🛑Bitcoin BIG Move Coming! 🛑Bullish/Bearish? Libra Cancelled?! (Cryptocurrency News + BTC Trading)

🛑Bitcoin BIG Move Coming! 🛑Bullish/Bearish? Libra Cancelled?! (Cryptocurrency News + BTC Trading)

what’s going on guys Patrick here
bringing you a brand new video today we got another kill video for you guys full
of information today we’re we talking about a big move coming in for Bitcoin
we’re also be talking about Facebook’s Libre coin as well as tons of other news
that went on in the cryptocurrency space but before we get started with that
today we have a sponsor for the video this is all thanks to you guys for
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with you now let’s jump into some technical analysis I’m gonna move my
head over to the bottom side so you guys can see the prices
we’ll be right back alright guys we are back and there’s some stuff that I want
to cover first of all on the for hourly chart if we look at the 200 EMA that we
have had open for some time you guys will remember that I talked about during
this time a move for Bitcoin to come back up to test this range before
continuing back to our before seeing a little bit of vs. is now that tied in
perfectly with the $10,000 obviously the huge five figures psychological
resistance and support no matter what direction we’re going it is always an
area that people are looking at so we saw that we saw it push back up we saw
it come in to test this range and now we’re trying to see if we break above it
or if we do come back down and test the bottom supports now you’ll remember it
last time I mentioned the strong support that we have right now is roughly at
around nine thousand one hundred dollars on the bit for next chart a break below
this could lead us to a significant sell-off where we could see prices hit
as low as the mid 8000 if not lowered we’re going to talk about that in just a
little bit but that’s the first target obviously we’re looking at the mid 8,000
8,000 500 600 700 if we do see a break below
9100 but we did say we wanted to see that first before we turn bearish and in
the meantime we wanted to see that move to come back up and test our 200 EMA we
saw them move happened right now if you look at it it’s not a perfect Bart
Simpson but it is if you go to the daily maybe it looks a little bit better not
really probably the for hourly looks the best so not the perfect Bart Simpson but
still overall sort of form the Bart Simpson pattern that we all have grown
to love in this space especially if you’re making profit from it then you
probably really do love it now from here we need to watch out for the volume to
come in we need a lot of volume to come in to break this range I did think about
entering a short during this range over here but the moment I saw some buying
volume come in we actually entered along and around this range and are up with 5x
leverage we are up over 25% so I’ve been very happy with the results of that long
only need to get in the right trades no need to rush you only need to get in the
right trades in order to profit and that’s exactly what I look to do so 25%
profit on this move over here not too bad all the stochastic as you guys can
see is already at some higher range so we could expect maybe see that come down
maybe come and test resistance one that’s been up here for
some time so it’s still a little bit of room if we were to draw a horizontal
line you guys will see exactly what I’m saying put it over here and there you
guys go you guys can see we saw some room to go up on this level sink can be
said where the RSI still has room to go up and the MACD as well so we could
still see if the volume comes in a push up to the higher levels but in order for
us to confirm that we need that volume to come in and we need to see a
confirmed break before we consider any other option for now it’s important I’m
on the sidelines I’m waiting to see what happens I want to see key levels being
held or key level they’re gonna break but I do expect a relatively big move to
come very very soon and this lines up perfectly with what Alessio Russ tani
had to say now I don’t talk about many people on the channel but this guy has
been accurate in his been around for a very very long time now he posed a video
two days ago talking about the surprise move that nobody is expecting if you
guys haven’t checked him out if you haven’t checked out his channel I highly
recommend you go and watch this video it’s only 15 minutes it’s under 15
minutes and it contains a lot of different information and a lot of
different potential scenarios for Bitcoin to go over highlighting some of
them obviously you guys will see by the title it could drop to $4,000 we’ll talk
about that in just a little bit but what he’s looking at right now is the
correction that’s coming in so we talked about how we’re at the current
resistance right now we’re at the 10k resistance and for now we’re waiting to
see that big move come in for Bitcoin now the bullish scenario as you guys can
see is us have a small pull back on the to formation of the Elliot wave and then
continue going up to the 3 and have a further explosion breaking the all-time
high that’s what the bullish scenario is and he obviously highlights the bullish
the bearish and then the one that he thinks is most probable so that would be
the bullish scenario the bail at the bearish scenario is that we have a sea
wave all the way down to $2,000 we had the a we had the B we’re topping off on
the B right now before having the C wave come in and bring us down to the two
thousands before we do move higher and I will preface this by saying that he
believes we will make new all-time highs in the year 2020 that is next year he
believes we are going to see all-time high so he it’s also a long term bull
before anyone says anything I want to preface by say he is a long term bull so
the bear scenario right now is just based off technical analysis and a
short-term thing before we eventually do move higher know
what he thinks could be the most likely scenario that happens over the coming
days or week is a strong rebound off the 21 EMA at 7,500 to $8,000 forming a
support near that zone what comes into question is whether or not the bounce
from $8,000 will support of the eight dollars of support will play out as most
investors expect so right now what we could be seeing what he thinks is the
most likely scenario the most probable outcome and of course technical analysis
is based off of probabilities note the bear scenario no the bullish scenario
and then figure out which one you think is more likely to happen he’s looking at
a bounce off of eight thousand seven thousand five hundred to eight thousand
dollars before continuing higher didn’t mean to do that and then the wild card
scenario that a lot of people have been talking about that he mentioned is the
potential pull back down to almost four thousand dollars between four to five
thousand dollars four thousand five hundred dollars to be exact four
thousand five hundred to 6,500 to complete and ABC correction moved before
still going back up and he still believes even there that we will see a
new all-time high in mid 2020 so I thought this would be cool to share with
you guys again go over to watch this video if you want to hear his
explanation on it and I want to ask you guys this question what do you think is
most likely do you think the bullish scenario he mentioned the bear scenario
he mentioned the third one which is the one that he thinks is more probable or
do you think the wild card down to six thousand five hundred to four thousand
five hundred is the most likely scenario let me know that in the comments right
now I would love to know what you guys think I’m gonna go through every comment
to see what you guys say and see which one wins and maybe we can talk about
that in the next video now let’s move on to open market cap so we have some news
I want to cover first first of all just over a two hundred and sixty eight
billion dollars in market cap on coin mark cap when this recent move Bitcoin
dominance has pushed up over here it shows sixty five percent if you go to
the actual dominance chart you might see a little bit of different figures but
this move from Bitcoin has obviously pushed dominance back up a little bit of
a move after following a few days of sideways action still not the big move
it’s only a roughly five percent maybe a little more still not the big move that
I think we could see happening depending on if we break that support or if we
break that resistance but still seeing a little bit of action after this
completely sideways few days that we had coming in is
always nice to see we see an overall green in the market definitely more
green than red with Bitcoin right now we see Tasos up almost 15% having a huge
explosion a very good cryptocurrency mentioned I believe from coinbase
that’s what’s starting to have this pump also GX chain xmax several crypto
currencies in the green like I said definitely more green than red and on
the downside maximize coin is down 6% the Walton chain and several others are
down in the red as well but definitely more green than red now Before we jump
into news I want to talk about another fellow youtuber crypto beetles now I met
Beto’s he is a great guy I have nothing but love and respect for him what he’s
doing absolutely and say smart guy doing a lot of stuff in the space and he
mentioned that he likes Bitcoin cash now I wanted to ask you guys this as well
because I know people have some very strong opinions about Bitcoin cash not
obviously he’s talking about the one with Roger Vere as Roger Vere is an
investor and a backer of Monarch his company not Bitcoin SV equity we’re not
even talking about we’re not even acknowledging that it exists we’re
talking about Bitcoin cash the vehicle the the Bitcoin cash with Roger Vere and
I want to know what you guys think of it right now what all your thoughts overall
now that I think it’s been a few months since I’ve asked this question let me
know in the comments as well what your thoughts on do you agree with
crypto beetles that you think it could perform well or do you disagree and you
think it is absolute garbage let me know your thoughts down below and hopefully
the next video as well I’ll go over and share with you guys my thoughts now for
fun as well Bitcoin overtakes talks on surges this is on Google search trends
and as you can tell Bitcoin being the blue had that huge explosion back we
know what was happening over here when Bitcoin hit the highs and most the time
it is under stocks well it just add a little bit of a peak that brought it to
24 out of 100 while stocks are maintaining a pretty steady rate at
roughly around 14 so Bitcoin not only beating stocks in
terms of return this year but also in search term so that’s pretty nice to see
also some bullish news coming out from China first of all an article that came
out from China’s largest holder in Bitcoin or Hodler depending on what you
want to say it was released by the Bank of China this guy is said to have over a
hundred thousand Bitcoin it pays to get in early right you make money when you
get in early you make money when take the risk and he took a lot of risk
buying back in the days I’m assuming it was a while back and now he obviously
hasn’t joined the rewards a hundred thousand Bitcoin do the math that’s a
lot of money but that’s still good news coming out from the Bank of China
releasing this article which is pretty cool to see as well as we usually see
some negative articles coming out from Bitcoin when it comes to banks this is
pretty cool to see it’s not necessarily bullish but it is growing the exposure
and every time you see a dump I like the way another youtuber put this every time
you see a dump you can expect that it is people with a big bag selling off and
distributing Bitcoin better so I thought that was a really cool thing to say so
shout out to Sonny decreed for coming up with that same now Facebook has warned
investors that Libra digital currency may never see the light of day now we’ve
been talking about Libra for some time the news has been coming out that
Facebook was first looking into blockchain looking into crypto slowly we
got to the point where we are now where would Libra was apparently coming out to
lunch they had the white paper that everything coming out and a big
roadblock was hit when it came to passing regulations and a huge pushback
came from the US and international regulators and lawmakers now I said this
before and I agree with Facebook and sense that they’re trying to push
regulators to make laws make the regulations faster than they usually do
because it’s very very slow their process and by the time they come out
with something the u.s. is going to be far behind but obviously they’re still
getting pushback from this and they put out in a report that we don’t even know
if Libra is going to launch so what they said in its filing with the Securities
and Exchange Commission in addition market acceptance of such currency is
subject to significant uncertainty as such there can be no assurance that
Libra or are associated products and services will be made available in a
timely manner or at all we do not have significant prior experience with
digital currency or blockchain technology which may adversely affect
our ability to successfully develop and market these products and services now
there isn’t anything crazy new that Lieber is doing that other crypto
currencies don’t already do they obviously have a lot of big backers they
have a lot of money involved with it and Mark Zuckerberg the company Facebook
they want them they expect to launch Libra the digital currency in the year
2020 but it’s not going to be there’s a lot of hurdles they have to go
through and a lot of things that at any moment could stop them right in their
tracks but I will back them just for the reason that I want regulators to make
regulations and if Lieber is going to be a thing that means that the regulator’s
must have done something good so that’s what I’m hoping for right now is hoping
the regulator’s come out and if that’s gonna happen the Liebherr is gonna
happen so in a way I’m sort of hoping that Libra happens although I don’t
think it’s necessarily the best cryptocurrency in the world its life
changing thing and it’s bringing any crazy new technology and I’m only
backing it because I want to see regulations made from the US before they
get left behind it just to make it easier for everyone who’s in the US and
is trying to invest in crypto currencies but that’s it for the news right now a
quick rundown of everything else going on I think the technical analysis and
the video I shared about Alessio Russ Thani was definitely something you guys
should go watch so I’m gonna leave a link to it in the description down below
so you guys can go ahead and check it out and maybe just maybe he’s a much
bigger youtuber but maybe we’ll be able to have him on the channel if we do
reach out to him so let me know if that’s something you guys are incidents
seeing as well now let’s see who wins the free one-on-one call obviously it’s
Wednesday so we gotta see who wins the free one-on-one call let’s see who the
winner is we’re picking again because the first one was a spam but we’ll spam
so we’re not gonna do that thought I deleted all the spam but that didn’t
happen chops I actually just talked to chops the other day so congratulations
chop slow great video Patrick today I read somewhere that the Chinese
government might not allow Justin son to meet with Warren could be fun I don’t
know how that’d be possible but yeah I actually heard the same thing so it’s
curious I am curious I am trying to get more information on the matter on if the
Chinese government is trying to stop Justin Sun from meeting with Warren
Buffett I don’t have all the information right now but that’s something that I’m
definitely looking into but chops congratulations I look forward to
talking to you again you got you add me on telegram so message me on telegram
we’ll make sure to set something up guys thank you so much for watching I’ll see
you guys on Friday for another video


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