ALERT: The New Litecoin Debit Cards will SAVE THE WORLD!! (Bix Weir)

ALERT: The New Litecoin Debit Cards will SAVE THE WORLD!! (Bix Weir)

holy crap litecoin teaming up with the big scone yeah it's true I knew about there was that there was a coin named Bix it's the by Box exchange token cuz I looked at it a while ago maybe I should make a coin good god I didn't as he see we're crawled and crawled up my you-know-what and read me a new one but amazing news out of litecoin foundation today listen to this we are excited to announce that litecoin foundation has teamed up with the by box exchanged and Tornillo tourney o to release a special edition litecoin block card the soon-to-be-released debit card will enable users to spend value of their cryptocurrency either online or in physical store locations anywhere in the world where major credit cards are accepted this special edition card will leverage the existing block card platform tourney o has released the light cream foundation by box exchange Antonio want to give crypto holders the ability to spin cryptocurrency with the same ease as traditional credit cards through this collaboration these three companies will help propel the adoption of cryptocurrency spending in everyday life customers will have the ability to make deposits and various cryptocurrencies and then keep their spendable value in litecoin by box token or Tertre neo this is what I go in for we don't need it yet granted but we will it'll be like that and we need it and it is getting people's hands they didn't say win yet I wanted to have him yesterday this is huge hold your value in the in the cryptocurrency that you want it pays kind of like this except you got a you got to sell your cryptocurrency to have it loaded with the dollar amount this has hold it in like coin and get change in light coin you'll get change obviously it's a credit card transaction with the buy box exchange hopefully the rates are good and what they charge for the exchange of this but amazing right at the right time as the bankers go down this summer and into fall quote buy box has always positioned themselves as being on the forefront of cryptocurrency adoption says ares wayne co-founder of buy box by partnering with the litecoin foundation and Tornillo we are able to leverage by boxes robust exchange platform to help bring customers more options to spend cryptocurrency with unprecedented ease by box exchange will act as the custodian of users funds and leverage its 200 million plus worth of crypto trading volume to help route the deposits and spending for users a special-edition debit card will be released in the united states will be will first be released to United States residents Wow we're first finally and soon after to non-us customers by box exchanged and the light-cone foundation will integrate the debit card directly into the buy box exchanged and loaf wallet the greatest wallet in the world these are just getting better and better loaf wallet the official litecoin wallet users will be able to access their cards directly within these ecosystems giving them instant access to spin this is game over for the bad guys picture yourself picture yourself in 2008 on September 11th five hundred billion dollars ran out of the money market son the Fed opens its discount window throwing money everywhere to stop the destruction hank paulson runs to congress says we need seven hundred billion dollars and we read it right now here's one page sign it and we need it it has to happen had we had a bunch of people running around with a litecoin credit card we were sent a few Hank Paulson take your old system and go by the wayside this is huge my friends I'm surprised the US government is allowing this nap I'm not the good guys are in charge now they know it's time it is time to make the transition so when this comes out get yourself a black heart a litecoin block card and here's a quote from Charlie it says users will be able to access their cards directly with these ecosystems giving them instant access to spend from charlie quote this is an exciting partnership for us as it furthers the like going foundations mission to create more use cases for spending light coin in everyday life so charlie lead creative litecoin and managing director of the light cream foundation ledger leveraging Torinos block card platform will with by box exchange engine gives light coin holders unparalleled access to use their LTC at merchants around the world now add this to that mix where do you think the lightning networks going absolutely this is a prime use case for the Lightning Network I'm so excited this is great stuff Bravo litecoin Foundation Charley League Bravo now the only risk with this is that somebody else is holding your crypto and that would be the buy box exchange that's the only risk I see which is pretty big risk I mean I wouldn't keep them all of my litecoin but pretty soon it'll be you have your own private key and nobody can have access to it but right now it doesn't look like that it might be I would love it if it was in the coming weeks the litecoin foundation and by box exchange will notify us base users on how to register for access to their card download the loaf wallet today all you guys already have a loaf wallet if you have litecoin you probably have a loaf wallet which is the greatest wallet ever so easy to use and receive updates for when registration goes live by box is a top-tier digital acid exchange founded in Estonia providing first-class trading experience since 2017 Bix is by boxes platform token supporting the group red nurture and the nurturer of by box ecosystem along with the platform's daily transaction averaging over 200 million u.s. dollars per day by box gives users access to versatile range of products including crypto trading margin trading perpetual contracts and tools yes this is this is a highly levered exchange just like the rest of them and I wouldn't keep a lot of money in it but awesome Bravo litecoin Bravo it may be it is seamless from your litecoin wallet maybe you buy you use your credit card it pulls it directly or you have to send it I don't know how it's gonna work anyway this is awesome this is this is one of the huge things what we've been waiting for again Charlie Lee under-promise outperform Bravo Charlie Lee and array fix fix tokens I love that it's almost as exciting as glicks from the Federal Reserve comic book let's talk about the card to tert torino turn tourney o tourney oh I guess is a leading blockchain company providing white-label technology to enterprise organizations which gives blockchain and cryptocurrency real-world application the block card is a physical debit card created by Tornillo with block card card holders are empowered to use their cryptocurrencies anywhere in the world major credit cards are accepted my god so I'll have to say my god now you can spin like or coin anywhere in the world talk about mass adoption you want to use light coin to buy your cup of coffee Roger now you can do it my friend with like quite sorry Roger I didn't think I didn't think they'd get this stuff done in time either I thought the banks were gonna crash two years ago that's why I was on Rogers side for a long time I'm saying we need a means of exchange now but they delayed it they kick the can kick the can kick the can now they're not they're about to stop kicking the can so what does Charlie do bang here's your means of exchange next I'll say and nimble Wimble is ready and we're ready to go full on 100% worldwide atomic swaps and lighting Network so button so many reasons to load up your portfolio with litecoin as your majority coin absolutely it's it's it's gonna be used by humanity it is satoshis vision the real Satoshi nakamoto's vision a peer-to-peer cashless a peer-to-peer cash system that is so important to be decentralized everybody watched Bitcoin Ben's second video he did today about the Vixen Ben Freedom Road chill it's awesome he talks about the Facebook coin how the Facebook coins trying to remove government and the banks and and take control with all the corporations grouping together in a big gigantic cluster monopoly and Facebook coin is not a decentralized cryptocurrency not even close these companies are going to have their own cryptocurrencies I would highly suggest all you companies deal with decentralized cryptocurrency because even a decentralized everybody's gonna shit on it when the bankers come crashing down I'm just saying it's your word of warning now so me and Ben are gonna travel this summer if you want us to come to your place we're trying to put up a put together a tour now we're talking about going to Europe even we're talking about definitely the Midwest barbecue city working with litecoin Lee says she's got some ideas for a big outdoor crypto event watch Ben's video and right now we're fund ourselves so if you are interested in helping fund the Roadshow join my patreon channel join my patreon you get a ton of stuff good stuff too all the good stuff I can't put on YouTube I'm gonna start doing it one in the morning for the Horn of Zee's which is the morning cup of coffee and what's going on with Kryptos and then the afternoon one's gonna get in depth either conspiracy stuff or behind-the-scenes stuff or I am putting up tomorrow my top 10 my top 10 list is going up top 10 cryptocurrencies to buy now is going up tomorrow on the patreon site if it's on patreon automatically goes to the road arruda private road as well but patreon is only 10 bucks a month if you want to help fund the freedom Roadshow Bix and Ben's freedom Roadshow watch spins video go to patreon to root a patreon this is what the front looks like become a road warrior see the little road warrior on the right side become a road warrior help support getting us out there into in front of people and please if you want it if you think you got enough people say 50 and we'll bring the other 200 if you got like 50 people you got a group that we can all meet and a place we can meet indoors outdoors it does not matter get in touch with me or Ben and say hey we want the the freedom road tour to pass through Colorado or st. Louis and st. Louis hint hint Texas blegh oh well we're already going to Blanco next year we just been the blink up but just let us know and if you can get enough people and get us a place to set up and do our little thing or a big thing we'll promote it too and then we'll get twice as many people as you can get or three times as many people depending on where you guys are so that's the plan and again if you if you want us to come to your town and you want to kind of be the host of a bitcoin bin fix we're freedom Roadshow tour stop get in touch with Benner myself don't know the dates of availability ability yet I personally am looking at middle of July is looking real good so I got cuz I got two weeks with no commitments I have so many commitments everywhere two weeks with absolutely no commitments I would love to cruise town to town through America singing the praises of decentralized cryptocurrency and shitting on things like Facebook quick that is not decentralized and corporations are coming into that one let's just let's teach them a lesson on on how freedom can win in the end we cannot be taken over again by these criminals we cannot so we all gotta spread the word do your part get us a spot to play and a whole bunch of people and we'll show up there and they don't drink beer with it yeah I'm still not drinking by the way don't know what's going on with that if I'll start again but right now I do have a wine tasting harvest party at my dad's vineyard tomorrow Oh No on Saturday that'll be the test right anyway so much good news and cryptocurrencies get ready for a huge run this summer in crypto currencies you're not even gonna recognize the prices today and I'm posting my top ten on patreon tomorrow morning so make sure you sign up a patreon go to patreon Rita is what the page looks like it's ten bucks a month it helps fund the road trip the road freedom road tour the global one and we'll keep this ball rolling because it's so important to fight for freedom do not settle do not settle just because it'll make your cryptocurrency go up in value you don't want cryptocurrencies moon shotting while the old the old guard takes over and controls our lives again it's the worst thing that could happen to us because when you get rich you get lazy and you'll fight now cuz you're not rich and you ready to fight for your freedom and fried for free markets so I would just everybody needs to pick up their their pen there their typewriter their YouTube channel and fight for freedom and you guys who want us to show up in your town send me an email or send in an email get in touch with us this is big square Rhodri comm sign up for patreon calculator


44 thoughts on “ALERT: The New Litecoin Debit Cards will SAVE THE WORLD!! (Bix Weir)”

  • Łitecoin Kazman says:

    Just got paid in BAT to watch an ad on the Brave Browser (Love it) for the BlockCard!!! They gave me an 10$ bonus for using the signing up using the Brave Browser too. I don't know when it'll arrive but the whole experience has me psyched. We really are in the process of starting a new system. I am my own bank now.
    Follow me on twitter @litecoinKazman
    I am an aspiring brand ambassador who is focused on spreading awareness of litecoin and other forms of TRUE money!

  • **Warning !!! CoinBase sent my LTC to Wrong address !!!! Coinbase probably sent it to themselves! CrimeBase refused to get it back !!!

  • X Nay, on the Blockcard. I'm disappointed after reading the 3 separate agreement pages. They convert your Litecoin or whatever into the TERN token, then to US dollar for the merchant. The TERN token looks like its inflationary coin, so unless you like your money hanging in the balance and subject to the nature of TERNs behavior well then it does no good for you to put your Litecoin into it. Not to mention, the fees associated with the card are not really that good. They are okay if you are investing in TERN and don't mind using it for a few transactions every now and again. It seems like every time you even come close to the US dollar you get screwed. Its like there is no way to put a smiling face onto that pig. Litecoin foundation needs to go back to that other idea of the LITEPHONE. What a great idea.

    Also, so far the wirex card looked like the best card so far, but its not available in the United States and several other countries.

  • daddy goodstick says:

    It's a good thing…but to say " save the world " is pretty damn stupid. Causes loss of credibility and smacks of Clickbait.

  • Don’t mean to p1$$ on your bonfire Bix, it’s a great step in the right direction, but there’s a lot of fees associated with this card, $5 monthly maintenance fee, minimum $100 deposit, cash withdrawal fee $3-3.50, PIN transaction fee $1-2. These middle men still have their dirty paws all over it, but granted it’s better than nothing!!!

  • Nobody is spending their Litecoin….unless they are billionaires or ding dongs…this is the fundamental problem with cryptocurrencies…people are using them for investment purposes not to buy stuff…if I want to buy stuff I will continue to use dollar bills or my credit card…it's essentially a secured credit card where you load in the money you need…I don't think it's that huge until everyone is using litcoin and the price of one litecoin is 1k dollars…I can see some people using it then

  • Goodmorning buddy. Can you pls watch and breack down this argument? It would really help me get better understanding of litecoin.

  • Hmm interesting…and similar to what Wirex are planning to do in a few weeks (was it a race to get there first methinks??!!). BTW Why does nobody talk about the Wirex card we're already using in Europe??? (They also offer cryptoback – and yes, it works great). The Visa card is being rolled out in the U.S 3rd quarter '19 ( They are launching 26 stable coins very very soon, which will be pegged to fiat-pegged currencies around the world. Your crypto deposits will be auto-tokenised allowing you to spend worldwide – but via Visa. Interestingly, they recently 'postponed' their IEO saying "our calculations suggest that the tokens will sell out within minutes to a small number of people". You can read their WP here: The BIG question is how this plays out in the eyes of our beloved governing authorities. Hardly anyone discusses 'taxable events' in crypto. Will this auto-tokenisation and any subsequent spend be classified as a 'taxable event' for CGT purposes? In theory, no, it's similar to an IOU it would seem, but we know how the authorities just LOVE to double tax us on money we've already paid tax on…..thoughts??

  • Timothy Campbell says:

    prepare for dump – this is nothing; where will you use this idiotic debit card? If the value of LTC is going up, exchange it for money you can use. This is another trap, we've seen it time and time again.

  • What's the point?
    1. This is not you using the blockchain but converting LTC into Fiat
    2. You guys only HODL that crap anyway

  • The worldwide banking cabal has existed since the time of Christ… not be deceived that they were not the ones behind the creation of blockchain …… #tangible #diversified

  • You have to deposit crypto which is immediately converted and stored as USD. Meanwhile, if LTC price soars, you miss out. If you plan to use this card, I would deposit small amounts periodically. I think the Spend card deposits your crypto and converts it as you spend it. Can anyone confirm that?

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