53 cents ripple looking looking kind of primed right here actually actually like what ripple is doing what about Manero what's Manero doing 97 and a half bucks a little bit on the stronger side it's bull you could say hitting our first target of 100 dollars but I do believe our second target of 115 still stands yes it does and I do believe that I do believe that we hit it essentially the second that we take out last week's high at 101 spot three five then yes I would be looking for that next leg to be initiated and right now it does look quite constructive even with all the artists suggesting a little bit you know a little bit of tiredness a little bit about abstention you never know how you know you never mean I would trust prized section more than indicators when it comes down to that and looking at the daily same thing you know Golden Cross Plus above all major moving averages we just crossed the red 10 symbol and the yellow 21 above the blue 377 this is all good anyways I think we have one more where we're stellar rumens just twelve spot a Sun and hidden bit what what was our tired yesterday probably probably 13 cents I do you think that we hit that yeah we got 13 and a quarter how do you think that it tests a little bit higher towards 13 and a half again kind of somewhat a kind of similar to ripple except this one's a little bit more of an obvious flag and I do you believe that's a little more meat midterm will have a target around 15 cents and then 18 cents but for right now I'm just kind of shuffling its way through short very short term probably 13 and a half since we're be looking towards as it's gonna be the top of the flag resistance is what it looks like anyways back on a Bitcoin and I'll start to wrap this bitch up but basically basically bitcoins pretty damn clear right here I don't really I don't really have any a sexy analysis to give you anything like that but just used a lo of yesterday 8800 or even the lo of the last 12 hours old oh right over here at 88 28 as long as Bitcoin remains above there that's kind of like your natural stop so there's a little bit of risk involved here is that's $350 away or about 300 ollars way I should say but if we do you see this next 12 hours little close above 9150 all right let's I guess it's technically a little more like 90 160 then yes I do look for the next leg to be initiated towards 9500 9600 target still stands from what we were looking at yesterday and in the week prior basically what's let's go / – let's go over this job somewhere in the next region between about 9600 to 10,000 we would be looking towards maybe it's a little more accurately spoken right around 9700 – 10,000 and and that's kind of where I have my eyes on for this next leg of it also going to be the top of the weekly chart demands and an overall you know kind of a psychological target as well as it's been on everyone's minds I recently I do want to talk I forgot to talk about the shorts and Long's we do have more shorts and longs for the first for the first time in a while this happened on the app and if yesterday we have about a thousand more shorts than we do Long's all those shorts are paying an acknowledged system of rain in comparison to Long's neither are that high we do have very little head shorts were only about 750 so really about 24,000 open naked short verses 23 23 and a half thousand open Long's so it was unbalanced still in favor of the shorts and that would put a little more a little bit more pressure on price action to the upside but again neither is that crazy neither is that exaggerated so it doesn't really mean all that much there are a lot more tangible things we all know right now but if I had to lean one way yeah it's just be another thing on you know in the case of the upside now then I'll bring it over here on the crypto fear and greed index which is actually taken out in 84 which is extreme greed and if you look at the if you look at the also – right here you do see that we are getting into the more crazy area which I have said in the past that this next the top of this next run will be put in somewhere between an 85 and a 90 and we're at an 84 right now and I do believe that that you know it's it's it's a little it's it's another thing saying be a little bit cautious in this region not the time to get super super aggressive with like long term Long's or anything like that but it is the time to you know be a little more conservative so I'll put it that way when I represent that well just because well well pic point is looking good here so I didn't want to you know represent the other side but of course you know when it comes down to actual trading like legitimate real trading it's no more complicating this right here eighty eight eighty eight hundred eighty eight fifty whatever you want to use they're equally valid you could even use eighty nine hundred actually in fact I would use eighty nine hundred right here it's just a little bit easier to say as long as Bitcoin remains above eighty nine hundred I do believe that the next leg up you know is basically staring us in the face if we do break eighty nine hundred so the downside I'd be looking for that move back down to about eighty five hundred eighty four hundred to eighty five hundred region and I would be a buyer of that as this would probably just you know Chuck its way along just a little bit more I'm sure that people are gonna be calling this in a sunny Brownian wedge horse or yeah and sending brought in which I guess would be the correct term which is typically typically a bearish Lee resolve pattern but it's not well you don't get resolution until you break to support of it which is all the way down here at about seventy nine hundred so it's got a lot of work to do for that to even be you know consideration and right now I'd rather go with the tried and true and just go with the former trend as the trying to different in Chile in the trend as the saying goes so with all that said a pretty a pretty lack of a pretty boring video this morning but just kind of following up over the past week and a half of action that we've been looking at and that was all the preparation now you know you just get to enjoy the glory time so there you go back home with some more live stream analysis looking forward to seeing you there and if not I do want to wish you a happy rest of your Monday at very nice and relaxing profitable rest of your Monday and take care see you soon


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