5 Reasons to Invest in Bitcoin

5 Reasons to Invest in Bitcoin

hello everyone and welcome to the Roger report public Edition for June 2019 what a fun month me was so as we dive into June and we look at a little bit of a market correction and setting a foundation for future growth I really wanted to take a step back and kind of go to the beginning of why people buy Bitcoin in the first place or as a personal opinion why I would be a buyer a Bitcoin or some crypto currencies for my portfolio in order to have a well-diversified a holding or wealth building so right now we are going through what some people may call a third cycle in the evolution of Bitcoin after ten years of being to market we're seeing this new public adoption and the reason that I pause there is because it's not just the general public that's adopting it it's corporations that are adopting Bitcoin or blockchain for payment processing kind of across the board one of the articles that will be discussed in the newsletter that you can download with the link below is Facebook's launch of its global stable coin cryptocurrency that will allow for payments to be processed to cross-border and settle into whatever national currency you want to settle there they're stable coin into it's kind of a big deal there was always a talk that the Amazons of the world or the Facebook's of the world would drive the last leg of global public adoption and here we are in June of 2019 in Facebook's things they couldn't launch within the next month they've hired a hundred blockchain developers and still have open positions for 40 more in order to get this product to market and they've been working with the former some former executives from coinbase they're the leader of their blockchain project is a sold their peanut processing company to PayPal for 240 million dollars a few years ago so they've really put together an all-star team to create this block chain based stable point adoption that will allow for all of us to buy and sell on facebook in a much more secure manner I think that's pretty impressive so when you look at the five primary reasons you want to have crypto currencies primarily blockchain in your portfolio this type of adoption allows for capital to flow in a more seamless public manner the second thing is is still regulation if for a product that's ten years old or a currency that's ten years old there's still some lack of transparency on where regulation is going to go with a lot of different aspects of the industry and as those items become more settled it'll allow people to be more comfortable with the asset and allow you to have a greater opportunity for increase in value number three is Wall Street going crypto there's a lot of articles out now that are tracking the wallets then are continuing to buy and hold Bitcoin in them and then there's some association with those wallets in Wall Street or financial institutions fidelity is about to launch Bitcoin trading on their brokerage platform which is a really big deal once you break down that barrier between Bitcoin and other capital assets you're gonna really have an opportunity to see the increase in value because of limited supply which is another reason that Bitcoin is such powerful asset in 2018 there were a lot of discussions about well we need a different version of Bitcoin Bitcoin cash like when all of these different things because Bitcoin is slow well one of the values of Bitcoin number four on my list of five reasons that you want to hold it in your portfolio remember these are my personal opinions and not those of equity trusts or any other party that may be sharing this video is that the developers are in Bitcoin are still working they're continually updating the core blockchain that allows Bitcoin to function so over time it's going to continue to get better and it's going to diminish the need for those secondary assets and continue to increase demand for Bitcoin number five is in May of 2019 Bitcoin had the highest trading volumes of all time now it's not back to its all-time highs that were driven by speculation in 2017 again that is my personal opinion but that trading volume is showing an increased interest again with increased interest on a limited supply item that has new regulation that's making it easier for people to access while more parties are coming to market you have all of the things that you need in order to show an increase in value over time this makes Bitcoin a great addition to any portfolio if you're willing to take the risk associated with a ten-year old asset class again these are my personal opinion so let's dive a little into what we're gonna cover this month in our newsletter I talked a little bit already about Facebook and their activities I talked about fidelity and their activities I talked a little bit about the trading volume now the CME also reported the futures volume on their boards was at an all-time high last month showing renewed interest from Wall Street and institutions to have some type of protection or some type of diet downside cushion against Bitcoin which usually happens when they're buying into the asset class of every month we talk about these types of items in the Roger report public edition and you can get a copy of our newsletter just by clicking the link subscribing to the list and then you'll get that newsletter sent out to you each and every month with all of our insights in what's going on from a macroeconomic perspective as well as all of the major triggers that we're looking for that could potentially push the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies behind it higher I highly recommend you subscribing so that you can get this newsletter each month a couple other things that are interesting on the blockchain front a Kodak who last year made a huge announcement that they were going to be moving all of their file storage on the blockchain and creating new types of currencies that we'll be able to though that you'll be able to use to share and buy rights to photos they now got there they'd be releasing their own cryptocurrency finally they're expecting that their blockchain product will save them between 20 and 40 percent an operational cost which is a huge deal visa has already been working on their block same solutions and they were saying that this year it could be available for retail and merchants customers all of this continued interest and growth in blockchain is driven by the creation of Bitcoin ten years ago Bitcoin as the core asset in this class is highly recommended to be part of anyone's portfolio of course do your own research check out the articles in this month's newsletter and stay up to date by subscribing to the Roger report so that you can get this information each month and if you're looking for a way to buy crypto currencies through your self-directed IRA definitely reach out to the team and equity trust and talk to them about their crypto portfolio products that they have that'll give you access to the asset class from inside of your IRA we appreciate you and we will see you next month thank you


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