😱This Guy predicted the Price of Bitcoin in 2015!😱

😱This Guy predicted the Price of Bitcoin in 2015!😱

okay so today I have something very special for you guys today we're going to talk about a video with a price prediction or an outcome prediction for Bitcoin which was posted now get this on the 12th of October 2015 so three and a half years ago and the date is marked here on the chart with the red arrow and as always before we're going to jump into that if you guys like this kind of content don't forget to leave a like and also subscribe to the channel and now let's get started now this is the dude we're talking about contrarian dude and as you can see the date of the upload is the 12th of October 2015 now let's see what this guy has to say and I highly recommend that you watch it until the end and also at the end we will have a little bit of a discussion about it hi everybody max right here and I promised my youtube subscribers this video explaining when the next big price rush on Bitcoin is going to be when is that next big explosion of price going to take place and in order to explain exactly when and why that will happen I have to go back in history and shatter a commonly held myth about some Bitcoin history so we're gonna do that right now so if you ask most people about what caused the price explosion they the bubble of April 2013 for the Bitcoin not everybody but most people will still tell you that it was a result of the Cyprus banking crisis and I want you to tell you that that is categorically false in fact what did cause that bubble is exactly the same thing that's going to cause another huge run-up in price and bubble and pop in 2016 so let me first prove that case to you now if you're the bitcoin price of that period and so we're over here in December of 2012 you'll see that the bitcoin price hovering around 11 or 12 dollars now the Cypriot banking crisis now the bailout was agreed on the 25th of March in fact it was the weekend before the banking crisis happened I think is that 23rd of March and the Bitcoin price at that time was around $80 if memory serves so if we go around March 24th come up here into the price range and we see the Bitcoin price about $92 here so I want you to think about this the price and the appreciating for months the price went from $11 to 93 dollars in the space of that four months from here that are down from here so from here up to here for a 9x Bitcoin price went 9x before the Cypriot banking crisis now it had so much momentum that obviously was going to do some serious damage in here maybe you could argue that this range from this range was the Cypriot banking crisis let's take the case that this entire thing from the separate crisis all the way up to this peak was all the Cypriot crisis and nothing to do with the momentum and the factors that caused the first 9x let's see what actually happened we went from a price of ninety to a maximum of 259 to 66 on Cox this is a bit stats for us so what's from 92 to 59 let's just say 3x so we have a price run of 9 X 2 here and then 3x after the Cypriot crisis and people still think that it was a Cypriot crisis that caused this crash it absolutely was not and that's pretty obvious from the fact that super crisis happens so late into it the reason people say that is because in absolute terms you know went from $90 to 260 well that's in $170 price increase so from 11 dollars to 90 it's only an 880 dollar increase so but people are thinking absolute terms if you think of it in terms of multiples the vast majority all the action happened before the Cypriot crisis so if the Cypriot crisis didn't cause the April 2013 price run what did and the answer is this the Bitcoin block reward halved to 25 bit Bitcoin on December 3rd 2012 now for those of you who don't know what the Bitcoin block reward is every time a block is sold and added to the blockchain a block reward is issued to the miner who solved it now at the Genesis block at the very at the beginning of Bitcoin that was originally 50 bitcoins and that's happens every ten minutes or so every 10 minutes or so 50 bitcoins are created and given to the miners now there's a schedule that Satoshi wrote into the original code that says that halves every two hundred thousand blocks and that turns out to be around about every four years and so on December 3rd 2012 the Bitcoin block reward 1/2 from 50 Bitcoin down to 25 Bitcoin what that meant is the rate of inflation of the Bitcoin currency supply halved now this is huge I don't know what the numbers were at the time but what that means is that whenever these new bitcoins are being created what that does is it soaks up all of the new demand for a Bitcoin the more demand there is for Bitcoin the price should go up but if there's new coins being created at a rate greater than or equal to the price of new demand then the the price will actually stay the same or go down right so what happens is now that the price may have probably stayed relatively steady throughout December 2012 January February in 2013 but the rate of inflation halved so when the readers said the rate of increase of supply halved and the rate of demand stayed constant what that meant is the price was a bit up rapidly and that started the wave of the bubble that happened and that is the big big thing when you wrap your head around those concepts of inflation and that is these new blocks soak up that demand you really get to understand why that bubble happened back in 2013 early 2013 it was here in December of 2012 that the block reward harmed and it's the following four months where we see you know crazy price raises from 10 to 260 that's 26 X and the vast majority of that could occur before that cyprus banking crisis so that's the real reason for that run-up in price the obvious question that that leads to is when is the next block reward having and the answer is it's going to occur sometime around August of 2016 I believe if the current trajectory stays close to what it should be so in August of 2016 the block reward will have from 25 down to 12 and a half and what that means is as long as demand stays somewhere constant or at least it just doesn't have and what that means is that price is going to get bit up significantly and I think it will be the start of another big massive bubble we're going to blast through the all-time high of $1200 per Bitcoin and it's going to go to multiples of that and then of course it will have the traditional crash and or pullback probably fifty to eighty percent from that and so that is that is my prediction now we see here that the block reward happened in December the blocker what harm happened in December 2012 there was no price action until after that time now people are in Bitcoin we were very green back then lots of everyone was a rookie basically and there wasn't that much money floating around and certainly not that much smart money floating around but I think people have learned from this lesson and I don't think they're gonna wait for it for the actual block reward to happen before they start loading up on bitcoins I think people are going to be front-running this bubble and I think possibly as early as q1 but probably more likely q2 q3 2016 that's when people are gonna start front running and start massively hoarding up on their Bitcoin building up their reserves so that they can enjoy the fruits of that massive rush of Bitcoin price increase after the block reward having of August 2016 so I expect that bubble to start q2 2016 that's why I think that's the case that's the history behind it and I'll let history judge and see if I was correct so thanks for that I really hope you enjoyed this video please subscribe if you're not a subscriber to this YouTube channel already I do lots of Bitcoin videos lots of libertarian stuff freedom re-instated stuff politics economics I think it's really really interesting I think it's really really valuable as well the next video I'm gonna do I'm gonna dig a little bit deeper into an article that was written on the Bitcoin subreddit which claimed that Bitcoin does not solve a large part of the remittance problem and doesn't make remittance cheaper I think that statement is true I'm gonna explain why it's true and I'm gonna go into a bit deeper about how we can actually solve that problem and something I've been talking about for a long time but I think the community is finally ready to hear those kinds of messages so I'm gonna try again and get that message out there so that'll be the next video please subscribe and we'll see how it goes take care probably you already figured at the very beginning of this episode that the white lines in here are approximately where the Bitcoin hoffen has happened I know that the dates are not 100% correct but in trading view on the monthly chart that is actually not even possible but it doesn't really matter I think that you get the idea now think about that diction of the guy that we just saw and now think about where we are right now if you compare the situation that this guy was three-and-a-half years ago if you compare that to what's happening today where the price of Bitcoin is today and to be honest I would say you don't have to be a genius to figure that we are right now in the exact same situation in the exact same state in the cycle then when this video was uploaded and I think this chart over here represents that actually quite well so for that one guy who is posting Bitcoin Hornung hype every single day in my comment section today is your big day sir Bitcoin huffing hype only 422 days left awesome so before we're going to end the video big thanks to the contrarian dudes for this awesome video most probably he's not going to upload more he didn't upload since one year so I think he's inactive already but anyway that was definitely great stuff and with that said thank you all very much for watching and I hopefully see you all tomorrow in the next one bye


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  • sunny decree says:

    Original Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_IkOf8IFBQ
    Bitcoin Halving Countdown: https://www.bitcoinblockhalf.com/

  • Yes, it is set up to feed off the 'Law of Supply and demand'. It is set up to 'rocket up' each time it halves.

  • flatearth crypto says:

    cypress dont have enough ppl with moola to ever have made that last big run 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. no one jnows when big money comes in but them themselves!

  • "The year is 2032, we have total acceptance of bitcoin by all the people (1 satoshi = 1 USD). All fiat is dead. 1 Bitcoin equals 100M USD (2000 trillion dollar human race economics, now equals to 70 trillion dollars) potential growth thanks to AI, Internet of things, Space industry etc."

  • Youtube Forcedme says:

    There's no guarantee that BTC will go higher than it's previous high. Bitcoin works, until it doesn't. Hence the fact that there are 2000 shitty alt coins which are absolutely poluting the Crypto space (at least for me) and scare of new investors. You can already see that the BTC uptrend curve is starting to flatline. BTC is targetting a specific group of investors, and it's eventually coming to an end. I get it, if you buy Bitcoin, you are permanently gambling and some people are just sensitive to this addiction.

  • Can you please say something about SMART CASH (SMART) ? – i think its one of the best coins worldwide… insane idea, very decentralized, biggest potential in my opinion

  • I'm willing to believe history will repeat itself (or rhyme), however, things are a little different now. There are over 2,000 cryptocurrencies competing. Also, scaling is more of an issue now. When this guy made the predication, there was no BCH or BSV to compete. I believe BTC will win, but it all depends on LN. If we get closer to $20,000 and the fees are high and transactions speeds slow, then I believe some people will flock to another coin. So, it is important for everybody who supports BTC to start getting used to LN for the potential parabolic bull run.

  • Kasra Sadeghi says:

    no we are not, there is an exponential difference in market cap. Its not the same move when you're talking about 1 trillion versus 1/10th of that.

  • you can make 100 videos with diff predections, then hide all of them, and after 2 years reveal the video which is right, let this guy show when the views was on this video, im sure that 3 yeras nobody saw it because nobody couldnt do it!

  • Rebecca Shearer says:

    Cryptocurrency is no doubt still in its infancy stage. There is a finite supply of Bitcoin and it has been said that the last bitcoin will be mined by year 2140 acccording to Satoshi Nakamoto himself. You can join one of the largest cryptocurrency cloud mining and investment pools and get to buy some hashpower to start mining bitcoin and other supported altcoins daily. Sign up with bitrearer com to start building your crypto passive income portfolio today.

  • I watched this vid in 2015, I remember it well, thought it was really interesting and yet I didn’t have confidence enough to do much😕

  • Nisse Wildbird says:

    The Future is Crypto :)!

  • Maureen Aramid says:

    It time to bought some more bitcoin and invest. to whom it may concern, i just doubled my bitcoin on bitrearer,com…The bullish movement has just begun again i enthusiastically believe much, Earn by HODL, trading and investing in a mining pool is my strategy. I hope this will bring all my bitconnect loses. sigh*

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