$10 Million Bitcoin End Game - Review & Breakdown

$10 Million Bitcoin End Game – Review & Breakdown

hello everyone welcome back to another episode of crypto vizor where we talk about everything cryptocurrency blockchain investing price and other news in the cryptocurrency space thanks for coming back for another video first off if you haven't done so already and you're here on YouTube hit subscribe down below that way you could be notified every time I upload a new video which is essentially every single day thanks for watching thanks for subscribing I also have a Twitter and a patreon links are in the description let's get into it today we are gonna be talking about Bitcoin so really it stems from this documentary that I saw last night that youtuber token vision created just like a week ago it was called ten million dollar Bitcoin end game first of all excellent job – token vision for putting this together I would definitely recommend taking a look at this video we're gonna kind of break down some of the things that they went over in the video to see if this is actually possible a ten million dollar Bitcoin like I said this movie is great for anybody who has no understanding of what bitcoin is how this can change the world why this is becoming a global phenomenon really well put together I get a little bit cautious on some YouTube made videos but like I said really really put together very well and essentially they go through what bitcoin is how it was created and then they talk about the bankers talking about Bitcoin traditional finance talking about Bitcoin and then also the tech people talking about Bitcoin it's very in-depth I hope that they make more videos because there's so many more levels that they can go to on it but ten million dollar Bitcoin end game so first of all there is one piece of the the video that I want to show you because this is really thought-provoking and it makes so much sense and this is kind of like where we are at in the cryptocurrency timeframe now if anybody knows where this next excerpt is from like I don't know who this lady is or where this was she was having this like TED talk type of speech but what she says is so thought-provoking and it's gonna kind of walk us through the the next phases of could this potentially be so let's take a quick look at this specific part that I thought was buggy in the early days that the earliest Dada Mobile's people who were buying some of the early cars were being asked why do you need the car the horse and buggy work just fine and those early cars were really slow but people who wanted to have cars needed infrastructure like roads and services like gas stations in order for cars to truly take off the same thing happened and we know how that ended and the same thing happened with the internet in 1995 you used to see this old school computer imagine or in 1994-1995 imagine if on that day I would have told you hey fast forward you're gonna have a small device in your pocket you'll be able to download a two-hour movie watch it on demand shop for groceries interact for free with all of your friends and family call them for free on skype find an apartment anywhere in the world someone a ride on demand you would have told me I was crazy rightfully so because you would have pointed out my modem can't stay connected long enough to get out a single email the same is true of crypto we are in the dial-up days and the critics out there confuse the current state of innovation with the end state of the innovation and I think that's one of their biggest mistakes why would they assume the innovation would all stop right now I mean complaining about crypto today one journalist said and complaining about how slow and how it works today is like complaining in 1994 that the internet didn't it all right it's going to a commercial so what I like let's break down so far what she said so I mean why I guess we're gonna go right back to him hopefully so let's talk about the big figure right so that was the piece of that so I thought there was a little bit more but I clearly not so yeah guys like we are in the very early stage of crypto development and like what you heard what she said when people wanted to use cars they had to build the infrastructure they had to build the the roads they had to create rules right and that is the phase that we're in right now think about what has happened over the last 18 months since the 2017 bull run there has been immense infrastructure being built from around the world right in the US in other countries large corporations getting involved large manufacturers getting involved supply chains are getting involved other tech people are getting involved like we are in like the last year and a half has been about that infrastructure build and now that the infrastructure is there it's time to take off one of the other pieces in this documentary that and again like I said I would totally recommend going to it there's so many excerpts of videos from all over over the last like five or ten years that they kind of mishmash together one of them is this is a slide from a fun strat presentation that what's-his-name Tom Lee gave and basically I mean it's I'm gonna oversimplify it down but it was like maybe a 10 or 15-minute piece but essentially fun strat did a lot of research on the different generational things that have occurred so for instance this was from 1963 to 1999 this is the Silent Generation I don't know why they call it that I've never really heard that before but that's what they call it right so we Millennials Baby Boomers Silent Generation this was the prime income years for the prime generation towards the uptrend this is where gold was starting to become a like was starting to go up on the upside and people were buying it as investment vehicles the next big jump was the stock market and this is where baby boomers got into the stock market Gen X I don't really remember exactly what they talked about with Gen X but now we're talking about the Millennials are hitting that peak age where they're moving toward from you know working kind of getting their lives together towards the investment stage and this kind of shows that the the type of investments follow the same trends from each generation and what they're saying is we're approaching the time where it's about to be peak for the Millennial Generation and you know like we know and they also talked about in this video how like if you want to invest right it's overly complicated currently so you have to have you know people have to have you know 40 different type of investments and it's almost a full-time job just to kind of stay on top of what your investments are again there's so many levels to this on the investment space but really what they were talking about fun strat was how they get to that 10 million dollar possible valuation in the future and it's really because of this exponential growth that is going to start happening and they are relating it sorry relating it to the stock market boom back when the baby boomers started to kind of go that route in investing so a really interesting video but is this possible so Bitcoin having will trigger a supply shock warns venture capitalists so I've done videos on like coin having which is coming up in 2019 mid 2019 and the Bitcoin having is happening next year but because bitcoin is the number one cryptocurrency in the world there is a lot more time that it takes to kind of run up to this event where with like coin just a few months before the price kind of was really driven up so a Bitcoin havening is a fixed event that will occur every two hundred and ten thousand blocks are mined or confirmed by the system still mark capital analyst Elise Killeen thinks there will be even greater demand for Bitcoin the largest crypto Bitcoin seems to be having seems to have something to worry about this week it was literally swept off by its biggest rival like coin Matti Greenspan said if like coin is indeed the leader let's look out for Bitcoin breakout this week even though we cannot say that Bitcoin performed badly fourth biggest crypto has risen more than three hundred percent this year and is up a staggering forty three percent over the last month it is presumed that investors are looking forward sorry towards a caught in its supply scheduled for August known as havening or having Bitcoin was pretty much flat over the last month but yesterday it went up surging the truth is that the Bitcoin price has more than doubled this year and the u.s. venture capitalists are praising its progression nevertheless they are warning that the market is headed for a supply shock thanks to next year's closely watch Bitcoin havening event Elise Killeen managing partner of Steel mark capital says that what is actually happening is an anticipation of an upcoming supply shock in 2020 she said in 2020 we'll have just half the daily supply of Bitcoin that we do now while we're looking ahead to the supply shock and havening event we're also seeing greater demand for Bitcoin and new on-ramps for more familiar and conventional sources there's the anticipation that there will be broader group of users and consumers who have an appetite for Bitcoin so kind of like the perfect storm is brewing right more people are jumping on board a lot more institutions are trusting this kind of technology specifically Bitcoin and we're going to have a much more limited supply of new coins being mined which means that miners will be making less in terms of Bitcoin now that's where essentially the value would if everything worked right go up so yeah we have to be aware though that Bitcoin and crypto markets do not respond to any of the things that usual traditional currencies stocks or shares or commodities Greenspan said as we're dealing with an emerging asset class crypto evaluation metrics are still largely being developed stocks bonds currencies and commodities all have decades if not centuries of price discovery so analysts more or less know what to expect he also explained that the crypto market has only begun to mature in last two years and that what does work well for crypto analysts are simple technical analysis tools like support and resistance points especially psychological barriers as well as sentiment trend and above all momentum indicators so this Bitcoin having event essentially is going to release half of what the current output is for mining crypto keep in mind also that is going to limit the supply which is what we talk about fairly regularly the supply and demand metric is super important to keep in mind and we're gonna get into that in just a second so you can see how we are going to make it to that 10 million dollar valuation so I want to show you two articles about Bitcoin that are lost forever and this is what we talked about too because we know that there's only gonna ever be 21 million bitcoins mined ever in our forever that's ingrained in the code currently there's seventeen million seven hundred sixty-two thousand three hundred Bitcoin that are in circulation meaning that have already been mined and are accessible right in theory but that doesn't take into account all the Bitcoin that are lost or stolen or forever gone from those numbers so how and this is keep in mind this specific article that I'm showing you was from November 25th before the bull run or during the bull run of 2017 so how many bitcoins are gone forever out of circulation likely to be lost 30 to 50 percent right that's two point five six million coins completely out of circulation coins like this could be like very very rich people coins that have been completely lost I think that they make this determination based on how long the wallet has been inactive original coins 100% are likely to be lost 1.04 million that is most likely Satoshi's wallet because we do know that Satoshi has at least 1 million coins in a wallet that only he controls or she whoever it is and most likely it will never be touched buying and selling losses strategic investment and coins mined in 2017 so they're estimating around 3 to 4 million coins lost right according to new research and again this is from 2017 from chain alysus and we're gonna get into more recent numbers a digital forensics firm that studies the Bitcoin blockchain 3.7 9 million bitcoins are already gone for good based on a high estimate and 2.7 8 million based on a low one those numbers imply 17 to 23 percent of existing bitcoins which today which was two years ago were worth whatever are lost while others have speculated about the number of lost Bitcoin the chain alice's findings are significant because they rely on a detailed empirical analysis of the blockchain we're all Bitcoin transactions are recorded as the graphic above shows chain Alice's conclusion rely on segmenting the existing Bitcoin supply based on the age and transaction activity for some segments the company used statistical sampling to determine the amount lost the segment mined coins reflects bitcoins mined in 2017 which are presumably not to be lost while transactional refers to those that have moved or spent in the last year very few of which are lost likely the category of strategic investors who have held their bitcoins for one to two years represent a very small share of losses here's the data in another format which shows out of circulation bitcoins those mined two to seven years ago and belonging to longtime investors known as holders and those from the early days of Bitcoin in 2009 and 2010 account for the vast majority of the lost coins so as you guys see the holders have 5 point 1 million mined right that they have just holding and that's guessing and these are holders so that means that these wallets haven't been touched for two to seven years it doesn't mean that they're lost but we can presume that they are why because if somebody was in from 2011 2010 to 2011 right when Bitcoin was under $1 you would expect or assume I should say that when Bitcoin did hit ten thousand or twenty thousand dollars that they would at least remove some of those coins and cash it out maybe not all of them so keep in mind right they're guessing these out of circulation which is 5.1 million as of mid 2017 right so it's probably even more now only half of those have been touched so they're guessing two and a half million are completely lost forever right and then the original coins the Satoshi coins that we talked about and then some transactional ones that are lost right so it's about four million these figures reflect bitcoins that are truly lost and not hacked or otherwise stolen in these cases of course the Bitcoin is not lost since this the thief has control of them note the numbers above are based on a high estimate and the low estimate which is based on only a 30% loss and holder coins put the number of lost Bitcoin the 2.7 million now keep in mind this is from two years ago let's go into today and see what their thoughts are today fifty percent of Bitcoin supply hasn't moved in a year twenty percent may be lost forever research firm Delphi Digital is using data from bitcoins unspent transaction output or UX Oh to attempt to determine the pivot point when sellers begin to fade an accumulation begins which might indicate if and when Bitcoin bottom is in each time a portion of Bitcoin is spent a new you XTO is created which denotes when the Bitcoin has been moved this helps Delphi digital and other analysts determine just how much a Bitcoin supply is patiently being held by investors if you TX o is call cumulative age drops it means that a transaction activity has picked up and vice-versa the one year plus you xt o first began to decline midway through 2017 bull run indicating that longer term holders had begun taking profits and selling off their Bitcoin the amount of Bitcoin in circulation has been moved within a year first dropped below 50% closer to December 27 peak and from there began to decline rapidly as the bear market picked up steam and that's what we've just talked about right as the price goes up you're gonna see more of these longer-term people starting to withdraw maybe not all of their coins but at least some of them so if they mind let's say 10,000 coins back in 2011 maybe they'll take out 50 when it hits $10,000 or $20,000 right ever and the idea also is that if these coins haven't been touched for like seven years the idea is that most likely the person who owned those coins no longer has access to those wallets so keep in mind right if you were involved in crypto back in 2010 2011 2012 and you let's say we're mining or you just bought some and then you forgot about it and you're like this is not gonna be anything it's not it's not going up and then you lose your private key you lose your wallet address you lose whatever you don't have access to those coins and those coins are considered lost forever because you'll never be able to reclaim them so this is the idea of the more Bitcoin that are lost it the support the actual supply is much less than this 17 million which we haven't necessarily realized yet because we are still in the early stages of crypto and Bitcoin but when more people and more of this influx of new people coming into the space what we're seeing is and again you see this 50% of Bitcoin supply hasn't moved in a year meaning 50% of the coins have not been touched in over a year and as more of these institutions accumulate more and more crypto they're not gonna be touching them for years and years because they're looking at these as long-term investment vehicles so that is how we start moving towards that 10 million dollar valuation from where we are at ten thousand right now keep in mind to get to ten million we have to go 100 times 1,000 times 10,000 increase basically from where we're at right if I'm right 100,000 10,000 which you may say that's not even possible but when we look at what's happening in the world of Finance right and they talk about this in the 10 million dollar end game as well they talk about the debt they talk about the unsustainability of the debt and they also talk about inflation and what hyperinflation is around the world let's not forget what's happening in Venezuela hyperinflation leads to new banknotes for second time in a year banknotes of 10,000 20,000 and 50,000 boulevard denominations will begin circulating on Thursday the central bank said this was just from a few days before I filmed this video Venezuela is releasing new banknotes for the second time in less than a year the central bank said on Wednesday after hyperinflation eroded the effects of an August 2018 monetary overhaul meant to improve the availability of cash venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro last year cut five zeros off the currency and prices the move was supposed to ease shortages of cash but pushed most of the economy toward debit and credit card operations and put heavy strain on digital commerce platforms keep in mind what's happening right now is the the Bulevar which is their native currency is so devalued that they literally kids are playing with it they use it as art it's essentially what the penny is to Americans but I would say even less like imagine your penny was worth you know hundredths of what it actually is worth so the largest of those banknotes equivalent to eight US dollars is more than minimum wage of 40,000 bolívar's a month following the 2018 overhaul the highest denomination of notes were 500 Bulevar which would not be enough to buy a piece of candy inflation in May reached eight hundred and fifteen thousand percent after peaking earlier this year above 1.7 million percent according to opposition run Congress so there's a lot of different like reasons behind this hyperinflation and what hyperinflation is and you know I do talk to a lot of people about this and they say oh no that's never gonna happen that's never gonna happen okay we are headed in that same direction in the video a 10 million dollar end game they also talk about debt and they talk about how worldwide the debt is I think they said 80 trillion dollars maybe a hundred twenty trillion but it's in between there and they think that that number is super suppressed because governments around the world continue to do what Maduro is doing printing more money keep in mind the US this is according to US Debt Clock org dollar supply added in twenty seven twenty nineteen this is year-over-year increase so last twelve months the United States government printed over half a trillion five hundred and thirty three billion dollars worth of new money this is not replacing old money this is just literally printing new money and putting it back into the economy what that does is it increases the supply which also devalues the currency and this is where a government like the US and this kind of all put it in perspective for me at least when I saw that these graphs and I heard Tom Lee talking about fun strats analysis of all of this and I never thought about it in that way that we are essentially in one of these trends so gold right people don't carry around gold anymore when they went off the gold standard then it was the stock market then it was the housing market and now we are going into a new investment realm where people are seeing that they cannot make money or their retirement in in the stocks right and what I also thought was very interesting in this video is they mish-mosh some interviews of people together and who were basically talking about in ten years from today or 20 years from today what do you think that you're gonna be using to pay for things do you think you're gonna be using Bitcoin or do you think you're gonna be using cash the way the world is moving we are not gonna be using cash we're gonna be using digital virtual currencies that is I mean anybody who says different clearly like they're not seeing what's happening in the world just think about over the last 10 years how your life has changed from not having having to like make a phone call from your house or a payphone to having literally the world's information in the palm of your hand 24 hours a day seven days a week 365 days a year so this is where we move towards that endgame of ten million dollars now I wanted to kind of move into this so that you guys can kind of see if I can find the particular part yep I highlighted it so good so this is from Forbes from last year 2018 the biggest fear for any investor is the loss of real savings due to hyperinflation some people argue that the inflation rate in the US is about to accelerate wreaking this is last year by the way guys wreaking havoc on the economy and standard of living the good news is that there's a massive difference between a moderate rise in inflation and hyperinflation to go from one to the other using Venezuela as an example requires a mix of government mismanagement and corruption which we know is happening and an undefined ashen alized economy I would say that that is definitely happening a reliance on imports for living is essentials that is 100% happening and if you say no where is most of your stuff made from it's made from China right I mean for real most of the stuff is not made in the US no independent central bank well that we do have and some sort of exotic shock now listen I firmly believe just based on these this table right here on the US debt that the u.s. is headed towards a very scary position and what's happening right now with some of the issues that the u.s. is having with other countries in the world is also going to drive that because they're having major issues currently with major importers for the US so that kind of goes into that what we just said right mismanagement and corruption that is 100% happening undiversified nationalized economy that is definitely happening it's really the big large corporations and rich people that are have diversified portfolios the rest of America has less we hear this all the time on the news and the fact that this is not like top of mind for people is mind-blowing to me that we don't talk about that most people if they got into a car accident needed two thousand dollars to pay for a surgery they wouldn't have that money there's no rainy day fund and that's really scary to think about because when this debt issue Peaks which III think that we are well we are well on our way there we're gonna see businesses closing down we're gonna be see people losing their jobs which is already happening and then what happens then where do we go from there people are not gonna be able to afford food people are not gonna be able to afford clothes people are not gonna be able to afford their rent and the thing with this $10 ten million dollar end game documentary is they follow every angle very well they talk about the housing issues they talk about the economy's issues they talk about 2008-2009 they talk about Occupy Wall Street they talk about the housing issue in America where rich people are putting their money into properties to store their value what why are they buying more and more properties to store their value instead of storing it in banks or in stock market guys rich people know what's going on and they're very very well versed in what's happening in the world's economy and you have to pay attention to what they are doing personally I feel that bitcoin is it is possible that bitcoin will hit ten million dollars probably within the next decade or two but the price is definitely going to go up like I said great job – token vision for invoking a different thought into this ten million dollar Bitcoin endgame and really into the whole ecosystem because when people hear ten million dollar Bitcoin they're like and that's never impossible it's not even possible and the way that this video kind of laid it out where the possibilities are endless and we have to step outside of our constrained thought process to really understand it keep in mind just based on like this video that I showed you you know the horse and buggy people said why do you need cars we have a horse and buggy it works perfectly fine when people have computers and we were releasing the Internet what do you need the internet for we have books and we have libraries and we have you know teachers well guys times change and we are in one of those changes currently I am super excited about cryptocurrency Bitcoin investing and this new space that we are in once again great jobs a token vision go over to their channel and watch this documentary fascinating great job thanks for watching thanks for subscribing I also have a Twitter and a Facebook links are in the description have a great day


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    Great video bro I need to look into this $10 million bitcoin and I’m deafly going to do that today but people do not realize what is coming!! My wife and I have a small repossession company so back in 2008 we saw what went down we saw the people losing their homes their children their cars everything I myself lost a bunch of accounts because I did not take the cars and trucks I didn’t have the heart to when people don’t have a house and they have children and that car is the only thing they had left I wasn’t going to take it and matter-of-fact I warned them to get the hell out of Dodge but bro it’s coming is definitely coming!! And I hope someone sees this message in and help you and you help spread the word just get prepared that’s all just get prepared and instead of losing because of it start winning!!

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