Bank of Jamaica Inflation Targeting Campaign

Predictable, stable and low Targeting inflation to boost the economy. BOJ, committed, to Jamaica and the economy. and the best way forward is using an inflation targeting strategy. Keep the rates low, stable and intact. So consumers can buy more goods with their cash. Committed to make the economy grow (oh uh oh) Predictable, stable and low. Inflation […]

How To Manage Your Business Cash Flow Effectively And Efficiently

Hi, I’m Siu Ling Hui with a video about how to manage your business cash flow effectively and efficiently for business success. Cash flow has to be managed at 2 levels. The Operational Level which is the Working IN the business level. And at the Strategic Level which is the Working ON the Business level. You need to […]

Michaelia Cash demands apology during fiery exchange over AWU raids

I had no knowledge of the raids prior to them occurring. – You say, Senator Cash, you had no knowledge of the raids. – Can I ask you then, why did you not do what the AFP asked – and provide them with a witness statement? I did provide them [with a witness statement]. – No, well they’ve […]

Making An E-Commerce Store in EverWeb Using the PayPal Widget (v1.8+)

Selling products or services on your EverWeb website can be easily done by using the PayPal widget. Drag and drop the PayPal widget onto your page. In the email address field, enter the email address where the payments will be sent. Please note that you must already have a valid PayPal account with the email address you are […]

Turkey’s Central Bank Raises Rates To Compete Globally

In an emergency midnight meeting on Tuesday, the Turkish Central Bank made a dramatic move in an effort to bring the Turkish lira up from its record lows against the dollar and euro. “Here’s what they did. They raised the overnight rate from 7.75 to 12 percent, the primary dealer rate went from 6.75 to 11.5 percent, the […]