🚀BITCOIN & LITECOIN, LIFE CHANGING OPPORTUNITY !?🚀 btc ltc price prediction, analysis, news, trading

🚀BITCOIN & LITECOIN, LIFE CHANGING OPPORTUNITY !?🚀 btc ltc price prediction, analysis, news, trading

bitcoin and litecoin are we staring life-changing opportunity in the face what's up guys crypto savvy here I hope everybody's having a fabulous Wednesday we're gonna take a look at the chart starting out with light coin moving on to Bitcoin and then stick around to the end we're gonna be checking out my favorite chart comparison the Bitcoin daily chart versus the gold weekly chart which we have been following on this channel since January and it's been playing out beautifully you've seen it here first definitely stick around to the end and check that out also don't forget to check out our free discord awesome community guys if you love crypto definitely check it out it's totally free we don't charge for anything on this channel free content only I don't believe in the scammers charging for their VIPs and all that stuff so definitely check that out also in the description there's other links down there too if you want to dabble in leveraged trading there's a prime xbt link down there which offers up to a hundred times leverage there's also by bit exchange definitely check those links out it helps the channel if you want to dabble in it but keep in mind leveraged trading is very dangerous especially if you're an experienced at charting and trading so definitely keep that in mind and be careful guys yeah that being said let's get on with the video and see what's going on with the charts alright guys as always I want to start out by saying I'm not a financial advisor this is not financial advice this is my opinion in my view of the market only anybody that's doing any trading or investing in this market I suggest you do your own due diligence and your own research is this market this is extremely volatile risky also keep in mind it's still a speculative market don't put in more than you're willing to lose with that being said if you're new here you haven't already please hit the subscribe button in the lower right hand side of the screen that'll get you subscribe to the channel and if you take the notification belt I'll get you notified when I post new videos as I do post videos every day to try to keep everybody updated with what's going on in my view of the market and guys definitely take a second out smash the likes leave your comments let me know what you think of the video really appreciate it helps channel out and uh let's see what's going on I've had people say you just keep showing the same charts every day or whatever well I'm giving you daily updates I'm not like the other guys that will sit there and you know get throw out these crazy numbers all bitcoins crash and all bitcoins moving and blah blah blah we look at it real here and what's going on and I do try to keep you updated daily and I hope you learn something from it so alright let's get on with it we've been looking at this as a cup and a handle and some people have asked what a cup of the handle is so I'm gonna draw it out real quick so yeah we were looking at this as the neckline right here at the hundred dollar range and if we look at this as a big cup and the handle here and the break out of that we get rid of that now the break out of that is a measured measurement of the depth of the cup to where the handle broke out in that is right here we broke out at the hundred here and our target is 180 it's been that for for quite some time now guys I'm still still confident that that's where we're headed we will take a look at a few different scenarios here but first off want to start out by saying we're looking at this as a rising broadening wedge in the yellow and our measured moves of the breakout guys and will will go into the for our here in a minute and look at these other how we get to these other targets but if we were to break out at the top of this wedge in this area and again guys the targets will change depending on where we break out of this wedge but as of now if we were to break out in the 165 area and break above this wedge my targets gonna be around the 279 and if we were to kind of walk up this area to the 180 and then break that my target is gonna be round at 302 and guys will look at the gold and Bitcoin comparison chart and show you why I believe we can hit 46,000 dollars by the end of the year at the end of the video and if that target was to be reached by Bitcoin I believe like Queens gonna be somewhere in the area between 600 and a thousand and we'll be able to track it and be get a lot closer idea of where it's gonna be as as the charts play out also I have this trendline here from all these peaks down from where we did the reversal and went from bare market to a bull market parabolic bull market I might add I mean I'm kind of using that as a as a time guideline and you know it's not a guarantee but if we were to hit these targets you know we're looking at that the middle to end of September for the 279 and you know middle of October for the 300 if this plays out as a you know timeline for us but we'll see as it plays out I want to look at the daily RS I know we had this rising channel here since back in November and we fell out of it falling into a falling Channel area we're at now it's possible we could go down we'll take a look at the bearish scenario there but I do believe we're gonna continue up from here that's my bias so looking at this as a falling Channel we had a falling wedge in here broke out of that into a falling channel broke out of that into another and another and another now where we're at here is looking like it's printing a bull flag on the RSI and if we took a measured move of that my good guys this is the RSI and not the price and we broke out you know we could be coming up to test this this long-term trend line on the RSI right up here in the in the high 90s or the low 90s range definitely possible so keep an eye on this RSI it'll give us a you know huge clues of what's going on I'm gonna extend this line a little bit on the resistance of this falling channel if we get resistance here again guys and blow through the bottom of this that would be our more bearish scenario and we'll take a look at all that in the prey section we're gonna start out with the bearish scenario first and then we're gonna move on to the bullish scenario which I believe is more likely alright so looking at where we're at now I have these two trend lines in here it's formed somewhat of a triangle definitely you know it's we're definitely getting resistance off of this descending trendline and getting support off this ascending trendline now I see us in the worst case scenario guys I'm gonna show you one more thing within this yellow rising broadening wedge I have this blue rising broadening wedge in here if you look at the bottom support line of the blue rising running wedge and the top of the yellow rising broadening wedge that forms a channel that we've been in in here now where we're at now like I said we'll take a look at the bearish scenario first I do see us possibly going down to this 115 area and again that target was 114 yesterday guys but the targets change as the trend line as we go further on the trend lines so that's another reason I keep you guys updated every day and I hope it don't bore you but I'm really trying to show you something teach you something here I'm not like the other guys trying to get you to fear the market and then sell you my VIP prep for you know half a Bitcoin or whatever the hell these guys are charging it's ridiculous don't get ripped off by these guys charging guys they're scammers if they're that good at trading they wouldn't have to charge you for anything they're obviously just scamming you teaching you the basics that you can learn for absolutely free anywhere on the internet just do some footwork and you can find all the information you need for free guys they're giving you basics you're not gonna become a great trader the only way to become a good trader is to start trading after you learn the basics which you can learn for free it disgusts me that these guys are just robbing people basically you know you're supporting their drug habits their gambling habits and their lavish lifestyles guys why they don't give a about you and they just want your money so don't get don't get caught up in that guys anyways 1:15 I do look for that just to hold us if we drop down there's nothing saying we have to drop down to there but I am looking for that to hold if if we do drop and if it doesn't guys then we're looking at the hundred dollar range and that that would be looking at this as a a the sign here a B and a C and the measured move would be measure the length of a put it up to the top of B and that would get us to the hundred dollar range so if we break the 115 range guys the hundred is where I see us going again I don't believe that's where we're headed but we have to take a look at every scenario and if we we break that $100 range mine exports around 87 to 88 dollar range and I'll show you how we get that going to the daily and that would be our 200 EMA so I would definitely look for support there if the hundred broke again guys I don't believe that's going to happen and the alt the ultimate worst case scenario guys would be around this $60 range which would be the bottom of that rising broadening wedge I really think that's highly highly highly unlikely by the way we can get another measured move off that would be measuring this channel and if we were to break out that would get us around that rage and you can see it was old resistance back here would become new support again guys I don't see that happening but we have taken the consideration and if you're watching the chart and watching these targets it shouldn't be very scary for you because it kind of will tell you what's gonna happen so all right now we're gonna look at the bullish scenario the top of this trendline it we the other day we had it at 127 then 125 now we're at 120 for the 123 to 124 area is where we would pop this line so definitely draw this trend line in keep an eye on it if we do come back up here and break through then my target is measuring this whole width of this triangle here and we bring it up to the breakout the measured move is 163 area somewhere in there which makes a lot of sense guys so like I said if we were to if we were to break out of this area and we come up and break the top of this channel then we're looking at about the 218 to 220 range and which would also be the top of that white trendline I showed you so keep that in mind and we are gonna look at the other scenario if we were to come up here you know play around in this area for a little bit maybe even come back down retest the bottom of this and come up and we we take all this time to get up to 180 then the measure move if we break at 180 area and we break the top of this rising channel then we're looking around the to 35 range guys and then we already talked about the the next you know the higher targets up here so just kind of show you where red I know a lot of people are getting you know scared about litecoin sitting here guys like coin pulled us out of the bear market it's resting I would rather see it correct like this in a long sideways motion then do a drastic drop for its correction it's just correcting and consolidating here guys I do believe we are gonna continue up so that's my opinion on litecoin let's look at Bitcoin look at that Bitcoin same thing we have had a rising broadening wedge here in yellow the measured move off that was 96 we hit that a couple weeks ago and then we broke out of this rising channel and our measured move out of that if you'd been watching the channel was I had it around thirteen six we made it to 13 eight pretty close getting guys these targets aren't exact it all depends on where we break the trend lines and you know and like I said I'll keep you updated daily so definitely make sure you subscribe to the channel guys if you want to keep updated and take your notification by to get you notified when I post videos all right so I did the same thing here there is a longer term trend line right here which we had touched over here and I'm looking at where we're at now guys a continued move up to the 13 3 2 14 7 area but first we're gonna look at these bigger targets if we were to break through here guys I would measure this as a rising channel here and it for her to break out up there that get us up to about the 18 3 range somewhere in there so that's my first target depending on remember it depends on where we break through this guy's that'll give us our target so these can change but if if you're watching and we will be updated of when we break this line of where we're going next measured move would be measuring this is the resistance this is the support rising channel and that would get us up to the $20,000 range definitely see like I said my target for their new years 46,000 I'll show you why in the last part of the video so definitely stick around now the next measured move I have is the measured move of this whole wedge here and the breakout and that would get us up to the $25,000 range so we know where we're at with that guys now let's look at the daily RSI and see what that's telling us all right looking at the daily RSI we've been following this rising channel and we have falling out of it in a falling channel broke out of that back into the rising channel and back down testing the top of the falling channel for support getting support looks like we are definitely continuing up here guys to somewhere in this area or maybe come retest this try and line up here and this is what helped us find the top at 13 6 guys so like I said if you're following along you'll learn this stuff it'll start making sense and you'll start seeing this stuff for yourself in the charts so yeah it looks I see more upward momentum here guys definitely let's look at the 4-hour RSI alright so in the 4-hour we had broken out of this rising broadening wedge here into what looked to be a channel here I'm gonna kind of adjust these lines to match my Peaks right here and looking at a broadening wedge here and as you can see we broken we've broken out of it came back down in and broke back out again and if you look at this in the RSI this looks like a mini cup and handle and the RSI so if we break this peak in the RSI here guys we're definitely shooting up towards this area no doubt about it so keep an eye on that and let's go into the 4-hour now and we'll take a look at the bearish scenario and then we'll take a look at the bullish scenario so as you can see here if you look at these two peaks in the RSI this is it this is bearish divergence but like I said if this handle breaks that erases that that divergence because well I have a higher high than this one over here so keep that in mind I do believe we're gonna continue up from here guys worst case we come back down to test this trend line where we broke out of and that would be around of 11 6 range 11 11 6 11 5 the the more we stay up here the less likely I think that's gonna be guys so let's take a look at the bearish scenario first just to be aware of what can happen it does seem like we're printing another bull flag right here and we'll look at that here in a minute but like I said if we come back down I would look for support around that 11 5 to 11 6 range to get a bounce off of this retesting this breakout trend line here now we're gonna look at if that does break and we continue down further I look for this top of this right here this was support or this was a resistance this was support this becomes new support so I would look for this to hold maybe eleven thousand eleven thousand one hundred range get a bounce off here but again guys I don't think that's gonna happen but I would look for support here and if that was to break my next line of support would be around the 93 hundred dollar range and then worst case scenario would be retesting the top of this rising broadening wedge which would broke over here around the eight thousand dollar range but again guys I don't believe that's gonna happen but we do need to be aware that that could happen now let's look at the bullish scenario here and my targets and how I got these if you remember we looked at the higher targets already and that all depends on where we break this top trendline remember that so let's look at where we're at now I'm gonna zoom in a bit and look at this as a possible bull flag small bull flag forming here I'm gonna pull out my triangle and we'll put it in right here so they could be a small bull flag but the other the other option there is we come down and make a lower low here and it could still be a bull flag and just come down further but I'd look for these EMA's to support us but if we if we look at this as the measured measured move of the breakout and I would use the tip of the breakout of this bull flag right in here and do a measurement of the flagpole put it up to the top and that would get us to a double top pretty much guys that will get us to a 13-8 range so definitely keep an eye on that I don't believe that we're gonna reverse there but definitely keep an eye on it as possible and just to be transparent you guys know I'm gonna long since 11 – and my target is the 14 3 area and that may change I do have my exit right at 14 3 right now but as this plays out I might change it and I do keep my discord updated I'm what I'm doing with my trades for free you don't have to pay for VIP to see that stuff and we've been very proper profitable in there and another thing about them VIP guys and stuff they always post what they're people in the discord group had big wins or whatever it's not because of them guys it's because of the people that are trading period it isn't because they joined the VIP or whatever going my desk or did you see tons of people winning in there so just I just I can't stress enough guys we need to clear the space of these guys that are that are taking the newbies in and taking their money and screwing them and we got to get rid of them guys ok enough for ant let's off but we just looked at that right so let's look at my other targets here now we're looking at this big falling wedge here and a measured move of that falling wedge we measure the width of the top part and where we broke out which was right here and if we drag this over to where we broke out that gets us up to that 14-3 range now I have other targets pointing in the same direction so if we took a look at this this as a bull flag here this being the flagpole this is a measured move of the pole right here bring it up to where we broke out of the flag that also gets us up in that 13 8 range so that's two measured moves matching to the 13 8 range now remember we had this wedge break out at the target at 14 3 so if we take where was this measured move for him oh that was my okay so if we take the measured move of this as a falling broadening wedge this being the support this being the resistance and we broke out here the measured move of that wedge is the width of the wedge here and we put it to the top where we broke out and that gets me the 14-7 so that's the with the two two targets pointing at the 13/8 and then a 14-3 I'm I'm more looking towards a 14-3 but like I said we do have these targets in here but I do look for a small retracement in here before continuing up possibly but if not our measured moves will go off in the break of this line for the next the next highs so that's where I'm at with that now let's take a look at the Bitcoin daily versus the gold weekly that we have been watching since January which in this chart is right in this area and you can look back in my videos we've been tracking this the whole time it's playing out beautifully guys you know the gold ETF was approved in 2003 and we'll look at that and the gold chart we've talked about that since January also if you guys been following this channel you know we were first to be following this so and I say that because there's been people copying it but there's been also great things Bitcoin Ben's been giving us shout outs crypto zombie gave a huge shout out to me and actually posted my video and shodhan didn't try to take credit like some of these other guys but you guys know where you seen it first so I'm not gonna get into all that I want to add a little ring yesterday it's over I'm done with it people know where where it was first and if not they'll find out so anyways just pisses me off put a lot of work into this stuff and then someone grabs it and they just happen to be selling courses to hmm go figure so looking at this white trendline here guys this was support from the bear market here and I drew this over and keep an eye on this because we're gonna look at the same line from support in the gold chart in here in a few minutes same thing I did off the blue that was support support supported all the way across here we broke through that we had that that big wick come down and retest it and just continued on up from there keep an eye on this this is my end of the year target 46,000 and I'll show you why in a second when we click over but keep an eye on this chart guys and remember a pattern is a pattern period I don't care if you find the pattern in a 15 minute and find the same pattern in a weekly 90% of the time then patterns are gonna play out the same so here we go we're going over to the gold weekly chart that is why my target is 46,000 by the end of the year and if you look at the area we're at now we're right in here the gold ETF was approved back in here and o3 and you can see what happened after it was approved so you know we could be getting the gold ETF or the Bitcoin ETF for proof even if not some kind of big news is coming guys they the insiders know the people know already know that's why this this price action is happening I believe we got a lot more to go that's why I say it's life-changing opportunity possibly again this is my opinion guys but I do truly believe that we are going up to this area to at least the 46 47,000 could go much higher we're gonna take a look at the RSI to that we've also been following in these charts in the Bitcoin charts since January and show you why we if we were watching if you were watching this channel you expected the bear market to end in December and I'll show you why here in a little bit if you haven't seen it but again keep an eye on this trendline here when we click over it's same thing guys we are right in the same area this was off a bold support and the bear market for gold and it you could just see the similarities I mean it's it's it's absolutely amazing guys I think we are about to have just the best-run Bitcoin has ever seen this is a parabolic bull market guys if you're trying to short this thing good luck to you god bless you because I don't know think the people shortened it are helping us helping this thing moon man period just getting liquidated like crazy and watch who you listen to on YouTube I'm not saying listen to me or trade off my opinion but don't do that with any youtubers guys learn your own charting in your own skills do your own due diligence like I said we got a free discord everybody in there is learning and doing an awesome job helping each other out it's the most friendly community you can find on the and any Crip in the crypto space so alright let's up for that let's look at the RSI so looking at the RSI on the weekly for Bitcoin you can see this is a 2013 bull run followed by the bear market and check out the trend line here and the trend line here this is the 2017 bull market followed by the 18 bear market as you can see after the 2013 bull market we came and tested this line twice got resisted and then broke through started the bull market 2017 same trendline two points of resistance boom broke through bull market parabolic bull market I might add and here's the monthly on the monthly ID these two arcs drawn in here four arrows represent new lows in the RSI in the bear market this is 2013 bull market followed by the bear market for lows 2017 bull market followed by 18 bear market each arrow represents a new low in the RSI for lows only difference is gonna be guys as this is gonna be way stronger just way more powerful in my opinion so guys if you liked the video if you enjoyed the content definitely consider subscribing by clicking the crypto savvy logo above my head take the notification bell that'll get you notified when I post new videos take a second out smash the likes leave your comments let me know what you think guys I really appreciate it and I will see you tomorrow if not tonight in a live stream have a great day bye


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