we are at a pivotal point in the market at the moment where we have a potential scenario where we're setting a lower high in the market you guys have been hearing me talk about this a little bit pretty much every other analyst on YouTube and Twitter is also discussing this and it is the fact that […]

MASSIVE BITCOIN MOVE!!! | Will It Be Up Or Down Though? | Andrew Yang | Vitalik Vs. BSV

in this video I want to talk about the fact that we have an ascending triangle in the bit comprised right now I want to talk about the fact that bitcoin could break to the upside and it could break to the downside what we can know for certain though is that we're all going to see a […]

U.S. Crypto Tax Haven: Moving to Puerto Rico #1 – 0% Capital Gains. Prepare for the Next Bull Run!

hey guys my name is Colin this is Colin tough script oh I thought I'd changed up to setting a little bit and also change up the topic a little bit we're going to talk about cryptocurrency and how it relates to where you live and what I'm personally looking at for the future to safeguard my crypto […]

Bitcoin BIG Move? | Craig Wright Is A Fraud | Binance DELISTS Bitcoin SV

& 11일 얼굴을 자꾸 부터 8 deter 블마 시스템의 놓지 부의 타워버거 분노 우울 트위터 알프 형부 개나 철수 이날 뭐 게임 쪄도 위클리 wav 뭐 해 앞엔 아무도 겁탈 x 와 o 는 접었을때 we not over osce of raw 건 벌여 그게 그 users 이수한 영창 킹과 크레이지 long hd korea winter 생겨 주태 플립 러츠 […]

Bitcoin's Golden Trade Opportunity! April 2019 Price Prediction, News & Trade Analysis

well well well welcome back to crowns Kyoto caiva it's a beautiful Monday morning the new start to the week and the day after the holiday so so of course hope that you had a beautiful Easter and of course also happy new week as new week new opportunities and we got plenty to talk about with a […]

What Now? | Bitcoin Market Analysis | WARNING: Only My Opinion [Crypto News]

all right welcome back everybody to altcoin daily my name is Aaron just like always the reason you subscribe is for our daily videos keeping you informed on everything that goes on Bitcoin cryptocurrency the whole markets now let's do a little bit of market analysis let's let's do this right I want to talk about where we […]