Best Altcoins to Buy 2019 - DAPS MATIC Network - Daps Token $DAPS Coin $MATIC Network XVG $XVG Verge

Best Altcoins to Buy 2019 – DAPS MATIC Network – Daps Token $DAPS Coin $MATIC Network XVG $XVG Verge

hey guys welcome back to the crypto bullhorns channel if you're new to the channel I cover low-cap gems so if you're into that make sure you subscribe turn on that notification bell and join the free telegram group below alright so it's been a pretty crazy couple of days at the time of the posting of this video or creating of this video bitcoins been going crazy and we'll see if the alt coins follow but I just want to talk about – crypto projects today that have a huge potential for 50 X 100x or even more if this bull run happens all right so I know there's a lot of projects that claim that can do that especially in the bull run but these are two that I feel really strongly about and I just want to give you some more information on them and as always this isn't financial advice is just my personal opinion so always do your own research alright so the first point I want to talk about is the apps token that's daps is the ticker and currently trading at five satoshis right now trading on stacks bit mark and prex 24 so right now currently at five satoshis it is up it has gone up quite a bit or the last couple days I typically don't talk about coins that have pumps recently but under these circumstances a bit Bitcoin going crazy and that money potentially falling more into alts then this is still very early obviously a lot of these coins have bought and out and this is one of the projects with a huge cult following behind it and a lot of hype behind it as well there are also at consensus this week they have some special surprise news apparently tomorrow so but depending on when you watch this video and my be old news might be new news but yeah there's gonna be some hype behind it especially this week Korean market cap is twenty million dollars circulating supply is 52 billion with coal's supply of 60 billion doubts tokens all right and a lot of people are comparing this to Virg a lot of people are saying that's gonna be the next Virg so if you aren't aware our Virg they made a huge run they had a very similar type of community before it's a privacy coin as well just like Virg and you could see that they started out like tiny I think it was nine yeah here you go I think it said like five so she's there but it went all the way up to UM market cap a 3.3 billion dollars I'm not saying that the apps is gonna do this exact same run but it has very similar attributes behind the project as it does with xvg and the big thing is like I said it's that cult following that this project has its you know if you're not if you weren't around for 2017 all those projects like birds Tron no matter what you think about it and pop the coin to like the top 20 or even the top 10 in the case of Tron right so the following community behind a cryptocurrency is very important in my opinion so right now is trading at five satoshis on sticks you could also get an EVE pairing right now so just do to make sure you do the conversion see if you are interested in this project let's bring it up here if you are interested in this project make sure what is the best price for you right if you're if you're planning on entering alright and as always like how I say do your own research so like I said before they are a privacy coin decentralized anonymous payment system they talk about their roadmap on their website here so in June 2018 they rebranded to depths the manic creation was 2018 and the maintenance launch is gonna be I believe that q2 of 2019 so that's coming up in the very near future they also have master nodes so that's gonna encourage people to hold on to hold on to the Deaf's tokens that's coins and if they're holding on to them then obviously the price is going to rise all right especially in the bull run master nodes in a bull run last time around they've like huge runs right we're made with masculine points all right a few other frequently asked questions is how is daps different from other privacy coins so to talk about no I'll be their privacy corneas wholly anonymous so deaths will be completely untraceable delete tracking will be the total supply and the block ID via the proof of audit block so they have a lot of information their leadership is really strong as well I've seen some tweets from Vale de Meyer who is the co-founder and she's currently at consensus this week she's doing presentations I think she interviewed with crypto Wendy oh and a few other people that I saw so she's getting out there getting the word out on deaths so it seems like the marketing is really good with devs especially with the privacy coin privacy coins attract a lot of attention in the crypto world so I think has a lot of a lot of potential for a big run in the upcoming bull run all right so have a look for yourself yeah do your research on Twitter as well there's like you search – cash tag like all this hype is behind it and yeah I just think the community is just so strong behind it it's one of the major factors of why I think it's gonna be potentially a 100x coin in this upcoming bull market all right so the next point I want to talk about is Matic network so Matic network exploded today they were an ILO recently token sale ended April 20 19th they recently were put on Finance and right now the returns since the I ICO comparing or I yield according to ICO drops is three point six five returns two point seven four and Eve and two point four eight and BTC so it's had a huge run over the last a couple days but I still want to talk about it just because of the strong fundamentals behind it and also because it's one of the cheaper coins on Finance and we always we know how that works right the chief points on Finance pumped like mad during the bull market so it already went out 41 percent in BTC value it was actually more than this when Bitcoin battle I think it reached hundred thirty-four sets today it's pulling back a little bit obviously by things gonna make another run but that's just my opinion but again if this bull run happens this is gonna be one of the coins that make a huge huge run combination of fundamentals being one of the cheapest coins on Finance all right and let Matic network is it's a two-layer scaling solution that she is scaled by utilizing side chains for off chain computation while ensuring assets security and using the plasma framework framework and the decentralized network of proof of stake validators so there they have a medium article out that talks a lot about all their fundamentals I encourage you to check it out go to their website and talk about their scalable and instant blockchain transactions somatic Network brings massive scale to etherium using adapted version of plasma with POS based sidechains and talks about how they've made a huge Pro gasp but the current blockchain ecosystems not prepared this the scale so you know scaling is the big thing right behind blockchain the big projects that emergence that emerged as the ones that can scale crypto blockchain those are gonna be the huge winners and Matic is potentially one of those winners so the key features and highlights our scalability fast low costs and secure transactions high throughput cheese up achieved up to 10,000 transactions per second on a single side chain on an internal test net user experience smooth UX and developer abstraction security and public side chains were also some of the key features and highlights so a very very solid project look at their use cases they integrate Matic payments on naps and Matic provides payments for desk merchants and users to instantly accept or pay in crypto assets like ER C 20 tokens so really cool really awesome project again more use cases on their website here and shout out to loma on twitter this guy just called it he filled out that 55 and 56 sets this was a few days ago and it reached hundred thirty-four saturday and he says this is one of my best bets for top finance gainers in the bull market and i totally agree with this guy so have a look at this coin again lowsec coin low-priced coin on by Nance it's gotten equal huge gains when the bull ran happens if not it's not already here and daps as well have a look at it take the poll 100x as well if it does do the same thing as Virg did back in 2017 and as always thanks again for watching join that free telegram group in the description below make sure you subscribe turn on that notification bell and I'll talk to you guys next time peace


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