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20K SUBSCRIBERS 💥💥 FREE Bitcoin Giveaway | NEW Patreon Steemit Page

BOSSOFBITCOIN.COM what’s up everybody hopefully you can
hear my voice I’m doing a little bit new setup but I think everything is working
pretty good Oh see Oh
certainly I’d say where is everything yeah it’s weird yeah I think it’s
working what’s up what’s up I’m trying to load
up this chat right now just to make sure everything’s good loading up right now I remember someone saying that the
Google photo logo covers up this little thing let me try to pull that down hey you guys yummy okay good good good
awesome what’s up everybody glad you guys can make it alright what I’ll do
now is I’ll uh pop up this countdown and we’ll come back in about 20 minutes to
get this going but it looks pretty good pretty cool all right it’s not bad via me what’s that be iame crypto
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i’ma setting everything up still behind the scene so it’s not accepting crypto
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12 minutes pick a winner Wow check-check you hear me okay alright
alright it’s about that time um-hmm I was trying to get this frame
little intro frame in other words yeah all right cool well let’s get this over
here again guys I just posted in the Facebook group the video so what you
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right now real quick boom boom oh oh how you guys like the
new layout I’m saying I’m working hard for y’all I’m out here you know I’m
saying trying to figure out this backdoor technology stuff that’s trying
to get this stuff looking clean you know I’m saying if you appreciate that let me
know what’s going on all right bond I
appreciate your enthusiasm all right cool
good so let’s go ahead and do this I do this deal right here sure this is good
and then what our charts that you guys want to see let’s go ahead and get that
as well let’s check out I see a lot coming in
for Oh me see go so let’s go ahead and do that again this is the time in a
video where I jump on and do a couple charts for everybody in the chat right
now if you have just now tuning in you might want to come join the money team
the number one Bitcoin group in the world oh there is a link in the
description 20 thousand people in the group from all over the world and it
literally is the number one so come on in the doors are always open you know
let’s go ahead and jump on these charts in see what’s going on in the market
first one we’re gonna look at is Oh me Seco o-m-g there this off real quick all right
OMG looks like it’s ready to make some money oh good good good ok so again you
guys hopefully you know there’s about now if you don’t what we’re doing is we
are using harmonics and fractals and metaphysics to look at the energy inside
these candles this is also known as the boss method how do we do this we divide
all of the data up into two simple moving averages the blue line is a 77
day moving average the white line is a 7 day moving average and we look at it on
a three hundred and forty-three minute candle if you don’t have a paid account
rating you you can look on it on a four hour candle so when I do these charts
I’ll actually do the amount of four hour that way anybody that has a free account
is getting started and still use the method and still
profit pretty good right there are two rules to the boss method wide / blue you
know what to do go ahead and get paid cash in your
ticket and jump on the money train and when the white go below is got to go
it’s just that easy guys it literally is just that easy again this is the boss
method this is intellectual property patented trademark and owned exclusively
for Brandon Kelly LLC if you are a private taking into the a hedge fund a
fiduciary a bank a broke blogger or one of these YouTube cats that don’t know
how to chart you do not will not ever have my express written consent to use
it please don’t do it you know I don’t want my lawyer to come find you but if
you do that’s what we got due diligence for this method is of the people by the
people for the people and it will empower the people 7 above seventy seven
by seven below seventy seven cell and you will beat the market ninety percent
of the time so it’s not a matter of if but when right
and as soon as that seven goes above that 77 that’s when you buy it you can
see we got a buy signal on neo about two weeks ago I’m sorry two months ago right
here that was your buy signal how much money
did it make after that BAM come over the head with it a hundred and forty five
forty three percent in 25 days you guys and that is on B T C this is no joke
this is the truth you understand boss mythic boss a Bitcoin calm if you’ve
just fresh to the game I suggest you go over there get you a few crypto
resources and start making some real-deal money this method will change
your life it changed mine it changed a lot of people in the chat every but
everyone on one I talk to people they got G’s in the market I’m talking Stax
Rex 10k 20k 30k understand yeah you know it’s it’s a we ain’t eating McDonald’s
no more we working on buying McDonald’s and I’m talking about franchise not not
not not a not a cheeseburger you know so this is what we got guys it’s three
parts to any given cycle break out break down flat line oMG is just so strong it
really honestly it doesn’t even look like it’s had one full complete cycle
yet this thing has only been on the market about six months what I’d like to
try to do is get at least nine months to a year and a half to get a full cycle
and away I know that is because if we turn on the 231 well it does look like
it had a quick cycle like you can see it had a half cycle and what we look out
look out on the 231 is for that same formation break out break down flat line
so this thing is definitely ready to break out again which it just did but it
now it has the momentum of the 231 behind it which is literally going to be
given its support probably through this next half phase we have coming up here
so honestly oMG let’s pretty good let’s do this what I’m gonna
do with these cycle lines instead of going from this I’m gonna take it from
right there break down break down what I look like it hits it pretty good yeah
look at that though this is what we can expect right there and all I did was I
took that little microcycle right here and I change this to blue so it pairs it
up break out break down flat line I let that be one complete cycle right and I
just extended that distance all the way through the chart and you can see it
hits that little bitty point so this was a continuation breakdown boom boom and
over here we did a bounce right and so now you can be pretty confident that
this next cycle is gonna be positive because now we have the 231 coming
behind us or every cycle other than this cycle this cycle the 231 was blown up
this one it peaked out went down this was down this was down and now it
finally went up and because it’s going up behind us and we do not have 231 days
inside this next window right here we therefore do not have enough energy
inside this segment to offset it so therefore I am telling you that this is
a positive cycle of Oh me see though and it will continue to go up how high will
it go up well let’s do this let’s do the exact same thing let’s throw it back
look at that we got our Fibonacci we bounced off the two four and solid eight
it to the 1/6 we’re above that we’re consolidating off the one two and
we can expect look at that I hit it about three times already I didn’t even
know what I was doing but that’s gonna be our area that we’re drawn to right
and it just naturally flow you know when I was drawing this chart I didn’t even
see it I hadn’t drawn that Fibonacci scale but that’s basically the area that
the energy is going to that one point oh right there
right once we do that we’ll probably come down a little bit and we’ll look to
make all-time highs before to end at a summer a weeks ago is the real deal this
is one of these strongest coins in the market to chart the be honest is
stronger than big coin because when you look at the first six months or I’m
sorry the first three months that thing was on the market that seven only
touched that 77 for about one date a lot of energy inside oh nice ago so if you
just do something like that and bring this thing back over here you know to
just show what a true breakout will look like that’s the path that we’re
following right now and just like I said we’re gonna clear this moment right here
and probably keep going I think you can safely do something like that and
that’ll be our new trajectory this is the real deal you guys this is a good
time by some easy go for the long term if you’re looking for a quick play you
probably don’t want to pay top dollar for it it looks like it’s at the top of
a quick run let it pull back a little bit if you can get anything you can buy
below 15 is a solid pickup right of the low 14 5 is a pickup right so this is a
good coin it’s just getting started there you go BAM again also Bitcoin comm
number one Facebook group in the world jump on the website if you’re just
getting started click the join button come in Facebook group and then also we
got a few packages you know I put together to really streamline your path
to success the crip topless report is one of the most comprehensive lists of
all the new blockchain developments all the top 10 tech startup companies that
are reinventing society from the inside out
and the green team is really just you know coins that were 70 80 90 percent
off that are really going to make some major gains so you don’t need a lot of
dollars to get a lot of percent and by percent I mean profit right and the
dream team that’s what it’s designed to do you know and so much when I when I
built this list you can buy every coin on this list with a $20 bill right so
again use the method be patient and play four percent not four dollars and you
will be just fine right and guys do me a favor I got the chat live on the on the
side screen so do not paste your Bitcoin wallet you will be blocked this is a
classroom not a soup kitchen so don’t think you pasting your Bitcoin while
that people are stupid up enough to donate money to you you’re just stupid
enough to get kicked out to channel so there’s that will do one more chart real
quick ADA ABA and again everybody if you’re
just now joining us I see we got a few people that are new to the group so I’ll
go ahead and clear these boards jump in the facebook group share this post
that’s into the top so that you can win some money after I do a discharge I’m
coming right back into this chart into the Facebook group I’m picking a winner
that shared the top number one comment pinned to the top of the board I’m
picking a winner out that list and we will go ahead and and get this video on
the road not in crypto what’s going on is good seed oh okay yeah I got it I got
you out to a student’s real quick there you go everybody that does join
should be in know and then also you guys I wanted to uh show you a one of our
community members I’m gonna do this during a video actually I wait Nani I’ll
do it during the video that way everything’s together because this will
be like one of the main features or this little segment
oh so some love South Bend Indiana BAM shout out to the Fighting Irish in the
building I don’t know if you know but I put my time in at the golden dome Elza
Mendoza’s finest BOSSOFBITCOIN.COM good all right so let’s go ahead jump on
800 yeah Oh Mesa go is legit you guys solid solid
corner a be a little bit wrong mmm
goodness gracious look at that money mmm alright alright
a doe beautiful break out alright alright so what I’m looking at with this
thing right away is is obviously we had a huge run here right we had a little
bit of a swing here and that’s more of what I’m interested in because if I can
figure out how that swing gave us that run then we can figure out what’s coming
next right and so that’s what I’m gonna try to do so first thing I want to look
at is what intersections can I try to tie into to make sense of this the first
one I’m gonna do is all the way down there basically the start of this whole
run right the next one I’m gonna do it’s that one because what I think happened
is this second one was probably a cycle of that one right so if I did my
Fibonacci from like there to there you can see it was just a small little thing
but it landed like perfectly right there within it it was just a little micro
cycle so instead of looking at that that doesn’t give me enough information I’m
just gonna slide the scale up a little bit
and take that one look at that that gives us a little bit more that’s probably the candle yep it is right so we’ll just stick to the closest
area I know it didn’t intersect it technically but because they came so
close together from so far apart you know we can we can use that as a
concentration of energy and you can see basically we broke down at the three two
are coming together at the two four and this where I would expect us to rebound
from right in addition to that just based off the distance between these
cycles I would expect that to be happening right around there so between
this time right before the end of January we should have enough time to
build up you know to do something like this
sit still right along that line build up a little bit build up a little bit
before we do our next run right it’s just something to be cognizant of ADA
for you know that look the long term is a definite buy this thing this thing is
one of the strongest coins on the market it has a very scientifically focused
conscientious community and I think they’re gonna support this thing for a
long haul it’s just a matter of you know how high can I go how fast right after
we break out here I think we will run into a ceiling right there so you may
look to exit whatever position you have probably by mid-march because then we’ll
probably come up on a cycle where we need to consolidate before we gain
enough steam to do something like this and that would actually give this
Fibonacci time to recover scale out and then it would be like something up here
right so where then we start moving up to these higher scales but obviously as
that time progresses I’ll be able to you know anchor into that and that’s really
all I did here you go break out break down and this will become that next
macro cycle right where we can look at you know 13,000
between March and June most likely somewhere in the middle but that’s just
a natural extension of it right now we’re still very very shy of that but
that’s what the future looked like this is a strong coin you know so even if you
play it by ear we break down right here you know consolidate a little bit come
up one thing I think we should notice is that this one will have a correction at
some point because what’s happening is it’s almost going up too much too quick
it’s really not natural I haven’t seen a coin hold this trajectory that well
right basically you got the 230 or 277 that’s screaming you got the 231 that’s
screaming and you have the 7 that’s flat that’s almost like a bearish divergence
that’s like a hidden bear where you know that’s going up that’s going up and
that’s sitting in the headlights just like a theorem was back in the middle of
June what happens it breaks down right so we could actually look for this to go
down a little bit before we try to get back up to that 1.0 regardless we will
get there it’s just it’s so it’s not a matter of if but when right I don’t
think this is I’m not that confident in this by now that I look at that I think
this may very easily fall down on big points next to run up but that’s where
you want to buy it if you can buy this thing under 45 that’s a pretty good pick
up anything under you know 38 is free money you might even be able to play
some limit by down here at like 38 5 1 of these candles it might just like
swing down something crazy you know like 49:41 38 5 somewhere in there you just
place a little bit of money down there diving that way in case one of those
brick hits it and it pulls you back up you’re already into money so that’s just
something you know to be cognizant of right I think we may see a dip here in
mid-february before we rebound pretty quickly to push all-time highs by the
middle of March right so that’s the energy is definitely good energy this is
a style saw the coin so I hope that helps you
guys you know make a little bit of money and just understand some of the
metaphysics in the theology behind the chart right what kind of what to expect
that’s one of the things I learned from you know Wayne Gretzky’s he said he was
great because he played where the puck was going he didn’t play where the puck
was that he played where the puck was going so now that we know the puck is
right here where is it going what does that path look like what will
have been in between right and this is what I talk about all the time one plus
two equals three and the more we understand one and two the more we
understand three so there you go and then Eng ms9 let’s run through this
real quick the giveaway is in three minutes after this chart all you got to
do is jump in the Facebook group forty-four people have entered it to
share that post right there at the top and then I’m gonna pick a winner from
that list this is Wow is a big coin goodness gracious
where do these coins come from wow what shout out the anybody that bought back
there Wow same thing here it’s up too much too quick it’s got a snap at some
point you have a natural elasticity of about 30% from top to bottom between the
7 and the 77 and the exact same thing between the 77 and a 231 and since this
thing is already off about 60% you know that means like the long money it isn’t
cognizant of this coin which means this is just a quick money run and you can
expect it to fall probably at least right there at some point if we look at
a 77 and so for a chart like this I really have to go to a 77 just to see
where the intersections are and where the support comes in one thing that
worries me about this is it doesn’t have much support me it was like this to
where it ran up so quick and it didn’t have anything fall back on that’s a line
right there and so it’ll probably catch itself right
about there so it probably won’t be a big fall but still is gonna go to go on
sale about 30% keep the trough you know that’s 30 percent off right
there so I would wait if you don’t have this one I would definitely wait for it
you know charts aren’t designed to just go up forever at some point they have to
come back down and that’s where I would look to get in it right around 35 right
if it breaks 30 then you should probably jump out and look to buy it back around
20 right because this is a huge cavity right here so if you break that bottom
support which will be right here and you definitely need to get up out of there
because it’s gonna be a free fall down to that next one so I hope that helped
that you do miss 90 crypto Doge a god 90 crypto is right here one of our
community members 650 subscribers he does a lot of charts and a lot of
introductory technical analysis kind of you know refining I guess you know the
understanding that it takes to really look into the charts you know and this
was she she was somebody just came I honestly just hit me about the blue
schedule meeting I pop into the meetin see this see this young lady with a wood
accent and a little bit a little bit of knowledge it of charts and together like
she’s done very very well she’s a she’s gonna be a rock star and you know I look
forward to working with her and she’s helping me you know even with the cloud
you know I’m gonna hit her up and be like out it is work how can we use it
you know so it’s different techniques that she’s built out on top of the boss
method to make it better in addition to making some videos as well just to uh
you know provide more content because a lot of times I really don’t have the
ability to go back and make a introductory basic Fibonacci retracement
video I just kind of do it in my charts you know and you can probably rewind it
20 times to see how I did it but if you actually want to
know what it looks like to set that up then that’s an amazing video for you
right there on that channel right and so if you’re looking for a link for her
channel I will drop this in the chart the chat right there as well there you
go thank you again diana for everything that you do so here we go let’s go ahead
and you know jump into this video Bam Bam let’s do it live from the USA
helping you get paid every day this is the bum’s a bitcoin the creased o of
crypto is your boy BK and if you don’t like me you must not like money thank
you for joining me everybody as you see it’s January 9th and we did
hit him over the head with it twenty thousand of my best friends have decided
to join the money team it’s a beautiful day in crypto place the sun is shining
the birds are chirping its money to be made 20,000 strong you guys that’s
really amazing I think one of the one of the most impactful things I’ve learned
on this journey is that we all come from all walks of life all aspects all
variances religions cultures you know that that you know different labels that
sub divide us and classify us but at the end of the day we are one we are people
we are humanity and as we you know elevate our value through this black
chain our conception of value through this blockchain you know what it’s
really doing is bringing us all together right because you don’t have a unit
conversion on Bitcoin right I was talking to a guy today he was like yeah
I’ve got you know ten thousand Canadian dollars but that’s like eight thousand
American and I’m like well that’s the problem right there it’s like when a
flag can divide your money can divide me from doing you business
with you that’s the problem right and that’s what we got to look forward to
with this whole Bitcoin game is becoming one you know and it’s a lot a lot of
scared people out there that are you know thinking this might be you know all
types of end of days and you know 666 and whatever whatever people say broke
people broke people just find find a reason the state broke one way or
another they want somebody else to blame it on so I guess they blame it on an
invisible force you know and just make up some BS to go behind it but I tell
you right now if we have this blockchain to fall on and that is by all means a
one-world currency because it doesn’t have a flag it doesn’t have a
bureaucracy it doesn’t have a tax rate of interest rate a day of presidents
base on a piece of paper would appear me it on the back of it it is a one-world
currency but guess what it is of the people for the people by the people and
it delivers value from the top of that pyramid down to the bottom if you don’t
know now you know if you are just now tuning in congratulations baby
you are now rocking with the best my name is BK you know me as the crypto
traitor and I am though most of these charts as you will soon find out every
day i grace this microphone my voice is another day you get the profit as a
result and today is no exception so with that being said 20,000 strong you know
I’m saying I’m debating in my head how much money I want to give away you know
I’m saying but but we’ll figure that out when we get there let’s go ahead and
reload this screen and pick somebody in the community to get paid I might pick
two people I’m gonna pick two people I’m giving away $200 I’m gonna weigh 100
Islands Ichigo just because you know I’m saying then
when we get to 50 50k I’m giving away five honey there you go so we got two
hundred today for twenty thousand two people each er one and a hundred dollars
out of my pocket no I’m saying just cuz just cuz you know without you there is
no me without me there is no us without us how long I don’t know what we here
for so that’s a token of my gratitude you know to everybody that come on these
channels every every person I hit that play button every person
you know hit that subscribe button every person that’s shared you know this
message of unity that’s a token of my appreciation pay it forward right pay it
forward instead of looking back we got so many people so many scared sheep out
there walking forwards but looking back don’t even know what’s in front of them
they’re literally walking across the edge of a cliff if you think the stock
market is those save your life if you think a 401k trading a 401k for 88% a
year you know when it’s 12% inflation you
know if you think that’s in a thirty five percent corporate tax rate if you
think that’s they’ll save your life if you think the dollar is go make you rich
but then stuck like Chuck wondering why you ain’t rich already what did I invite
you to come on over to the money team let’s see who be the doors are always
open let’s see let’s see let’s see what’s
today’s date January 10th January 9 so that’s 10 I’m gonna do 10 and 12 so we
go to number 10 and number 12 from the bottom let’s see what that is here we go
one two three four five six seven eight nine BAM big five beyond what’s up BAM
domi what’s up I feel good man thank you guys going to me you know like
I said it’s just a token of my appreciation my small gesture in the
universe to pay it forward and extend my energy through this currency so that
more energy can be manifested on the other side right I remember hearing a
talk when I was a freshman at the University of Wisconsin troice Vincent I
think was his name Buffalo Bills strong saftey for like 12 years
Wisconsin player as well I came in and talked to us and he was like you know I
have made millions of dollars in the night
I mean gable laid millions of dollars but it’s like well that’s how you
probably keep it coming in right a lot of people out there scared to number one
scared to have money and number two scared to give money away cuz I think
it’s never gonna come back you cannot be scared of an energy you cannot you know
psychologically block off and energy money is an energy it’s a current see
right it flows its effervescent when you receive that green piece of paper with
some dead man’s face on it that is actually a token of the value of the
energy that you have manifested right it’s a tokenized icon of your own energy
whatever you apply your energy to that’s what you receive right and so you extend
that token out you you literally multiply your energy into the universe
right and that’s why don’t not a lot of happiness come from people that hoard
money because they never give it back energy don’t work like that it always
has to flow it always has to go somewhere it always comes back around
right and that’s what I’m telling you guys with these charts that’s what I
show you guys with the charts and that’s what I’m telling you with this money
once it comes it will flow but you have to open yourself up to it you have to
receive it and when you do receive it you have to empower others with it
otherwise there’s no point in having it man you gotta enjoy it
Young’s an if you just say ten million dollars I remember hearing hearing a
story about a teacher is that is the message they do
to these kids nowadays they said it was a teacher in New York and I 1962 she
spent $100 and bought GE stock and she retired a millionaire but she was broke
living in a one-bedroom house didn’t know nobody didn’t nobody knew she had
no money cuz she never spent it she didn’t enjoy it she didn’t use it it was
no point in having it and then she let it get heated up by inflation so you
know what could have been a million dollars turned into you know a couple
hundred thousand not that now about thirty five percent tax rate she was
bare her kids but and then the death tax rate you know inheritance you know they
probably chopped that thing up 12 times before anybody saw any real value from
it so my point to you guys is once you receive it you know then you go out and
you joy it you manifest it it’s like you harvest them right and all it is is
energy right so I extend my energy out to you I appreciate you doing the same
to me as well it’s been a beautiful journey and I am excited for 2018
because we got a lot of building to do right this is what we’re doing you guys
I’m working behind the scenes I’m meeting with a lot of people to build
out the infrastructure you see the website look a little bit better right
now you know that the graphics the video the video play look a little bit better
right now you know we got it we got a couple more tools and resources that are
available as we’ll this is one of them I just put this thing up two days ago what
I’m doing this is more or less my platform that will allow me to build out
different devices and tools and products for you guys that I may not have been
attuned to or akin to before right I reach out a lot in our community and
people say you know can you do this can you do this can you do this and and a
lot of times that really does know how to time and I don’t have the vehicle to
accept all that now at that company that input you know to build this stuff out
so I put the other patreon page oh and by the way by the way you know I have
intentionally D monetized my channel on YouTube so I own my own
voice at this point YouTube does not pay me one penny
I don’t even if I count up all the pennies I got from YouTube versus all of you
I’m sure it was pennies on the dollar they were paying me anyway but you know
when you go down when I go down my video manager I am proud to say that every
single video at least the last 10-15 videos have been be monetized right and
so while behind the scenes I am spending excess of tens of thousands of dollars
to build out this infrastructure that you know ultimately is gonna empower the
people coming in from YouTube right so one of the things I wanted to do was
build together these other platforms and that’s what we’re gonna talk about today
with patreon and steam it you know to try and you know increase this revenue
while increasing this value right because I don’t necessarily agree with
the path that YouTube has decided to take now understand hold-hold well what
they’re doing they got a lot of corporate advertisers CBS NBC CNBC you
know all these corporate advertisers they make about 3 4 5 billion dollars a
year and 20-second ads on their little click-through rates and these corporate
advertisers want their money they want to see the return on their money so they
don’t like people like me that are not paid by the money behind the advertisers
they don’t like people like me getting the platform right so as of late before
I before I turned off that little green box my views went from about five six
seven eight thousand views down to you know two to three thousand views right
and so after I click that box off it went down a little bit now it’s coming
back up now it’s down back up now we okay now we couldn’t with some get I am
six thousand I’m saying both thousand five thousand so this is what I’m doing
you guys so it’s not coming from YouTube so what I’m when I’m extending to you is
the opportunity to literally get involved at the ground floor
so we will go through this thing together first which people just want to
be you know I’m saying won’t to basta to show them some love so if you want that
BAM ten bucks there go out every month I’m gonna have a video just like this no
joke where I’m giving my cash money to the people and we kind of go through all
of this stuff together and that’s where the shoutouts will happen at on the
community appreciation video also you should note that for the first 100
patreon I will give away one dollars in a theorem right and every
month we’re doing a community community appreciation video so since mom I’m
turning around I’m giving away the money you see how I work I bring in some I
build some stuff and I send some back out Young’s in I don’t need to be a bank
I don’t want to be a banker right money ain’t no good if it don’t go to no good
right well that’s my goal that’s my plan right so a link to patreon right there
patreon.com slash B Kate crypto Trader there it goes
you don’t saying some somebody has for that in chat and the next thing we have
I put this out to our community a few times in a Facebook group is a monthly
top ten just what 10 coins do you want to see right and so what we’ll do is
I’ll actually have a metric a mechanism to where you can vote everybody that
purchases this package gets a vote and then the top 10 coins that you guys vote
for I will do a monthly forecast on that coin just like we do ten twenty minutes
before each video but I will focus in drill down on that chart on that coin
and that will be updated and released you know every month as we go along the
first day that I’m releasing it will be February 2nd the first Friday at a month
i’ma roll these new charts out right and so it has $25 and a lot of people asked
about this a lot of people you know are more involved in the markets right they
really you know want it to be more active and speaking and you know and and
even just being able to talk to me a lot of times take months and weeks at a time
so one of the things I wanted to do is put together a town hall right to where
we have a biweekly conference that’s focused on the global market trends
what’s happening now how you can profit advanced method and charting right
forecast expectations everybody always ask me about the Fibonacci this will be
covered in detail during these town halls harmonic scale and specific boss
method utilization more or less behind the scenes how does this thing work and
and what should you be looking for in the charts it’s a lot of information
that I specifically withhold from the channel number one because you know a
lot of people wouldn’t even believe it if they heard it in number two it’s more
advanced this is you know I try to keep it high level for the intro videos
so any day anybody can see the videos make some money but you know if you’re
already making money and you’re looking to get more involved and you want to sit
in on you know a conversation with me and Reggie Middleton or you want to
actually hear one on one from one of these industry leaders I’m going to
reach out individually to where one call a month it will be you know a host of
one of the top crypto influencers right and and this is what we’re doing right
so these are the platforms and the process is I’m putting you know out
there rebuild in a twenty to twenty 18 – you know extend our reach extend our
knowledge extend our content while increasing our value right and then last
thing a lot of people ask for this one box message method alert service make
money while you sleep I’m building out a notification service for the top 20
coins to where when we have a breakout on a 343 or 77 depending on what the
chart looks like you will get notified to where every day you’ll get a
notification of what’s happening in the market
what coins are moving and if you’re interested where you should put your
money right I will have a private video on this weekly as well to where I’m
putting probably about a thousand dollars aside into a separate bit rates
account and it will run on this alert service so you can see how it grows
right so I’m gonna start with $1,000 and it will run on this alert service to
where 7 a.m. you wake up you get an email says pivots broke down
litecoin broke out BAM buy it sell it move that money over here right and
because this is a beta group I’m actually limiting it to the first 50
people right but while we’re you know going through this I’m actually building
another more advanced software platform that you will be invited to as well so
first 50 people to sign up for this not will you get the immediate gratification
of having the alert service daily updates emailed or text message to you
you will also be an exclusive subset group that I’m using to build out the
real deal right the real deal Holyfield alright
right now we just got you know we just we just putting it together but you know
please believe that there is a lot of ingenuity brewing and innovation I got
people a engineers software engineers emailing me every week asking if they
can contribute to this project one guy I feel I feel bad for amis been trying to
meet with me I’m just intimate you know today Friday so please believe these are
these are self selected individuals and once I meet what I’m tough going to see
that the energy is right that we bring everything together and we start
building and so that’s something to look forward to again patreon I’m new to this
platform so if it’s not all the way put together I do apologize I just just hit
me up let me know BK you didn’t do this and I’ll change it I’ll change it you
know so you know one of the biggest things guys this is a family it is a
community that’s why I have this because wish for 2018 right there on the top you
know from the bottom of our hearts we wish you to the chocolate charts right
that’s there’ll be a message for 2018 abundance you know and prosperity you
know in this in this community right and then in addition to that I got a new
Steam account BK crypto trader on Steam it right there BAM link is broken oh man
hold on let me do this real quick see that’s why I’m saying I’m new to this I
don’t know what’s going on Oh sis settings let’s see if this works let me
just pull this off I’ll figure a patreon up real quick and will will I’ll get the
link out because a few people are asking about that in the chat so I want to make
sure that this is uh taken care of for you guys it should be patreon.com slash
BK crypto trader does that not work that should work
let’s see it works okay good oh yeah this let me
know if that doesn’t work then we’ll figure something out and then I also
steam it you know I had a channel on here before lost the private keys so now
I got to start from scratch somebody said just type in BK crypto
trader on patreon and you will see the page and so also I’m gonna be posting on
Steam in as well so if you’re active on Steam and I would appreciate you know a
repost to retweet of Reese team-up boat whatever we need to do to keep this
money flowing and to keep the profits going I appreciate that so every now and
then I will do you know maybe one day a week I’ll have an exclusive release on
that platform so as I build out that calendar I’ll communicate it on every
channel that way everybody knows that way if you want steam it you know you
know you come back on Thursday and you got a new video that’s just for steaming
right if you’re on patreon you’re coming in
there you know we have our thing set up already
if you’re on Facebook I’m in there every day Twitter will probably do Twitter
Tuesdays you know I’m saying and I jump on Twitter and I put out a few charts a
few tweets for the market and so that’s really what we’re doing guys I I’m
looking at you know the first and let me let me let me bring bring his face time
I help first uh the first couple months really the first six months were on
content it was on what do I say how did the graphic look how do youtube work how
do we SEO it how do I get 5,000 subscribers how do I get 10,000
subscribers you know but now it’s like okay well we have a network well now
let’s build it out now that you know later railroad lines now let’s build
some houses now let’s rip the ground out and lay some pipes in to do plumbing
right now we’re building the infrastructure to accommodate you know
instead of 20,000 subscribers I want to accommodate 20,000 members a day on one
platform right because there will be a day not too soon from now where I do not
stream this content on on YouTube right this will ultimately be brought in house
on my website and probably broken up into pieces and
strained in pieces on the different platforms but again I do not appreciate
what YouTube is doing to content creators so therefore I will not be you
know promoting that machine so to speak right my money my channel is D monetized
and you know probably around March I’m just gonna play probably the first five
or ten minutes of a video and then bring you to my website if you don’t want to
come to my website and cool you watch the first 10 minutes right but other
than that we don’t have an app we go have a alert service software you know
and then and then we working on something crazy of West Coast rate you
know get his paperwork together you know we could look at making a making a stuff
tokenized and really taking it to a new level so again that’s uh that’s what I
hope to do Jeffrey said how do you sign up steam it calm you know this is a link
right there and then patreon is is literally just patreon.com slash BK
crypto traitor right your ear view may look a little bit different since this
is my page is showing me like all these edit buttons right but that’s it right
there oh goodness Wow okay all right
Israel Israel but that’s all work guys are so cool that’s so cool you know
that’s so cool well thank you whoever did that so
there’s like you know but that’s that’s what is gonna take and like all it is
money you know I’m turning around and I’m paying engineers I’m paying coders
I’m paying designers and we’re building right we’re building to where I don’t
have to come on here with a choppy video screen you know and and try to jump
through some charts Young’s in and fight Sophia about on YouTube side to get
distribution right trust me it’s it’s a lot more coming and and from the bottom
of my heart I do appreciate you know your support your positivity it’s a lot
of people out there that’s always say wholeness you know so thank you for that
and I look forward to doing this thing
together right ah but she Thank You Man thank you sir and yeah so if you in a
chat right now just do me a favor and shout your country out let’s get our
global check-in and real quick and you know twenty thousand men it’s been an
amazing ride an amazing journey the best is yet to come
number one Bitcoin group in the world steamin account is live patreon account
is live and then we got the boss a Bitcoin website this is kind of a
backbone you notice that’s that’s running the engine right now we already
talked about crip topless report ten coins that still change the future
you know we rebuild the civilization from the inside out every day we wake up
right somebody is out there coding you know something to unify the people and I
think that’s pretty amazing the dream team is gearing up for round two of
profit right it’s just getting started man it’s a lot of money out there and
and one on one meeting that these are booked up through March so you don’t
have to worry about that right now so yeah man thank you again everybody if
you if you are one of those people on a one that money hit me up send me a
wallet so I can uh send you that money that would be that’d be pretty cool
that’d be pretty cool and let’s go ahead to our chat I’m gonna I’m gonna see how
I can do this because this is actually screencasting over here so let’s see
here hold up hold up I’m doing this live I should have did this already oh can we
do it we do this we bring it back let’s try it it’s coming it’s coming there we go there we go look at that
look at that huh here we go good Martin England what’s going on
Netherlands going on what’s up thank you for the support everybody Thank You
Geoffrey the link I’ll have the links and the
number one comment on this video I’ll pin it to the top so all the links will
be right there I know I saw the Netherlands miss nonny Krypto holding it
down for New Zealand in the building Big Sean
Big Sean been there since like 5000 subscribers man in Stamford Connecticut
what up Slovenia England Hartford Puerto Rico
Belgium jerk money Slovenia Fort Worth UK what’s up across the pond Pakistan I
say not before it’s good to have you in why see Canada is in the building
um Colorado Springs telephone ia Ireland Switzerland let’s see let’s see let’s
see Spain BAM um crypto captain come on we
already talked about we already talked about this we are too talked about this
I’ll actually put my wallets on the patreon page so if you want to uh if you
want to pay with crypto on patreon then I’ll put my wallet and my email on there
and just we’ll do it we’ll do a one-off on that California Bulgaria and a
motherland in Brazil Austria Europe what’s up and survived said Armenia from
LN they still boss walking on the west
coast that being said guys it’s that time of the day signing out Vista bus
boy BK no matter where you stay from Brazil to the bay California all the way
back out boom jerk money good night good morning a good day thank you for joining
me thank you for your time invite one person to our community copy
and paste this URL text it to somebody you care about so they can change their
life but it better in 2018 right each one reach one reach one teach
do that for me if you appreciate mine so we need against that cryptic y’all


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