you to find Catwoman now we're sitting out here in the cold while all the good stuffs happening in there this over here this will be easy you you the only way to get by in this place is to get ourselves so respect I'll be here that's how we get respect show them all that we do things we should be fair though this is a place of justice after all sprout justice killer and they'll all be Russ bring out the defendant you certainly know how to keep a girl hanging do us no one steals from us I'm sorry I've been a bad kitty untie me and I'll make it up to you let's see if the coy thinks you're telling the truth this Court is now in session taking out the thug with the gun as the key without him the rest of the room won't be a problem fresh-baked is for the game today we present each of you with an exciting new opportunity to new opportunities to join with us to create a new force in Arkham and take this place for our Batman has arrived silent and the court you're not welcome in my court Batman objection overruled heads or tails kitty cat which one lets me out of here alive not this one time to die I vote for a stay of execution no gun ha shame this is gonna hurt two guards bitch I thought it was cats who have nine lives how's it hangin hard come to kitty anyone ever tell you that you're full of surprises I figured you could use my help Selena you're right I think I chipped a nail back there funny so what do you need mr. detective protocol ten what do you know Selena never heard of it that's not what I wanted to hear what about strange I don't trust him he's been missing for years and then has suddenly put in charge of running Arkham City rumor has it he's been working with Joker planning something very special just for you maybe that's protocol 10x District Attorney here said something this place is dangerous I like it you're expecting a kiss it was Joker you're not safe here no one is nine lives remember I need to locate where the bullet entered the


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