🔥BITCOIN LITECOIN BREAKOUT LURKING!?🔥 bitcoin litecoin price prediction, analysis, news, trading

🔥BITCOIN LITECOIN BREAKOUT LURKING!?🔥 bitcoin litecoin price prediction, analysis, news, trading

bitcoin and litecoin is there a breakout lurking what's up guys crypto savvy here I hope everybody's having a fabulous Monday and I hope you had a great weekend we're gonna take a look at the charts starting out with litecoin moving on to Bitcoin and stick around to the end of the video we're gonna look at that Bitcoin daily chart versus gold weekly chart and I'm gonna show you why I believe we'll hit 646 thousand by the end of the year also just a quick reminder there's a description box below the video click that and go down in there there is a 100 percent free discord group in there it's our community awesome community for crypto no matter what your level of you know experience in crypto has definitely check it out if you haven't already it's a great community guys there's also some affiliate links down there you can check out to help the channel out let's get into the charts and see what's going on alright guys as always I want to start out by saying I'm not a financial advisor this is not financial advice this is my opinion and my view of the market only anyone's doing any trading or investing in this market I suggest you do your own due diligence in your own research as this market can be extremely volatile and risky also keep in mind it's still speculative market and don't put in more than you're willing to lose and with that being said if you're new here you haven't already definitely consider hitting the subscribe button in the lower right hand side of the screen that'll get you subscribed to the channel then if you take the notification bell that'll get you notified when I post new videos as I do post updates every day that way you don't miss out on anything also guys smash the likes leave your comments let me know what you think share the video get it out there I appreciate it and let's see what's going on all right so we're looking at like coin in the daily and I'm gonna show you what we've been watching here and we've been watching this as a big cup and then a handle and if we take the measured move by the cup and put it to the breakout of the handle that gets us up to the 180 dollar range guys I still am definitely looking towards the 180 and I have some other targets too we're gonna look at real quick if we were to break out write it right in this area and this Changez this target will change as this wedge keeps rising this is a rising broadening wedge they have drawn in here and my target if we were to break out somewhere you know soon in this area out of the top of that would be the 263 dollar range somewhere in there guys those targets aren't exact and if we were to break out more up in this area the further we go the higher the target gets breaking out of there but that's the $300 range guys I'm gonna go into the RSI we're gonna look at the daily RSI and see what's going on there obviously big rising wedge since December we had a little bear trap here and now we're in a falling channel here I do believe we're gonna come up and test the top of this before breaking through to higher highs so that's what where I'm at right now let's look at for hour at a big following channel since April man we had a wedge here we dropped out or popped out of into a falling channel popped out of that and another falling channel so on so forth and we are in another falling channel here I was thinking that maybe we would hit the bottom of this again but when I'm looking at these channels if you notice the last leg never hit so I do believe we have room to make our move up here and that's let's get into the price action and see where that leads us also guys I do want to point out that if you look here we're making lower lows in the RSI and we're making higher lows in the price action which is hidden bullish divergence keep in mind that is I am still bullish here and that is why want to look at these targets and show you how I got these other targets first of all we're gonna take a look at the bearish scenario if we're gonna pop out of this triangle if you look here I had posted in this chord yesterday that we popped out of the triangle but we didn't close the the candle outside until we open and close the candle down here I'm not looking for these lower lows but my next target if we do break down through this guy's is probably gonna be around this 200 EMA which is gonna be somewhere in 123 dollar range looking for support there and if that breaks that in the bottom of this rising broadening wedge this blue one here would be around than 112 area worst-case scenario if that was the break guys obviously we'll have some support at a hundred if it was the broke break but if it breaks a hundred then absolutely worst case scenario guys which is the long term bottom trendline 60 bucks 61 bucks somewhere in there the further we go up here the higher that target gets but like I said I'm still bullish here and I'm gonna look at the bullish targets now as you can see it looked like a bear trap popping out of this triangle we could also move this triangle you know to see somewhere in that area just to stay within the lines as you guys know I like to use the wicks not the bodies of the candle so I'm gonna keep that there for now but I am going to do measured moves and show you how I got these targets here the first one in the 168 is just the Wits up width of the triangle or wedge whichever you want to call it here and the breakout will get us to round the 168 which would get us to the top and break us out of this rising broadening wedge unless we were just stay at the target over here and then obviously but I had to watch these lines but once we break above this broadening wedge I believe that that's gonna become our support that top line let's take a look at the next target next target is measuring this here as the flagpole and a bull flag and we take the measure move up that gets us to the 180 which is also if you remember that's the cup and handle target so it's 180 is has a lot a lot of weight on it I believe I'm I'm looking for at least getting up to this 180 range and then I had another target here and this target is measuring this whole move here as the flagpole and if we take the measured move of that it's a breakout that gets us up to the 194 195 area so definitely definitely looking towards that area guys yeah that's that's where I'm at as of right now there is a 217 up here and that would be the top of this this trend line here which is rising broadening wedge so that's where I'm at as of right now actually that 217 target let's I'm gonna take a look real quick let me let me get that would be looking at this as a channel the blue line which is the bottom of the broadening wedge and then the top of the yellow broadening wedge as you can see it's a nice channel in here and the breakout of that would get us up to that 217 range but anyways I'm not putting a whole lot of weight on that right now I'm definitely just really looking at this 180 range let's go into the Bitcoin chart and you can see I have a new target up here in gray and I'll show you why once we get into the four hour but we were watching this rising broadening wedge here that we've broken out of and we had our target at 96 and we were watching that for believe it was over a month maybe two months and we finally hit that and we're continuing up we're in a right we were in this rising channel here and we've broke it out of that rising channel now the measured move of if you take the width of the channel and move it to the top where we broke out is rounding the twelve thousand to twelve thousand one hundred range twelve thousand 70ish so I do see us going up there at least before a correction will it be the big correction I don't know I don't believe that there's gonna be a huge correction we are in a parabolic bull market guys yes there's gonna be corrections they're gonna be quick most likely they're gonna be swift corrections trading this is really dangerous especially if you're trading on high leverage and I want to show you the other measured move would be measuring this does the flagpole here and if we bring that up to the top that gets us to the 12,500 range like I said once we go to the for our I'll show you what I'm looking at for this thirteen thousand six range and the more this goes the the more and more this is making sense to me and I'll explain why but first we're going to go in the RSI and we look at the our side we had the rising channel here this was our first bottom of the rising channel the line and then we broke through and I had put another line down here and that acted as support and resistance if you look here this let me zoom in a little bit the inverted head and shoulders on the daily right here this will be the left shoulder head right shoulder and that's why I believe we're gonna come up to at least this area guys and that's gonna be our new high let's go into the four hour and we obviously just a real quick we had a rising channel rising wedge here which we broke out of came into a falling Channel and now we're in a rising wedge we've gotten support off the bottom here I believe we're gonna continue up for our next move let me see some yeah I believe we're gonna continue up for our next move it may get around you know could go as high as let me put a little line up here is that last high over there it's right there we could possibly die as I can get up to here before continuing down in that wood I drew another line in there hopefully this isn't confusing you guys I just want to kind of show you guys how I figure this stuff out but if we look here and we use this bottom line then we're making a brought or a rising wedge here and then we'll have a correction I don't believe the correction is gonna be that huge so guys don't panic I know people are talking about the ABC correction I don't somebody brought it up that you know this could be B of ABC correction and we got lower to go and now everybody's talking about it just like I said in my last couple videos but they all jump on bandwagons they're not doing their own ta they're letting other people you know everybody's they're all following each other watch one you watch them all they just keep repeating I do my own ta I don't follow their crap just like when they came up with a nvt signal and then everybody was on the nvt indicator and blah blah blah you guys know how I feel about indicators I don't believe in them and I think they're a bunch of noise in all honesty but all right we're in the four hour let's look at these targets here and why I put them here so we already looked at why I got the 12000 and then the 12,600 range well it seems to be we're making a rising triangle rising wedge here but I do believe it's more of a sending triangle and if we took a measured move of this whole move here as a flagpole and that being the bull flag depending on where we break out but it's looking like around the 13-6 area guys and again these are my targets where we're probably going to get resistance not to say we don't continue higher but this is the highest I'm seeing in my measured moves right now in the in the smaller timeframes but I'm definitely bullish and I do believe we're headed up towards these targets definitely 12,000 most likely 12,500 and the more and more we sit in here the more I believe we're gonna probably come up to this thirteen six area so look at the bearish case scenario we were talking about it yesterday if it came back down I'd be looking for support around the 10200 range which would be the top of this channel if that channel was the break each one of these lines there's a right around the 10,000 I would look for support here on the top of this old rising channel and if that was the break we'd be looking at the 94 50 to 9500 range and then all the way down to here would be around the 80 600 to 8800 range somewhere in there to retest the bottom of this channel but I don't see that happening guys but I am going through it so we know what to watch for if we do see these broken and then ultimately if we break through this the bottom of this rising channel again I would be looking for support on the top of this rising broadening wedge which we broke it out of over here which would be around the 78 78 to 79 hundred range depending how this came down and you guys know my absolute worst case scenario is around 6700 I do not see that happening anymore but I do still want to keep that there is the worst case scenario like I said people are talking about the ABC correction that this is B and we're gonna have a huge trend change and either go to new lows or double bottom I don't believe that at all guys there will be tons of talk about that until we break up above this level here so don't get paranoid I don't see it happening all right now we're looking at the Bitcoin daily chart versus gold weekly chart if you haven't seen this pretty interesting check it out this is my end a year target between 46,000 47,000 and I think I'm being conservative on that I believe we could go much much higher but that's where I'm at with that I have a 46 47,000 I'm gonna switch back and forth to the gold weekly chart and a bitcoin daily chart and see if you can see why I believe what I believe I believe we're right around in here in this pattern a pattern is a pattern guys so it I know Bitcoin are the gold chart this is obviously years 20 some years this is about two years the difference is times a lot faster bitcoins a smaller market easier to move lower market cap but it's following the exact same path guys a pattern is a pattern and right here there was some huge news which was the gold ETF and you can see what happened after that now we are right in this area I believe waiting for the huge news and it's coming guys I really truly believe that I believe show me the chart so I'll tell you the news and I'm telling you there's some big news coming and this thing is most likely gonna skyrocket in my opinion remember this is my opinion don't trade off my opinion but I drew a trend line off at each peak in the bear market here to where it broke down at the 6,000 range and each one of those became resistance and then support I want to talk about the bottoming of gold and look at how it compares the Bitcoin as you can see I had this long-term trend line we got two touches and you see what happened after the two touches just just a parabolic bull market and we can look here there was Corrections guys you can see the corrections on the way up and if you're a holder or Hodler this is great for you you just hold through it no big deal but like I said the key area to watch let's now let's look at how Bitcoin bottom same way two touches on the bottom guys I'm moving up from here worst-case scenario if we broke this 6700 I may get worried think it's coming down further but I don't think I honestly don't think there's a chance of this breaking at all so for anyway that's getting kind of paranoid if you remember yesterday I showed you this trendline from each one of these we had three touches of support here in the old bear market coming up and we've broken through that line now and I said I'd like to see us get support up there and yesterday's candle to close above it and we did and this is probably most likely gonna be our new support guys and that's right around the ten thousand range or actually ten thousand seven hundred ten thousand eight hundred could have a big parabolic move like I said to the 1300 range and then maybe come back maybe that'll be the correction just coming back down here I noticed Tyler a hyper wave got all bullish all of a sudden after his screaming that it was going to $1,000 and really screwed people out of the head I feel sorry for anyone that was waiting for that that's why I suggest you learned chart don't pay for the paid groups and the paid courses and all that crap guys it's not worth it there's so much free info on the Internet all they can teach you in them courses is the basic where you can get free all over the internet the only way to learn to trade and get better at trade is get in and start training that's the only way to get experience and if you're if you're really new I suggest you create a mock account with fake money and and uh practice doing that before you actually risk your own money so or just idle I believe we're in a like I said a parabolic market here I know people are saying that this is uh excuse me this is a a B and a C correction it's it's it's not guys it's just the Bears reaching out for more hope we're going up from here in my opinion guys I want to also look at the RSI in the weekly and we have been watching this on this channel since January guys so everybody starting to talk about gold I here versus Bitcoin you heard it here first I want to show you the the the weekly RSI we have this trend line in here this is the 2013 bull market followed by the mayor market we had two touches of resistance before starting the bull market this is 2017 bull market same trend line we had two touches of resistance before starting the bull market it's going to the monthly and let's see what we're looking at here 2013 bull market followed by the Behr marquee each one of these zeros represents a new low in the RSI we had four of them 2017 bull market followed by the bear market each one of these arrows represents a new low and the artists eye there was four of them now we're in our bull market the only difference and this one is guys I think it's gonna be a whole lot faster actually probably faster than that so anyways if you guys enjoyed the video definitely consider sharing it if you belong to any groups and stuff and uh consider subscribing on the chain I'll click the crypto savvy logo above my head that I'll get just subscribed and then if you take the notification buh that'll get you notified when I post new videos smash those likes guys leave your comments let me know what you think and I will see you tomorrow peace


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