Ep. 4.5 – Strategy: Shorting Cash-Secured Puts | Step Up to Options

It’s in the momey Hi, I’m Rachel, and this is Step Up to Options, where you learn the long and short of trading options Alright guys, we’re almost ready to start trading We know about the Four Basic Options trades from Level 3 We learned about liquidity, IV Rank, and the rest of the pre-game checklist in the […]

Earn $0.40 – $1.50 In Minutes Again And Again – Fast Paypal Money (Worldwide)

do you want to make some fast PayPal money? how about earning anywhere from 40 cents up to one dollar and fifty cents in minutes and best of all you can do this again and again and it’s worldwide. To find out all the details all you have to do is stay with me but first if you’re […]

Accounting for Beginners #14 / Journal Entry with Cash / Expense

yo what up? CPA Strength, strongest CPA in the state of Florida, another video here obviously, gonna be about journal entries just a quick journal entry example. i do too many examples in one video sometimes. we’re going to do one example here, its going to be a journal entry, i think a fairly simple one, and it’s […]