I love you hard Anderson if it's quite a ride I need you hardness to scroll a little down hit that subscribe button smash the like and hit the bell welcome beautiful people we are locked and loaded a bull market has been activated and today all coins are absolutely smashing it they are spiking well hard now violence have opened up the playground we have been for the last week and a bit we have been tied to our desks we have been suppressed in our offices but now bright time has opened up the playground is open we can jump right into it and play in this magnificent cryptocurrency playground but how high can all coins go now that we are seeing a spike now that we are seeing Bitcoin losing a little bit of dominance and despite the price going down a little having gone up to eight thousand two hundred and sixty nine dollars within the last hour and a half and slightly loosing that value all coins have not lost value so how high can B's alt coins go that's what we going to be discussing in today's episode so make sure that you smash up those likes hit that Bell hit the subscribe button before so let me make sure that I is actually live and all that yes is apparently life I don't understand what this orange button this orange like line means it kind of signals to me of the signals bad but I'm just gonna carry on anyway so let us have a refresh look at coin market caps a Bitcoin currently is at eight thousand one hundred and twenty three dollars now if you have been living under a rock for the past two weeks or so then I will bring you up to speed essentially on the 22nd of April we had the golden cross the golden cross is an extremely bullish signal to the market that a bull market a long-term bull market is on the cards we have since had the 100 day moving average so the Golden Cross the 50-day moving over the 200-day and we have since had the 100 day going over the 200-day as well since this happened it has led to an incredibly aggressive spike up also what we have had is we have not only smashed through 6,000 not only smash through 7,000 but we have smashed through $8,000 Bitcoin we are still on a highly parabolic rise in the price action and we have got this really nice support line right here holding us through these resistance those we keep on smashing right through these resistance zones so with Bitcoin slightly gave that effect to be honest it just doesn't last as it went down to 8100 and now has spiked up to six eight thousand 160 so it just shows that playground is very much just started the party's getting started so let's have a look see what's going on so as I have said countless times over the past two years is that Bitcoin when ever is a healthy market and Bitcoin goes up then all coins tend to go up about three times the rate in a very healthy market we haven't had that recently and the key reason why is because whales have been driving up the price of Bitcoin quite possibly owed to tether the impending the impending decline of TEVAR BitFenix and USD T meaning that there's probably a high amount now there has been a lot of people saying oh yeah these volumes aren't correct yet either but there have been never that whether these volumes are correct or not I do believe there has been a high amount of tether moving into Bitcoin which has led Bitcoin to lead the way for all coins essentially like Moses just just making the the C spread apart so that he can go through and then his disciples can follow behind him I'm pretty sure it was Moses but anyway yes so that's what's happening now so he has led the way and now that all coins are following so we are seeing some huge spikes huge bike look LA token I haven't seen these guys in the top 100 for a long time 42% digit by 34% Raven coin dent bite of wearing a 25% increase and we are just seeing a lot of the big alt coins a lot of the promising alt coins smashing it today in fact let's have a look and see what's losing money qu USD USD D coin u.s. DC and pax was these three are basically stable coins and abbc coin well you know that has been on a tear anyway and I don't think it actually has a lot of understanding behind that but we'll forget that and then we've got tether and then we've got die so really stable coins have been in the loss and really paving the way for massive spikes in alt coins it's finally happened what did I tell you yeah if you guys listened I love you guys well I say they never gave a flourish they're just gonna continue to sink and I did say with Bitcoin rallying always I'm gone much love because I'm way Levesque is getting their profits with Bitcoin spiking recent of us has no influence on all coins at that time but with the decreasing satoshi prices in all coins wells will ride Bitcoin till it hits a plateau it's seemingly hitting a better a plateau we've been in 8k Bitcoin now for 48 hours hasn't dramatically gone up hasn't gone up to the 10k that people have anticipated and so therefore it has hit about Burma Plateau and then I expect my money to flow into altcoins a very good entry points and then I went on to this if you are a udemy student and you saw this then you will have had the inside track all coin pumps aren't by accident they're planned by whales so they can accumulate wealth at a higher rate sell about Bitcoin to preserve it eventually and then retail and vessels for fame oh and that is really what is happening now we saw the initial pump in etherium and Bitcoin cash those were the leading all coins with Bitcoin spiking a balance card on Oh Stella an ontology have actually followed so it has gone pretty much to the book and I wrote this about a week and a half ago so it has gone to the book so far now V actually before I before I move on to how high all coins are going let's have a look and see what you guys are thinking and feeling are you feeling tremendously bullish before I move on to the piece about how high up coins can go hollow chain one chain bit thought Sonic's BTC resistance we'll talk about that very shortly the smash of the old like summer look 49 likes 500 people watching it's just not good so smash that like button anyway yes so the chat I imagine you are mesmerized maybe by the topic of conversation because there are not a lot of questions flowing in Angie says Simon cap Pell not Cowell is here Lisa Marie Hugh Nate Salim Jeffrey James Mark bursal Stephan excellent see you so let's bullish on bit max why I'm very bullish but anyway let's this let's um talk about let's talk about how our high can all coins go because we have had a real tear in Bitcoin a real aggressive tear in Bitcoin so how I can all coins go because we have had really pretty much a week-long an aggressive spike in Bitcoin so let's have a look and see how far can all coins go so why we'll say if there is now no this was never been really no mathematical formula to predict a top price for any cryptocurrency you can't predict the ceiling you can only speculate when that ceiling is based on the events happening around cryptocurrency doing perhaps an technical analysis a timely time you can find a potential top and why we'll say is that there is now more of an appetite than ever selling at the top I think that there has been very much a huddle attitude born out of 2017 where people were right I'm going to buy for the long term I'm gonna hold for long term I'm gonna hold for dear life no matter what and I think that because of what happened in 2000 meeting with with Bitcoin and crypto currencies losing so much value opening out the kind of I wish I had sold at the top so I could buy at the bottom and then double my profits or actually in many cases kind of 50x my profits right I think people miss out on that and people are now not stupid anymore people are now actually pressing that cell button they're actually creating sell orders and aren't looking to sell the top now more than ever and I think what that will lead to is that will lead progressively like what we had around about when the death cross happened the opposite of the Golden Cross essentially what we will have is we will eventually have like lower so what we had off to the take of death cross in March was lower lows lower lower lower lower until bang it just went right through down to 3,000 now what I believe we're going to have is we're going to have higher highs so now that a bam bull market has been activated there is definite there's definitely more chance more probability that there is going to be higher highs okay now along with what happened when we rich reached higher luck well we reach lower lows is we did go up lower low up lower low up lower low so what that means is is that the inverse is very much likely to happen in a bull market so we are going to have higher high debt higher high dip higher high dip I do think that we are going to kind of one step backwards to step forwards move our way towards the double figures and heavy double figures I do think now that we have got a bull market activated we have the potential there is no certainty in cryptocurrency there will never be certainty and what we have you know big players entering the market big whale players entering the market now than they were than there were in 2017 there is that danger of suppression there is that danger of manipulation there is that danger that we can have much bigger dips than we had before having said that with the year from hardening coming up in ten days with the hardening happening in a year and ten days we have got the potential to be in a two year bull market which means that going progressively to higher highs higher highs higher highs we could be hitting the six figures low now I put out you know my announcement at the very beginning of the year it was very ballsy we had just hit $3,100 and I did say I believe we are going to hit 30,000 by the end of 2019 and I think that that reasonably we can expect 30,000 but given the aggressive spike we have had and progressively higher highs less resistance zones more low transaction zones looking at this volume profile there is great potential for the for a long lasting bull market and for higher highs easily a all-time high I believe can happen in 2019 really can it could probably happen you know before quarter four of 2019 but what does that mean for altcoins well like with what's happening today with exuberance in the market with much cash flow coming into the market with excitement I mean if we have a look at Google Trends we can see Bitcoin right up we have a cryptocurrency we can see cryptocurrency right up in fact higher today is 63 higher than it was a early February early January 2018 so actually we have more interest now so with that with the exuberance like I said there is every potential that the altcoins this is going to be the time now finally finally we've been waiting finally you know me as a cryptocurrency youtuber that is mainly focused on all coins where I have had numerous people say Oh guys are never gonna recover we have got the potential for altcoins to 9e recover to all-time highs but to smash those all-time highs it there's every possibility now what I will say and I'm going to use ethos as a shining example well ethos ZB is another example these are crypto currencies that burnt really bright they burn so bright and had such a mega rific spike in 2018 in the bull market of 2018 that actually for some all coins it's going to be very difficult starting from this point to go back to previous prices so you're going back to ethos there is going it's going to be very dependent on the team it's going to be very dependent on token utility token demand is going to be so important for coins to really hit all-time highs there are a lot of coins that came out in 2018 like like for instance you know one chain for instance you know that never really had a bull market that have got the potential to smash all-time highs but once like ethos for instance that had such an incredible trajectory from July 2017 to January 2018 you know these are going to be much high much harder to replicate you know going back to like $13 or something but it can happen with a rising market it can happen and something that we are seeing now more than we have the last year is actually very timely activity from all coins you go into telegram groups right now and you are seeing partnerships left right and center you are seeing hype update product updates left right and center you are seeing staking added to some cryptocurrencies Buster nodes added some cryptocurrencies you are seeing now the substance beginning to come through just like I said that would happen in a timely way it wasn't it was pointless in 2018 really coming out with incredibly bullish news that in 2017 would have made that coin like 20x and literally get lit like half an X you know but now it's happening now the time we got eggs eprints and we go excitement we have got teams now more motivated we've got a very impress people don't likely to get paid better so we have got we essentially what I'm trying to say is is that we have got all the potential for in immense we'll hit all-time highs because if all those were going to you then that would essentially just open out to all of you guys to be millionaires essentially you know within the next two years and I really don't think that everybody can be a millionaire you know or a billionaire don't know where your aspirations I don't know your stake is encrypted but not everybody is going to be a billionaire or millionaire and so therefore you have got to be adaptive like I said you've got to get into projects that have got that potential and just leave projects that don't have that potential or don't have that potential with enough substance like for instance this particular cryptocurrency I'm not going to slag off too much but what I'm trying to say is is that you know how long it's a piece of string you know the title of this video is how high well well how high will will they go that should say hey all coins spiking around how high will they go well how high how long is a piece of string there is no definitive answer we don't know how high it's going to be before it retraces but what I will say is I do expect to retrace you know and it's that coinciding with this sentiment now of selling at the top I mean I won't lie I have sold I sold a couple of crypto currencies recently at the top at their top you know and I was happy about it because it's something that I didn't do enough of in 2018 and I think that there is going to be as we hit higher highs we are going to retrace simply because of this because there is good a couple point people go through you know what it can't be sustained I've hit my profit target I'm going to sell I'm going to sell at this point and I'll be happy where I'll be happy to sell at this point and of course with that that sentiment is going to lead to retracements is going to lead to essentially high high higher high hi heids overtime dip hi hi dip higher high yeah especially over the next you know year and ten days with the hardening so that is really the most reasonable explanation and projection over the next you know kind of year year ten days and potentially kind of two years really is that because we're having it we're seeing it we're seeing a manifesting right now in front of us we can see that despite a retracement to we hit you we were 8150 a couple of days ago we traced down to seven eight three one and then boom straight back eight thousand two hundred and sixty nine so I see that in the lead-up to higher highs we are going to be essentially we are going to be seeing retracements anyway so the big news really is finance completing their whole system upgrade their whole opening withdrawals and deposits which have been frozen this is not my main account this is the account I opened up for my father the the crypto is still in the wallet there's quite a risky game to play but what you can see is that there that really deposit and withdrawal are now activated there are some with where it's grayed out and you can't do it but not all I mean in the main depositing the withdrawals is now open and this trade option as well and given that violence has a hundred and ten this is really the actual volume figures all right so the other day when I was saying I'll you know by Nance is essentially three do essentially three times the power of second place so by Nantz is is responsible accountable for a very high amount of volume trade volume one hundred and ten million on average this was conducted by bitwise asset management and this is the findings they have finance 110 million a bit for next 38 million crackin 31 million bitstamp 31 million Queen base 27 so BitFenix crackin coinbase altogether amounts of violence so therefore and do you know look panel only X and bit tricks these were the big two of 2017 they're dead pretty much and now this is the this is the key one right a bit for any it's probably going to start to lose a lot of that you know because tether was really they're made in USP that's dying so really by Nance are going to just well they're gonna continue only of course they've got by a nuns Jane and the decks so you know they're just going to be responsible for so much volume so the fact that the playground has been opened up has led to people now being able to send their crypto currencies either Bitcoin all their alt coins from their wallet to buy an ounce to offload some of the crap put some money back into Bitcoin or take money out of Bitcoin put it into altcoins it's just opened up the playground so summer look and see if there's any change but 251 billion dollar market cap is just magnificent and of course although these may not be accurate figures in the last few days are a hundred and seven billion in in trade volume I mean that is immense and we have not been in this position in such a long time you know two hundred and fifty billion is kind of you know we we were spoiled for choice with 250 billion once upon a time and you know with with you actually a market cap four times 250 billion at one point or three and a half and but now but we're recovering you know we are massively recovering having gone to you know around about just under a hundred billion we are on the recovery now and I think that you know we we pretty we pretty much are seeing the ball market the bull market just continuing to tear through tear through and well and you I believe the sentiment you're feeling I believe is one of excitement now so yeah so there we are peeps so I knew this with this old coin spike was going to happen and I think it's just an indication of things to come now let's take some questions what shall we look at right now in terms of why you loving for altcoins what are the old coins you are chasing let's see if we can let's see if we can analyze some of them well I haven't 38 likes 832 people watching smash that like smashing or likes essentially gets more people seeing this gets this party going gets the exuberance ignited so smash that like is within your duty to bring more people in to get more people excited to get people outside of cryptocurrency excited so that we can have this prolonged ball run now so let's have a look it's the coin market so Christine asks not Christine Rosalyn it's the coin market rating system for coins important to consider well I think that what coin market cap shows you are some of the vital statistics you know what it doesn't well it doesn't really show you it is really the I don't think a true accurate volume profile and it does certainly is clean market cap at the end of the day is just to show you the price price action the real-time prices it's not a trading platform it's not trading view you know so really it gives a lot of the necessary data such as supply circulating supply the market cap the actual current value the change last 24 hours gives you really what it's designed to do so I think there's not really much more you can ask of it it's nash actually on here now isn't that exchange is actually on here one dollar fifty two so they don't have the they don't have the circulating supply so i couldn't actually tell you this is performing really well nash i think that i mean i've already given my thoughts on this about neo base crypto season i know this probably go PBP people say Oh news coming up today you know you were talking about well to be frank yo neo probably would go up but they are a centralized blockchain so it's got a lot of the constraints you don't want on a blockchain okay if it's going to thrive long term and adapts therefore created on it but anyway had this wave of hype kind of bit max esque actually end of 2017 beginning of 2018 could have done so much better when neo was one of the strongest ecosystems and it just failed to deliver in a timely fashion and came out after you know most of the you know most of interest went back to ontology and ontology anyway gives much better I guess I mean one of the reason why people people liked neo and gas isn't normally a good thing but one of the reasons why neo grew up was because of gas and ontology really surpasses gas rewards so you know neo neo and Nash I think there are they're okay but do they have explosive talking them I do really things they Matic on the other hand uh well you guys know really I get I've given you already a analysis on Matic Network and look it is now up back up to 115 SATs this did hit one hundred and thirty seven hundred and thirty-five sets the other day and now it and then it went down to ninety three sets and that was booming again now a lot of people I saw yesterday panicking I mean you can't you can't honestly expect a cryptocurrency I mean be real okay you can't expect a cryptocurrency to have a constant upwards trajectory as long as they achieve higher highs over time and don't necessarily you know and and the price action the the price of the cryptocurrency is on an upwards trajectory generally with their down days you that that's all you can reasonably hope for but you know Matic I do think has one of the strongest potentials as scaling software you know as it there's a scaling solution with their plasma side chains as opposed to the state channels that you normally have with a cryptocurrency pass they are opening up staking I believe then as a result of that plus they're opening other collectibles collectibles addition to you they are trying to deliver value back to investors and that is really all you can hope for in a in a rising market is that they are giving reasons for investors to constantly be making value sparkster I mean let's set on spark stuff abettor really these sparks that is quite possibly the number one chiclet oh there's quite a few there's quite a few now in the chat so let's have a look I killed it with matter yes I mean Matt this is an example of the appetite now selling at the top people bought matting I I bought you over your mattock just as it was on around about four cents and went down from that point went down to about sixty sixty fifty nine cents or something which was about three and a bit cents and then it three xed nearly four xed and people sort of the top and that is really what I am now expecting and I will not expect people now yeah as they were before just horahora huddle no matter what come what may you know so I do expect for this skooby reason why we will have retracements but it's healthy because people will be selling at the top that I have more profits to plunge into cryptocurrencies on these dips and therefore the higher highs can continue in a healthy fashion in an organic fashion so this is a good thing people selling at the top and trying to time the bottom well a kind of recent bottom not a bottom bottom because I think that maybe that that the time has been and gone now maybe you know so I think is is it's only healthy it's only healthy and it's going to lead to much less resentment and toxicity to bit between others in crypto any other good questions Cardon a please cut Danno so let's have a look at card on a nine cents I do think that card on o is going to be one of the better risers in this bull market as an altcoin and even considering the total supply and the circulating supply which is what eleven figures that's high but Cardno has such strong use case I still haven't bothered properly got an updated on this polymath announcement so if anybody wants to enlighten me but yes I do think my card I know is going to be hanging or $5 to $10 price range over the next two years I think that's going to happen I give it I put on this about 18 months for that to be achieved I certainly think $5 is very achievable but I also don't think the money has truly you know kind of bled into all coins yet it hasn't gone out of Bitcoin into awkward so I think I've properly happened yet what we're seeing today is really just a start 410 we're seeing just the beginning you know we are this is hopefully the beginning of Green Day's a lot like what we had in 2017 which I remember very fondly in 2017 we had mainly Green Day's we had the odd you know fudge like China banning ICOC any Arietta banning exchanges and we had some big dips but in the main we had mainly green days and we had mainly exuberance we had mainly a bull market really activators strongly activated so I do really strongly believe there's only a beginning of what we're going to see yeah so yeah I mean so ultimately that's a good thing right yeah DX chain DX chain ended up being a huge flop I don't really expect much of it I do hold it something you've got to take into consideration in a bull market is multiplier potential you know even even you know kind of coins that I would not necessarily recommend I mean this is not really a shining example any one percent up on a bullish day but you've got to really take notice of volume okay healthy you know when they've had healthy volume figures in a bear market then you can imagine that in a bull market those volumes are going to lead to mainly more buying than selling rather than what we had in the bear market which was more selling than buying so you've got to really anticipate the talk that's going to come from the multipliers in some of the higher volume coins this is why I expected the top ones to immediately thrive and they have ethereum litecoin XRP violence Stella cardan oh you know Petron I mean they have really high volume in look at Tron 1.1 billion dollars last 24 hours yes you know so these are the ones because they've got high volume anyway and dips so solo these are the ones I expected to have incredible talk going up and these are the ones that are the safer bet they're lower risk and the more down you go on coin market cap you know the more next 100 you go to the the lower the volumes get and the higher the risk gets so you know with high risk comes high reward but then at the same time with high risk comes high burn as well but I mean at the end of the day it all depends on your risk tolerance my risk tolerance is very high then Ohio labor whatever the case I am invested really in I would say kind of 60% high risk so I mean that was what really helped me with the likes of well ethos probably the shining example icon as well you know these are cryptocurrencies that were extremely successful for me before because they were low they were high risk at the time and ended up being incredibly high reward but and you trust as well and you trust I got on meth the you trust are doing exactly what they continued to be doing through a bear market which is which is forging partnerships which is enabling crypto feat to fear or fear to crypto payments now when it comes to I mean look at let me just take a case in point okay Samsung S 10 right yeah we there has never really been much endorsement from the traditional big big company you know three companies traditional big companies i've been much of an endorsement for crypto currencies and the samsung has ten was one of the the best because that leads to mass adoption lots of people are going to be flooding i've already flooded to the samsung s ten for blue as a mobile with the blockchain service it opens out people's awareness of cryptocurrency now with this ebay talks of ebay entering the fray now there is it CTO but whatever the case or CMO but one of you trust big senior executives is former paypal now when it comes to more big business getting into cryptocurrency you like potentially ebay or paypal having some kind of crypto micro payment service to enable people to pay a cheaper fees you trust has the potential with all these partnerships they've been creating to be like one of the first bill i how engine was included in the samsung s10 blockchain service you trust has that potential as a micro payment service with all these partnerships with all this work going on to be doing that and going from strength to strength at the moment they are actually at i see a price 6.5 cents was there i see a price there currently around about at that but they have been a to sense for a long time now we are beginning they have they've been one of their most proactive to start the ball rolling before well after the golden cross and they had a bit of a head start hence why they're only 7% day despite the fact they are making partnership after partnership they are getting some kind of some form of regulatory endorsement too so as a result you know you got to look cryptocurrencies like new trucks that have been doing a lot of the work we've stayed active as one of these high risk they are high risk only twenty eight million dollar mark occur they are high risk you know but with high risk comes high reward with some cryptic any sink others and someone can see how the Bitcoin price is doing 81:5 to a soup Okoye soup accordance another thing I'm actually noticed how super coin has been somehow it's been super coin has somehow got viral on Twitter I think where people would have been like sharing my previous super coin now website images or something saying oh you know this back well no is I mean super coin kind of when a while ago so you know it although it's because it's kind of recently come out it's not a new thing by in me and someone it may at some point you know come back live but the developers I think the developers they just couldn't there wasn't enough there wasn't enough money for their made it as a completely free project and there weren't many people getting into it fountain versus hadera hash Grove that is not a savage clash hadera hash graph could not be I mean that's a bit like comparing credits to aetherium I mean it's just it's just they're just worlds apart they're there their solar systems apart it's a stupid thing to compare them but I will say the phantom has got a lot of the us piece of hash graph it's just that they are nowhere near the scale of hash graph you know and I think actually hash graph waiting and I did actually hope they would wait the hash graph would wait til bull market and so it happened you know they didn't listen to all those idiots that were saying how big boys been in these sideways for two years yeah I mean I don't know how anybody reasonably thought that was gonna happen but you know they did uh uh let's have a quick update 886 people watching that has to be a new 2019 record for live Watchers and this is late summer look at the time it's 11 p.m. in the UK that is light you know I think that really this this this is a beneficial time for anybody in the u.s. because at the moment in the u.s. it's like daytime afternoon and here in the UK it's even it's late evening is approaching next day yes I agree not enough likes only 240 legs let's get this going viral 901 people watching now smash up those likes cuz this is epic we are seeing witnessing something we have been wanting for so long we have been hoping and praying for this point and the the most satisfying thing about what we're seeing now is that there are so many people that did not think this would happen so many people that thought we were gonna hit 1,000 2,000 I mean it was just stupid and I'm glad that what we're seeing now is happening because it will shut up a lot of people but something you've just definitely got to remember is no one is never gonna be a hundred percent right I mean yeah even me you know I do I've made my big gaps before a bit like last year but you know I think that over the next two years there's going to be more and more people that forgot what happened in 2018 as some of their coins some of their all coins begin to break even and then make profit something you said about bit max now bit max has found some consolidation around about you know 10 cents just below of course it has lost a bit of value recently in the whole Bitcoin ter and the plus the fact it's just got no visibility to retail investors unless they're watching a Superman video because no one is talking about bit max or no one noteworthy anyway so no one's really talking about bit max and therefore it's not really having the aggressive spikes by do you see this coming in time I mean believe me folks believe me when I say the eight cents bit is one day going to be just a total joke I mean this less than I mean one of the things that I personally like to remind myself of is about violence because I remember in October 2017 I said this one had a really honest and real high potential particularly how they were growth hacking and I got into violence 74 cents in around that September time yeah oh yeah that's right about the time yeah here 74 cents and I didn't I have not sold by Nance not not one violence coin have I sold so you know so I think that one day we are going to be seeing bit max being a little bit like this but not only that but BMX also has the added appeal of the of the dividends why is icx not top 20 well I think that really it's because of his lack of I suppose global appeal so Icahn is very much a Korean company very much a Korean ecosystem infrastructure it's meant to be really helping helping with blockchain adoption and you know single blockchain ID services for the people of Korea when it becomes more of a global focus then I see it being bigger but this is a huge business you know there he they're big and a bit like bitmap bit mix okay bit Mex has been around since about 2014 I want to say I'm sure it's been around about that long and it's only taken till a bear market for bit mix to be well known you know and people took them for people to adopt it so have a long-term thinking in mind don't think the short term don't think oh my Khan's 45 position now 39 cents yada yada yada don't think of the short term the short term it's gonna be a gradual recovery we've got moving out of a bear market sentiment to now we're seeing some exuberance so as a result of that you know and they just allow your coins to breathe okay remember that allow them to breathe next question I really love this I love this time because you know there's more people just being generally positive hello Patrick from the Netherlands how you're enjoying things in their lives well so how do you stick bit mate so what you do is you essentially buy bit mags on the bit max exchange and then you lock those tokens up I can't do it right now because that would show you my like whole asset portfolio on on Finance bit bit max which I don't really want to show but all you do is you just simply request that they get locked up they get locked up and then 24 hours you start earning USD T so it's pretty consistent and I actually think that could be a reason why bit max has lost a bit of appeal because I don't think people necessarily want to hoard USD T like they did weeks ago but nevertheless I do see bit max finding alternative token use cases to increase demand 336 a.m. in India well good to see I'm glad you're here Vic ass pledge come I don't know an awful lot about pledge camp I don't know if they're on here yet I think pledge camp are the guys I think it's is it Sheryl Sandberg the Cheryl knows not Sheryl Sandberg I think it's Mark Zuckerberg sister who runs pledge camp I think and I know they have recently got our partnership with buy lands chain so ie yeah so that I always thought I didn't have a bed potential actually but I never got involved I see oh so you don't hear me talk about it enough as I don't I was a violence Dex so I don't really somebody's putting Nos so I'm just gonna answer the bloody question so nos I expected to have better volume nos is essentially the neo operating system and essentially is essentially a bit like a near app store so you have like a browser you've got apps everything is easily accessible basically turns neo into a mainstream almost like it's almost a bit like Yahoo okay back in the days if you remember yahoo back in the mid-2000s also probably early 2000s or mid 90s when it was essential a massive like search and well it was a search engine but you went in there they had directories you go to your depths you could go to communities you go to chat chat rooms all these things that's what neatness is meant to be but again this is a neo based product and as a result it just doesn't it it has potentially not gonna lie it does have potential I didn't like it very much and still do it's just that I'm not necessarily as keen on near as I once was just not and I think a lot of people similarly are not flex point ahem not properly looks into flexo-coil okay I have been given some intelligence on flex a coin which makes me interested in it there on kind of small exchanges they've got they've got an app I think it's called spreadin which is like a spendable cryptocurrency in retail you'll be able to make purchases in like Starbucks H&M Walgreens Best Buy Target so I mean those are the things I've heard about flex Allah having said that I always have a bit of what how can I put it a little bit of doubt when it comes to a cryptocurrency that has really gotten where it's gotten to because of massive hype now a lot of the reason why anybody even talks about flexo-coil is because they bought like the biggest and/or biggest I don't know biggest booth in consensus and of course consensus is V cryptocurrency event of the year they have the biggest apparently the biggest and and as a result it just had a lot of people say why did they do that and of course then they take pay attention to the partner potential partnerships the use case look at supply you know what the hell now even given the amount of like hype this has gone 221 mm thousand is quite low look and see other peek 551 thousand so like I said when I used to go to you blockchain events like when I went to Dubai and when I went when I went to consensus as well there are a lot of crypto currencies that spend a hell of a lot of money on big gimmicky parties just to get you noticing them and it's born out of hype and people oh yeah what's this but then a couple months think you never hear of it so you know so I have got a little bit of hesitancy when it comes to flex account could be good I think I would just encourage you to do your own research I really would but I personally haven't gone into it I've told you already I'm very lazy when it comes to investing I will only invest in something that really gets me wanting to spend money I'm tight AF and I do not spend people think are you because I've got a Tesla that I probably spend by the bucketload I don't okay so I am really careful about why I spend my money on in cryptocurrencies even though I've got high-risk cryptocurrencies are very careful with why I put my money in or have been anyway some of them you know I've held on to a couple of years but I mean I try to be careful ticularly with new acquisitions with what I bite and because I haven't felt compelled to buy flex I can't tell I can't be bullish on it for you so that therefore that's where you've got to do your own kind of research on the matter I've talking about I've talked about Panda X so many times you know there's not a lot more to say about pun DX other than the fact that I do think that they have a lot of promise they could be one of the big businesses of cryptocurrency but I'm kind of a little bit annoyed with this whole function next thing you know I kind of just think it puts a little bit of a sour taste in the mouth but I have got a card from Pandya it's got the X parts I look to use that at some point so I will bring you more of an update on that but these guys could be the big it could be they could be big and future the only reason I say bit degree okay let's just eat the sandwich and talk about bit degree so bit degree have not played the crypto game okay so I'm going to put my hands up and say these guys showed a lot of promise but they've not played the crypto game the crypto game is being active having a very vibrant telegram group and have essentially always generating but doing a bit of adjusting son now they don't necessarily have to go to that length because just in sons very unique not everybody can be a just in son but like basically just wow I'm here you know kind of waving their hands hello remember me I'm bit degree yeah any other and really only people people doing we talk about bit degrees just to say how bad that pic was on my part but bit degree has got the potential now with with social media marketing to actually develop a user base they have been growing their user base all this time and I've been very very um happy on the non crypto game they've been playing they have been doing things quietly it's just a little bit too quiet in my personal opinion but I've met the guys there was a huge team I saw them all working that's and there's no scam they are properly working and actually something I will just let you know about let me just go on what happy you do let me just show you something I really like with me now you just go to Gerry Banfield J Banfield was the guy who got me on udemy and this you can let me see if I can find one of his one of his videos but he's actually moved on to bit degree okay so that in my opinion is massive potentially because he was one of the most popular one of the best revenue generating instructors on udemy ever ever and although I've surpassed him he was massive and him moving courses onto bit degree I think is is shows the potential of what who bit degree can attract in future particularly if they've got evangelists a little bit like Jay Banfield but I can't find a thumbnail where he actually put bit degree on it I saw he did one the other day and I had a big degree on the actual thumbnail bay he hasn't even this courses on two bit degree so you know and let's just this would be a really bad time for bit degree to not work but let's just have a look oh no that's not real is it let's find the proper website bid we dog look at that I mean I'm sorry but as far as interfaces go this is really impressive I mean I hesitate to go on you to me I don't know what it will bring up because obviously I'm logged in to you to me at the moment let's have a look at the udemy front screen now they don't really show much of one but bit degree is it's fantastic so I really I really like I do like Bijlee Oh they've got marked Timberlake he's a big powerhouse on udemy actually so yeah I mean look at that that is what I'm telling you this is this is what I mean about substance to back up the the actual cryptocurrency but my problem with bit degree is token utility okay now their main token utility is to buy courses at a discount having said that if I go on bit degree today and I hate bit degree listening to this I have tried to tell them this but me going on bit degree today if I wanted to buy a course the prices are all in Donna's right if I wanted to buy a course and there is you know there and there is a pricing option to buy cheaper see that credit card except on this course if this was only cryptocurrency only cryptocurrency then this would have better token demand but at the same time that would have less mass appeal so what I like about this is it's kind of like going at it like in a pincer effect like both ways but having said that well on Tirana the point I'm trying to make is is that there is no bridge here there is no Fiat gateway if I wanted to turn my daughter's into bit degree tokens to buy it a discount I cannot do it here so I would have to go onto one of the very minor exchanges that big degree is on and buy it there and then there hit BTC idec's tithes X exchanges horrible exchanges decentralized exchanges I would I don't use most I use I thinks I haven't used Isaac's in a while to be fair but this is what I'm saying you know you would have to send it to one of these minor exchanges which don't necessarily have you know the best of user interfaces to actually turn my dollars into bit degree tokens and I think this is what bit degree need to do is they need to have a Fiat gateway on here so people can just do that quite easily just swap it soft swap do a bit of a change Lee type situation that's another about bit degree but seeing us our lots of people constantly ask about bit degree I thought I would I would broach the subject and not not hide from it tempted though I am it's not exactly my one of my proudest moments but I do still believe in it how we doing now have to smash up the likes peeps if you haven't already I will join you like no even 300 likes I mean anyway I think that's it what do you think about southern Network I like something network but if I was to give you a choice between cell network and Matic I would say Matic Superman normally you catch projects being the first move on 10th but you haven't talked about dairy fastest privacy koi 51% resistant because a lot of these coins of coins believe me when I say I tend to have the inside scoop on what's gonna be big ok bit max LT o matic this goes on are you if is if there's a quality coin I'll know about it and if it's a coin I'll know about I won't know about it that's basically how I think of it and so therefore when people say oh Col XOR some shitty I cryptocurrency I'll be like well yeah I haven't heard of it because it's a coin Cromer prima way I like the idea of Kramer way I think it's coming up as I can't remember I can't I think it's a cue coin I he oh and I was gonna get into this I private so I didn't but I did like the sound of Kramer way I think though what chrome way is going to attempt to be it's kind of like a bit of an RPG s gaming ecosystem infrastructure as well as just a high you three per infrastructure but I didn't get into it so I couldn't really tell you any updates on it could be good might not be don't know but like I said I tend to get into things that I'm really dead set on and I wasn't dead set on that so you know Walker vertical rise top one cent and that is completely dependent on convert you know you don't come to me to predict a future when I don't work for the team I don't know what they're doing you have to go to their telegram and ask for them but you know fight figure volume is probably higher than I expected for it so you know I think that they need to just work their asses off really and stay away from hype marketing like for instance when they said about this partnership with BMW a kind of completely backfired so I mean they've got to just really work hard it's gonna be tough but they've just gonna really work hard and I mean at their peak they achieve two cents so I think that they could get back to one said that they really have got to work hard no joke they've got to work their asses off to get there and they have to create something big and I know they're opening up to more countries they've opened up to America recently they need to I get Tesla's on here or something I mean I know my VIN number for my tester they need to they need to just work a bit harder you know my opinion they need to work it they just need to go for it and they need to be active something that is certainly I I've noticed this being a consensus myself is you've got to be active at consensus you've got to network you've got to get to know whales whale communities people access to funds hedge funds you need to really Network your backside off if you go to consensus or a cryptocurrency event that is what they should do don't don't focus too much on the platform without having the funds to make sure you can survive and and get partnerships so that's what I will say on that and just being very realistic you've got to be realistic and I think that something that has changed with my strategy between 2017-18 two today is that I always go for funded projects you know like for instance matic I've got coin base and violence partnerships bit max have got FBG talk gbic LTO have got talk they've also got some really good VCS so as far as I'm concerned neat have the funding now that's like a boss the word that's like a prerequisite of anything that can do well in this market anything else any other questions before I bugger off essentially Live and Let Die so any more questions 150 bucks to off those people I know they spent like four figures on bit degree you know whistle 450 zbn cash yeah they're good but again I think that I think that one of the potentially big endian coins you heard it here first peeps is 1101 that I think is going to be what Zebby should have been in my opinion so Zebby have disappointed me from the point of view that they should have created a better ecosystem okay so what I mean is is that Zebby are essentially like an aetherium or an icon are you created apps you create services infrastructure as an infrastructure you create these services to run on the infrastructure and they just have not jumped on that and 11:01 I think has potential you know but I will I'm still researching it Crypt API closed yes they have they've got administrators and everything do you see B&B breaking $100 yeah I see that happening yeah I mean that's only really what a 4x from here yeah I think I see a breaking $100 here for sure just like I CEOs getting $40 XRP being $5 one day maybe more Bitcoin cash will go up a theorem will go up they're all gonna go up but the but just just know the money's been made you know the people who really make the money on a theory among the people that will probably make a 5x on this going up to you know twelve hundred fifteen hundred dollars it's the people who bought a ten cents now there's gonna be some shiny new things coming out over the course of the next years and the key thing is getting into those that then become ethereum x' and you make the money okay we need to look for the next generation of bitcoins aetherium x' XR peas etc that have actual longevity have got real powerhouse potential and can have the funds to power up the top hundred and do essentially a bit of a cosmos you know which came from nowhere then i card a know a couple of years ago came from nowhere and then bang right into the top 50 so yeah so that's where you need to be making them money in the future then you've got sto x' at some point too so I mean there's gonna be lots opportunity so he's a great thing about cryptocurrencies is always another train there's always another train it's a bit like London Paddington there's always another train sorry yeah they'll get you to your destination to whatever your goals and ambitions are in cryptocurrency so there we are expire somebody says expire I've never liked it never liked it i maintainer i've never been convinced and given that i'm very well connected and the people I'm connected to you wouldn't touch this with a bargepole it further compounds my belief not to even bother so you know it's a spent management app what's the point the I think the one the key reason why people go into this at all from my community is because of shingle Avedon who's one of the advisers I think of this project and of course he's the founder of ethos essentially the mini Steve Jobs and people have just stayed with it and you know I just don't care for it at all if it does well good luck to whoever holds it but it's not it's not incredible where would you invest 20k you know well that's a that's a hard question because I'm very risk I've got a high risk desires you know and I don't really want to say if I was going to put it in something that I thought was a sure thing something that I think would appreciate like London property prices I'd put it into card alley or bit max but only because 20k will get you quite far as far as dividends I'm still eyeing up a – masternode by the way just an update on that anyway I think that is it people for today I hope that you got a lot of answers from this answers you will only get from the Superman in all honesty so I hate that it's left you feeling bunneh SH I hate that it has left you feeling positive even if we do have retracements yeah we're way I am thousand two hundred ago even if we go down to seven eight even if we go in to fight five I think that higher highs are really the Avenue we're going towards in this bull market and I do think we have got the potential to get all the way over here all the way past here maybe towards over here of a bull market and of course with such a huge yeah such a huge amount of time where we can achieve that then you know we've got a lot of a lot of room where Bitcoin and these always promising all coins can grow so I think that's all short of it is it gonna go up is it is there gonna be a retracement at some point yes I expect it but is it gonna just go higher high high high high high until we hit all-time highs I expect that to and then I expect for us to surpass that and one of the biggest reasons why is because Finance has opened up and it didn't dump at all didn't dump at all in fact of anything just boomed for all coins so just goes to show you that the sentiment is very much bullish I think we're established in that and we're just as we're about to go on a 283 million market cap markets are overvalued in as much as markets were undervalued in a bear market value is a matter of perspective you know if we fast forward three years and bitcoins 250,000 then you look like you'd feel like a complete donkey having said the markets over valley in 2019 so just be aware not to make yourself sound like a complete pillock with such statements especially if you're not if you're not of any importance or knowledge to actually make that kind of you know statement milf does a good the body good who's the MILF that's the question anyway people I've said I'm going and I feel compelled not to go but I am going to go so thank you all for being here hope you stay excited about the future hope you're bullish about the future and I hope that you are certainly feeling this light at the end of you know we've come to the light at the end of what was an incredibly dark tunnel of 2018 and I hope that I can't guarantee as usual but I hope that this just opens up the way for you know for future growth of the market ets etc I think what I've loved about this is that we've achieved it without needing an etf yellow so you yes essentially anyway people thank you for being here I love you all before you leave smash that like button just as a bit of a signing off and saying I was here it's a little bit like when you go to a castle when do you sign the the book the visitors book your your signature on the visitors book to Superman's video it's just smash that like just smash that like and I will see you next time people it is lights out all out



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