$250K Bitcoin, How To Take Profit? Wait For Dip Or Accumulate? My Top Altcoins? ...And More In Q&A

$250K Bitcoin, How To Take Profit? Wait For Dip Or Accumulate? My Top Altcoins? …And More In Q&A

in this video bitcoin has been extremely bullish for the past few weeks here but it's based called right now running out of steam I want to talk a little bit about that and also in this video I want to go through all of your questions that you asked me over on Instagram so yesterday I asked you to leave questions for this Q&A and today I will begin this Q&A by going through some of your questions I will not be able to go through all of them so maybe I will continue this Q&A in tomorrow's video but yeah thank you very much for all of your likes and your comments and for getting me to 50,000 subscribers i truly appreciate it and like i said in this video i will actually answer your questions and if you think that that sounds interesting nothing unless you definitely go to this hello guys and welcome to the moon my name is carl i believe this could be girl's name video and let me think a quick look at the price before going into the Q & A because I have a lot of questions and I'm not sure if I'm gonna be able to answer all of them but a quick look at the bacon price and then let's get right into all of your questions alright so first of all let's go to the 4-hour Lynn just take a quick look at what is happening in the price so well first of all the bullish thing here was that bitcoin was actually able not only to buy up this whole week to the downside this big 5k Bitcoin tip so vsco cam straight back up again with full force and broke through this 7.5 K level I think that was very bullish and we did get this very nice candle to the upside and right now bitcoin is consolidating a little bit and well right now we can see that Bitcoin struggles to get past the previous high and if this is the high that we are going to be left with then that is actually a lower high than the previous high which was right there and technically this is a lower low than this low but here comes the big question will we actually count this big 5k dump because this was basically a whale who dumped 5,000 Bitcoin which pushed Bitcoin down to these levels or is this the previous low because would be a higher low and this would be lower low and I'm not really sure exactly what we should decide on here but yeah technically this is actually a lower low and this is a lower high in that case and that would actually be a little bit bearish but without putting too much significance to that I think that what this shows us right now if Bitcoin is not able to push straight through the previous high and if Bitcoin right now is not able to push through the 8.5 K level I think that one scenario that I think is actually quite likely to play out is that we will actually form some some kind of a consolidation pattern here this could be either a bullish penance that would not be too surprising it could be a some form of a bull flag just basically some form of a consolidation pattern where the highs get lower the lows get higher and eventually we will break out of that range and of course it's very hard to know right now exactly how that's going to look because so far we only have this big move to the upside and because it's just entering into that possible consolidation phase just to give you an example of what I mean so back here when we broke the 6k level of course immediately after we broke it it was impossible to know what was going to form in the bigger timeframe here but after a while we did actually see here that these lows looks like that and these and we saw something that this actually formed and eventually I determined that this was actually falling wedge and this actually broke out and then once again later here we also saw another falling wedge form but sometimes it just takes a little while before you can see this emerge in the chart but yeah so we had these two falling wedges and if you followed me back then you know that we actually played these two falling watches very nicely here and this is something that I'm waiting for right now to see some very tradable patterns emerge in the chart because personally I think that patterns are the most fun thing to trade because trading breakouts that's just a very very powerful way of trading but yeah let's see how this progress is right now but right now it looks like we are getting maybe possibly a lower high right there and something else that could be forming here it could be an inverse Head & Shoulders here but of course we never trade based on an inverse Head & Shoulders until it breaks out so head and shoulders patterns we only trade the actual breakout would never put in a trade before so many times I've seen head and shoulders look perfect and just as we thought it was gonna break out it just goes the exact opposite direction so I've learned from my own mistakes a long time ago so Heather solders I only trade the breakouts because they are far from guaranteed to actually play out even if they look really nice but let's bring out the for our live ribbon and we can see here that we can still actually riding this support and remember that in yesterday's video I talked about that this bigwig could possibly be disregarded because this was actually manipulation with a big whale dump of 5000 Bitcoin so this was not really natural price action and if we disregard that big week then yeah basically is actually riding the support and we are still in a four-hour early pool trend here according to the 4-hour ribbon and go to the 1-hour ribbon we can see that Bitcoin was writing this report very nicely and then we broke down how this correction and right there as big come broke above it again we entered into this bull trend and right now bitcoins actually once again testing this ribbon and as you can see with this ribbon when we are in a very volatile move you can see that when we are above it we are on a bull trend and then when we break below it we are generally in a bear trend and when we break above it again we are generally in a bull trend so right now we are anyone our bull trend so now I'm watching the one-hour ribbon if you break down below it that could indicate that we're gonna get another correction and if we get it cleared bounce then something like this is possible where basically is possibly going to come up and possibly test the highs again and you already know about what I think about these highs up here this horizontal level the 8.5 K this is an extremely important level that is the previous monthly high if beacon breaks above that that means that were any monthly bull trend and that would be major psychological and technical thing to accomplish so that is that and if we go to the table we can also see that we're clearly in a daily bull trend here and if we do see some form of a consolidation phase then the daily ribbon will come up here and eventually try to push Bitcoin through the the monthly resistance here so we have the resistance up there we'll have this upwards training support and both corn is yeah like you can see here basically going to be trapped between the resistance and the support and possibly then eventually breakout that's a scenario that I think is actually not too far-fetched to assume but like I said earlier in the video it's still a little bit too early to tell what bitcoin is trying to form here in the bigger timeframe so I guess the summary for this video here is that we are still looking bullish with signs of a possible consolidation phase that would be a kind of this summary here but let's go into the the Q and a so thank you very much guys once again for 50,000 subscribers and yeah thank you very much that's actually quite extraordinary and I told you yesterday to leave me a few questions over on Instagram and if you haven't followed me over on Instagram you can go and do that I will leave the link down below so yeah let's go through some of these questions and I will try to yeah I got more questions than I thought so I will have to go through them quickly but try to answer as good as possible so first off Giustra for why don't you open a VIP group to share your trades please make us rich maybe sometime in the future right now I don't have that watch every video every day thanks man thank you very much and the Lila Andre says hey Karl thank you so much for your incredibly inspiring and informative videos on YouTube I have two questions I'm in the accumulation phase with BTC and wondering if I should hold off accumulating any more now that we are around 8k or best to continue to dollar-cost averaging and your first question here I mean the I think the most common question I get from my friends and from people that reach out is should I buy now or should I wait for the dip and first of all the first question you have to ask yourself is are you investing for the future for the long-term or are you basically just trading because if you're trading then you can do whatever you and buying the dip and trading a dip and all of that is perfectly healthy and normal and great if you can profit off of that however if your answer isn't that this is for the long term for the next 2-3 years or maybe for the next ten years that I sincerely ask you to stop thinking about the daily price action and just realize that bitcoin is for the long-term and the daily a price action right now is going to be extremely insignificant in a few years and the dollar cost averaging is always the best way to buy into any asset and especially something that is extremely volatile like Bitcoin so what I am doing for example is I am buying all the time every single day every single week I even make money in Bitcoin and I leave that Bitcoin in cold storage so I always accumulates very heavily and that gives me a very nice average buy-in so I guess my warning for you out there is don't wait for a dip that might never come let's say you put in money today and then Bitcoin goes down 50% well your fiat value is down and that sucks I understand that however you are still left with equally as many Bitcoin as yesterday one Bitcoin will always be one Bitcoin but the other scenario if you don't buy today and basically goes up 100% now you can only buy half as much Bitcoin and that you can never reverse and you will never be able to obtain that same Bitcoin so in a few years when Bitcoin is $200,000 $300,000 then you're gonna beat yourself up that you tried to catch a dip that never came so dollar cost average at all times that is my answer here what are your thoughts on the theorem and where it's headed in terms of price action thanks again well if theorem is my second largest holding and in terms of price action I think if he was probably gonna do well but I would never put more in a theorem that I do in Bitcoin and I think my portfolio consists of maybe 6% aetherium or maybe not even that maybe like 3/4 percent to theory month but it is my second biggest holding next year newb here I bought one Bitcoin at 3 point 8 K and sold at four point seven thought I was a do you think we will get that big correction for buying opportunities or do you think 7 8k range well this is once again the absolutely most common question I get and I'm sorry to hear that you did this and once again you have to understand that either you're trading or you're investing for the long term those two things are completely separate things and if you are investing for the long term then please don't do things like this you will beat yourself up in the future and waiting for a coming dip is a huge risk yes a big correction could come but you have to prepare mentally for the risk that it might not come and can you live with that and I think the answer to that question should probably be no so like I said what I'm doing I'm just buying all the time I'm not waiting for any tips I try to trade the tips but that's something total difference question do you feel that there are any leaders out there that actually see the greater purpose in Bitcoin cryptocurrencies and the blockchain yes I think there are there are leaders out there that are seeing the greater purpose in Bitcoin I like Andreas Antonopoulos if I have to choose one leader or whatever you want to call it in the crypts of space I think that Andreas is one of those people that I truly listen to when he speaks when will be the right time to convert my alt comes to Bitcoin I have no idea and I think that I mean I have no idea it's very hard to say I could try to analyze that but I cannot just say right off the top of my head like that so as Suzanne says on the seem a bit confused chart there's another larger unfilled gap at 7.2 to 7.8 K is it reasonable to expect for this to be filled at some points Wow yeah so we actually have gotten another huge gap here so like I said previously the theory goes when you get a gap eventually it gets filled and this means that this gap should eventually get filled and well this could actually be a pretty bearish sign telling us that the price is actually going to yeah correct and basically fill this gap so yeah thank you for pointing that out I had actually not seen that but yeah this is actually a sign that Bitcoin maybe not immediately but event is actually going to fill this gap and this gap ends down here at 7180 so based on this there's a great chance that patron will reach 7,000 118 and next up is there a limited amount of aetherium coins well not in this like Bitcoin that's a hard cap of 21 million a theorem does not have an exact 100 percent hard cap so know if theorem does not have the same kind of a hard cap as Bitcoin and we feel hey Carl I'm your French followers is 30k do you think it's interesting to place a trade on every pump when we see a dump during this new bull market alright so basically are we gonna buy the dip this whole bull market well I think that if we go to the weekly and take a look at the previous bull market and bring out the EMA ribbon what we can see is that every time that Bitcoin dipped Bitcoin actually came down into the EMA ribbon and then had another run and based on the previous bull market I think it would be a very reasonable strategy – every time we come down into the EMA ribbon we should buy at least buy the dip and if you can try to catch this as a trade then that would probably make you a lot of money you can see all these times we came down into the ribbon basically had a nice run effort so yeah I guess we should try to buy the dip Arthur's King thank you very much for the support and Kathleen Markey what happens with your 20 forward seen if you pass away or if it burns up and I'm not a security expert I am NOT an expert in how to store your offline keys what I personally do is I have my legend out of SS somewhere and that's of course protected by a password and my my twenty word seeds I have stored in different locations in very very very safe locations and I also have a massive safe at a safe place where I also store some some of these these scenes and also you can get one of those metal plates where you actually have your your word seed in metal so it cannot burn and but but other than that I would consult an expert or just Google I wouldn't say that I'm an expert specifically on that matter and cabarrus says huge fan thanks for providing your tea expertise could you please comment on the future with hash graphed and what implications it will have on Bitcoin I'm sorry I don't know about task graph enough to talk about it sorry what's an ETF an ETF is an exchange-traded fund it's an investment contract that you can buy and sell and the value of the ETF comes from the value of the underlying asset that the ETF is trying to represent so basically you can have in gold ETF and the gold that underlies the ETF is what gives the ETF the value and then you can buy and sell the ETF instead of buying and selling the actual gold that underlies the ETF I mean essentially this lets you a buy and sell gold as if it was a stock on the stock markets and call you're a legend keep up the great work to the moon' question how long have you been trading and and what's your best advice for someone new is to joining the game I would just say that there are a lot of great videos online that can teach you pretty much everything about trading you can search on any indicator online and you will get tons of videos about that specific indicator and different trading strategies and that would and that works very well you can also buy books of course but I think that online there's so much free content that it's wise to take advantage of that but I think the best advice is just to try to not forget about actually spending time in front of the charts there's only so much information and so many books and videos you can watch I think experience is the only thing that truly will make you good at anything and you cannot buy experience with money the only thing you can buy experience with is time so invest time to get experience and you've predicted 300,000 in the next bull market but what price do you see based on reaching in say 10 years time well 10 years that a long time is very hard to know exactly but well I'm just gonna throw a number out there because I haven't done the analysis but let's say the next big top in the next bull market after the common bull market might be between one and between one to five million dollars I think that's something that could be a possibility so let's say somewhere between one and five million dollars in ten years time I think that's actually a quite possible scenario where did you learn your TA techniques well mostly online actually I haven't paid any insane amounts for any insane courses and I don't suggest you do I know that there are people selling courses for thousands of dollars that is not a good way to invest your money I don't think it's reasonable or necessary to buy the courses for that amount of money everything is available for free online so just search online you will see a lot of free stuff but I think once again experience that is the most important thing and when you spend time in the chart you will learn to see things for yourself I just think the best advice here instead of a paying in the same amounts for these courses just buy the most popular trading books and also follow people that make technical analysis and which all course are you invested in well my two biggest alternate Holies right now are actually a fear iam and bad tokens but I didn't actually buy that many bad tokens but they have gone up in value for the past few weeks and months and also because of the brave browser I earn bath tokens and lately I've been earning a lot of bath tokens and I haven't really had the time to just go and sell them so I just kept them so that has led me to have a pretty large amount of bath tokens in my holdings basically at least in Fiat value but before bath tokens took that third spot Minero had that third spot in my portfolio and by the way if you want to try the brave browser and earn bad tokens you can use my affiliate link down below it's totally free but yeah you can earn bad tokens by using that brave browser and next up Carl how old are you and what year did you learn about Bitcoin well first of all how old are you I am a born 1994 and I learned about Bitcoin back in 2017 and when did you start trading Bitcoin well as soon as like as soon as I got into Bitcoin back in 2017 who who influenced you on crypto space I'm not sure exactly what you mean but once again I want to say that Andreas Antonopoulos is one of those people that I just really like to listen to he is very intelligent very knowledgeable and yeah I just like to listen to him when he talks his bitch makes illegal in the US no it's not illegal from what I can tell but you're just not allowed to use bitch mix in the US so when I travel to the US I have to use a VPN and I have not had any problems with that and also I have a link to the VPN I use in the description if you want to try that VPN and next up why did you call your channel the moon well that's because all other crypto channels they are called the crypto this crypto that this crypto cryptid did to do so all crypto channels have the word crypto in it or a Bitcoin and that was my first instinct as well I wanted to call my my channel crypto Karl or crypto something but I immediately thought that I want to stand out I've always been into branding I want to stand out I want to have a nice name that you don't forget with a clear logo something that is a little bit more catchy and there's something that still makes sense but is different from everyone else and the moon just came out of nowhere and I think that that was just I I thought it was perfect and the logo it just went very well because sometimes when I try to look up a youtuber that is called crypto something I just forget what their actual name was because I mean from all of these other crypto channels with the name crypto it's hard to differentiate them but the moon seemed like a good way to brand my channel and yeah so I guess that's it did you live once outside of Sweden no I've never lived outside of Sweden where's your good English from I guess just from I don't know in Sweden we are quite good at English and I guess that's it and yeah I guess that's actually it why do you visit can frequently I know people that live in can and I love France and I love can if four million Bitcoin have been lost forever how many more can be mined well that doesn't make sense because it doesn't matter how many Bitcoin have been lost there will never be more between mind just because bitcoins are lost soon we will need the channel to be named to Mars and yes I guess that's actually true what do you think about crypto common crypto com official I don't actually know enough about them to talk about it hey Carl if you could use only three indicators what would they be love your videos and Congrats I would probably say maybe the RS I would use emaze and I would use the volume I guess these three would probably be the ones that had to choose why only 21 million bitcoins well no one knows I have no idea why Satoshi chose that number and I am realizing that this is taking a lot of time and I'm not gonna be able to do all of your questions but take know hell yeah thank you very much for watching my videos this will be the last question awesome content level-headed and easy to understand as always now that we have survived the crypto winter will you please do a video and watch how people should take profits when vehicle reaches 250,000 dollars yes well I think first of all it's going to be extremely hard even impossible to pick the top and I would probably say that the most reasonable strategy would be to replicate what we have been doing now so we have been accumulating by dollar cost averaging I think that the exact same thing but the opposite will be true in the big bull run and when we are reaching those insane levels to dollar cost average out of Bitcoin by taking profits every week instead of trying to call the exact top because that's going to be impossible to do but you can also just start to spend your Bitcoin and spend your bit for on things that will maintain its value so for example what I've been thinking is when one vehicle reaches these insane amounts of levels I will start to spend my Bitcoin on things that I know will have value and that will be of value to me that I will enjoy so whether that be a some nice watch that I've been looking at maybe possibly an old vintage car that might maintain its value at least better than a new car and something that I will personally be buying a lot to dollar-cost average out of based on is gold and silver that has been the best store of value for thousands of years and I still think that gold and silver are both actually undervalued and one basically reaches these levels I will be taking profits into gold and silver not into Fiat Fiat is something that I will not be holding a lot of anytime in the future I don't want to hold insane amounts of fiat on a bank account because you never know what's gonna happen with the banking system so I guess that is the strategy I will be having myself I'm not gonna try to call the exact top and sell the top I think that's impossible maybe actually as soon as we go above $100,000 we can start spending a little bit of Bitcoin and one Bitcoin starts to go real a parabolic and starts reaching insane levels then you can increase your taking profits average every week and we're probably gonna see a large correction sometime in the future it's going to be very interesting to see how that plays out but we're probably gonna see a big correction of at least 50 60 % possibly 80 90 % just like we've seen many times before and that is going to be the next big opportunity to accumulate for the next big wave of investors and at that point it's gonna be a lot of institutional investors that will be accumulating but I guess more about that in a few years when that arrives right now we're in the beginning of this bull market and I will still be accumulating right now I'm not gonna be taking profits for a very long time I know for a fact that I will not be taking profits below 100k but I hope that makes sense maybe I can come up with a better strategy but so far that's pretty much what I've been thinking about and this is based on the fact that it's impossible to call the top if we could call the top then obviously the ideal scenario would be to sell all your crypto holdings everything at the top and buy back in at later stages but I would never ever in a million years try to do something like that because that's impossible I hope that made sense there are a lot of more questions here and maybe I can continue with this Q&A tomorrow because there's no way I can go through all of these questions right now but thank you very much for leaving your questions thank you very much for 50,000 subscribers I truly appreciate that guys and if you haven't seen my bit mates tutorial yet you should definitely go and watch it it's right down there go and watch that and I'll see you guys tomorrow you


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  • Yasha Harari says:

    Great profile AMA video, Carl.
    I just want to say, as "smart" as Andreas Antonopoulos sounds, and I admit even I thought he was great at explaining bitcoin to laypeople, the fact is he's a fink, a liar, a scammer, a hypocrite and a sexist who thinks it is OK to tell women what they can and can not do with their bodies, their lives and their livelihoods. He deserves to be scorned and banished from the community at least until he apologizes to women for his crude and hypocritical actions and statements. I have posted about this at length, because scammers like him must be called out for what they are: Wolves in sheep's clothing. Don't get fleeced by the shepherd. Don't be a sheep that just blindly follows a guy who lies through his teeth every time he opens his big fat mouth. He practices the opposite of the freedom-enhancing properties he espouses about bitcoin and the blockchain.
    And if I was saying something that is inconsequential or untrue, then you have to wonder why a) he would even respond to my claims, and b) why he blocked me on twitter. Because he's obviously aware that I called him out on his hypocrisy and he has nothing valid to defend against it.

  • Carl Vestergaard says:

    i feel really good about btc, missed the first bullrun, but i'm ready for this one, as i'm constantly reinvesting my $3000 weekly profit to btc

  • Danny Raul Molina says:

    Carl be aware of scammers. Once I messaged you and got a reply from a profile with your channel name and picture. the person told me a very very convincing way that I could pay 500 usd and I could learn your trading techniques. Fortunately I got no money at that time, otherwise I would have fallen for it. I really like how good your TA is in general.

  • Hey man! Love your videos. I just uploaded my first video since 2017, would love for you to check it out. Lots of love! Max

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    Hey Carl any chance of some TA on BAT and LINK very much appreaciated been a follower since day dot 🙂 x

  • Robert Plant says:

    Note to Kathleen Markey, and others regarding, "What happens if your 24-word seed keys perish because of fire?" Simple, for security, I have had my keys engraved on a plate of steel for that exact reason. (Question by Kathleen was at 14:29.)

  • Jesse Thehu Snooker says:

    separate all yr keys logins paswords etc on 2 different papers,put them on 2 different locations or 2 people who you can trust 200% like yr parents and sister or so

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    Carl, it would be good if you share the twitter handle of the person you are referring to in the video or if anyone else follows him, please share.

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    You people need to understand that the SCC is having a hard time accepting CRYPTO ETF"S because they don't understand how the new technology of BITCOIN, BLOCKCHAIN and CRYPTO work in general..

  • Bitcoin will be the ultimate investment and nothing will give you the returns that bitcoin will just by holding it long-term.

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