A Challenge To Peter Schiff | Bitcoin and Friends

A Challenge To Peter Schiff | Bitcoin and Friends

Hey everyone, Bitcoin here. Uh alright we
wanted to do a quick vlog on trolls. As bitcoins price rises, we will see a
lot more troll sightings in the near future. And in fact, we’ve already started
to see them. I wanted to introduce you to my uncle Peter Schiffsies, see Exhibit A. See Uncle Peter it seems has been struck with dementia, poor thing, and it’s turned
him into a full-blown troll. He’s figured out how to use Twitter on his phone and
he’s been embarrassing himself lately. Poor thing. Now what is a troll? See, trolls make big claims without defending their arguments and if someone provides
a logical rebuttal they simply ignore them. Why? Because they’re not running off
logic they’re running off shock value to stay relevant and in the conversation. See, uh, poor uncle Peter’s already lost most of his arguments (see his debate with Erik Voorhees) and Peter knows deep down that his entrenched ideas of money
are no longer relevant in the modern age. And instead of being a man,
he’s decided to be a troll. Peter, you’ll always be my crazy uncle and
always appreciate what you’ve done to promote Liberty, but we must swallow our
pride Peter. See it’s important as a human to admit your mistakes. And we’re all human Peter, except for me. And sometimes we’re wrong, except for me again, because I’m an immutable public ledger that can’t lie. So, normally, I’d just tell you to go suck on a full node. But with the apparent dementia in your life, I have a remedy for you. Go ahead and open up your mouth but instead of talking swallow down two heaping spoonfuls of reality. And with that, I challenge you to a debate Peter, live on YouTube for
the whole world to watch, as a cartoon character teaches you some sense. if you win we will shut down the show. And if I win, which I will, then you shut up and buy some Bitcoin and join the revolution.


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