๐Ÿ›‘BIG MISTAKE to avoid investing in Bitcoin and Crypto...๐Ÿ›‘

๐Ÿ›‘BIG MISTAKE to avoid investing in Bitcoin and Crypto…๐Ÿ›‘

hey what is going on number one sunny decree here and welcome back to another episode today obviously we're going to talk about the price of Bitcoin and 5% gains that we have seen yesterday then we're going into some interesting news one of them being why bitcoin becomes more more a real currency then we're going to talk about a big mistake I've made in crypto currencies and I want to tell that to you so you can learn from it and do it better and as always if you guys like this kind of content don't forget to leave a like and also subscribe to the channel much appreciate it and now let's get started looking at the one-hour chart off the price of Bitcoin we can clearly see that this has some Bart move potential what do I mean by that well the price of Bitcoin got pumped yesterday just over a couple minutes most of the time people scream manipulation when that happens to the downside but not that many people are actually screaming manipulation when the price pumps to the upside but once again if we have a look at lower timeframes we can clearly see that especially the start of the pump as you can see over here well most likely this was one person one group or one entity so why is nobody screaming in inflation right now that's just human psychology right when everything goes up well we're not really asking why that is we're just liking it but when things are going down where things are going against us well then people are looking for weird reasons why that actually happened but that is not the mistake that you should be avoiding I think that is just normal and won't ever go away that a social media that is big coin that is human psychology we're happy when prices are going up and we're looking for excuses when prices are going down so nothing all too special about this yet nice to see Bitcoin getting closer again into the eight thousand dollar range but so far we're still going sideways on the daily chart and the price of Bitcoin for me is still kinda in a no trading zone and looks very in decisive now let's get to some interesting news CCN is shutting down after Google's June 2019 core update and this is one of the weirdest and most surprising headlines I have read I would say in the last two three months in crypto currencies I mean CCN was such a good news website for crypto stuff why would they shut down google's June 2019 core update rolled out on June 3rd 2019 and CC ends traffic from Google searches dropped more than 71% on mobile overnight so yeah I cannot really tell you why they're not getting found anymore if this is a crackdown on crypto news sites on purpose or if this is just something weird and maybe they even can fix it but it does not really look like it but anyway guys we have to keep in mind even this YouTube channel in here this is not an infinite story most probably right I mean it is centralized what if YouTube for example which belongs to Google as well decides to shut down my YouTube account what can I do about it pretty much nothing right or what if my videos are just not appearing in search results anymore and nobody getting my videos recommended anymore it can happen ok and you always have to be clear about that don't live in the illusion that something like this social media thing you know is holding on forever I've seen twitch streamers I've seen youtubers and I've seen other social media stars going from hero to zero it can happen it's not guaranteed that it will but it can happen and this story once again proves pretty much what I just said but now let's move on to balance out the new section and before we're going to talk about a big mistake to avoiding cryptocurrency also a positive bit here that tweet from rhythm the smallest denomination of Bitcoin a single Satoshi which is ten to the power of minus eight is now worth more than some national currencies zero point zero zero zero zero zero zero zero one BTC is worth more than the I Ronnie INRIA all the Vietnamese dong and the Indonesian Rupiah magic internet money is now just money awesome if you think about it all right now let's talk about a mistake to avoid in crypto currencies and the mistake that after making myself some of you probably already know that I promoted nebulous or that I bought nebulous and I made a vid about it and I told you guys that well based on the price action based on the upcoming exchange listings and based on that they're not doing much marketing but on their github there's a lot going on so basically they're really developing but not talking about it let me to believe that nebulous na s would be a good investment well overall if we zoom out a little bit in here on the daily chart probably you would say well compared to big coin that was not really a good investment but what we have seen most recently is a crazy pump in Nablus of about 88 percent compared to Bitcoin now the fun part is well I sold all my Nablus here on this arrow which was on approximately the 5th May 2019 so basically I missed out on let's say 55% of gains compared to Bitcoin now do I care about this well not really but here comes the mistake if you invest in something you're later going to sell in a loss well you already made a mistake by even buying it so what do I mean by that if you invest in the project pretty much in crypto currencies it has been so good and you have to be fundamentally so convinced and that is just my advice because I learn from my mistake you have to be so convinced that you even could hold it to zero not in every case obviously it could be that something is going wrong that you didn't see right and then you're going to sell it with a loss but basically you should be so convinced about your investment that you're going to hold it down to zero because otherwise what happens to you is the exact same that happened to me you're going to buy into something you're going to hold it for let's say a half a year or a couple months and then you figure hey wait a second actually rather have Bitcoin then you're going to sell and pretty much the next day or the next month for the next week or whatever the price is going up like crazy pretty much as we have seen over here now am i mad about this no I'm not mad about this I take this as a lesson and this is actually not the first time I have to learn this lesson there have been projects already where I have been in then exited later on and shortly after they pumped but I'm not mad about it and here's why first of all more than 90 percent of my portfolio is in BTC so no matter what this does well it will not really be life-changing wealth anyway if it's going to be $1,000 or $5,000 well that's nice yes but at the end of the day it does not really matter if I hold more than 90 percent of Bitcoin anyway then secondly make sure you're only investing in projects where you're fundamentally so convinced that you could actually hold them to zero and number three even if you are in the exact same situation as I am or as I was make sure that if you're selling at the loss do not sell all of the coins or all of the tokens so if I still would have 10% of my nebulous right now well at least I would be a little bit happy about this pump and number four do not get upset if something like this happens do not give up okay investing and pretty much doing everything ever in life you can only become better if you do mistakes and more important if you learn from your mistakes so what is my lesson in here well I do not invest in projects anymore if I'm not 100 percent fundamentally convinced about it or if I just see it as a complete gamble like a lottery ticket for example those are my two kinds of investments right now in crypto currencies but right now well you guys know I haven't been buying anything for quite some time and I'm still happy with more than 90% of my Bitcoin but that is it already for today and just in case that you are interested in Bitcoin or all coin trading with leverage up to 100x make sure you check out the videos which are popping up by my site right now bit mechs beginner and advanced tutorials thanks for watching and I hopefully see all of you in the next one bye


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  • Bitcoin will NEVER be a real currency because it is a worthless token and not an IOU backed by something of value. It is a digital seashell and is driven by pure speculation and can drop to zero at any time. Yes, I do not believe it will drop to zero, but it cannot be ruled out.

  • Optimus Prime says:


  • @Sunny, when Google silences you, then you move to 'voice' on the EOS network, which is going to be decentralized and immutable.

  • Sergio Hernandez says:

    I lost about .2 in btc value on alts. Usd value lost a little but more so in btc value when it was rising. Sometimes those daily red candles take a toll. An having a good position in btc is better especially for the gut for me. I still have alts but I went from about 80-20 alt to btc to now. 70-30 btc to alts. But Iโ€™m at a spot where I donโ€™t want to buy anymore btc. Iโ€™m just getting alts that I think can go up.

  • Sergio Hernandez says:

    Crypto guys got to make a shift Iโ€™m not sure what point that is. But when we stop using YouTube an use brave or a better product. But than we all cheap an wont use the token because we want to hodl for price gains..

  • BaronSilver Baron says:

    Do not trade. Do not trade. Do not trade no matter what Sunny says. Unless you are willing to lose everything you should not trade. The total fool is the person who trades on leverage. Unless you are extremely lucky you will never win in the long run. TA is a fool's crutch that makes people feel they have some control of the future. Only buy Bitcoin and hodl. It's boring may be but it is the best way to win. In my long life I have done all of these things and I came out even (luckily). You have to spend every minute and every hour of the waking day to even have a chance with trading (gambling). My best invstments were always where I bought and just held on.

  • rsalabat rsalabat says:

    You are the only youtuber who talked about yesterdaus manipulated and weird pump of BTC, thank you for keeping us informed

  • sup,,, nice to see you,, haha Indonesia rupiah is my fiat,,, when you get off the plane you become a millionaire

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