$11,800 Target! | MASSIVE Falling Wedge In Bitcoin | Proof Of Keys | Hashrate Up


21 thoughts on “$11,800 Target! | MASSIVE Falling Wedge In Bitcoin | Proof Of Keys | Hashrate Up”

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    0:48 Bitcoin Technical Analysis
    6:50 Ethereum
    9:07 Mining Difficulty
    11:11 Proof Of Keys

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  • Giuseppe Campo says:

    So much hope, we have a big ABC we have to visit 1300 dollars before the next bullrun to have a C equal to 0.618 of the A wave. I don't believe in your analysis

  • Another excellent video Carl. Hey guys and gals hit the likes. And recommend me as Carl's marketing consultant. Hallam in always sunny Barbados.

  • Learning Now says:

    Apparently we are in the beginning of the wave 4! Possibly we will have another downward trend up to $2500 or $2000 in the wave 5!

  • Personally, I think that this is the start of the turnaround. We have to notice two patterns, one for short term (inverted H&S) one for long term (the wedge you bentioned PLUS the fact that some cryptos like Ethereum, Litecoin and even Bitcoin Cash ABC have grown significantly their volumes while Bitcoin has not. It may be a catalyst to bring and renew interest in the crypto world. Also, let's not forget that important stocks like Apple have announced that they have disappointing results for Q4 2018 and Q1 2019 and missed expectations. This is gonna bring the stock market down again and most probably confirm the bear market. Gold has jumped from I think 1200 to 1280 in a few days. So, investors may be looking for the exit and another safe haven to pile the money. Commodities and cryptos may become the new alternative… We shall see… Happy New Year, Carl!!

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