Block – Stream 31 /:/ USP Erklärung, Fidelity/Krypto, Facebook goes Blockchain, BTC ATM Germany #BTC

[Musik] neue woche neues glück die beste news haben wir wieder zusammengetrommelt für euch und kompakt gesendet herzlich willkommen beide rogers thomas demand ja heutige themen martin erklärt uns us- p dann ziehen über fidelity was das überhaupt ist wir gehen nach deutschland da sind jetzt die pid können automaten und facebook plant eine eigene währung ja wir […]

Woman in Gold Official Trailer #2 (2015) – Helen Mirren, Ryan Reynolds Movie HD

your son would lawyer how is he I need advice from someone I can trust here she is my aunt that's quite a painting she was taken off the walls of our home by the Nazis since then she's been hanging in Vienna now you'd like to be reunited and then there's justice I never thought I'd come […]

Charlie Lee's Bodyguard – John Kim – Chief LTC Evangelist – Shining that Litecoin! – LTC WILL MOON!

welcome everybody to decentralise TV you guys know who I am it's Peter and I have an auspicious guest someone who had actually been talking to on and off and if you want to click the link right up here or look in the show notes you can obviously see my oh look at that that litecoin yes […]