Чем отличаются Bitcoin и Bitcoin Cash

Чем отличаются Bitcoin и Bitcoin Cash

bitcoin is currently the most famous cryptocurrency but not so long ago appeared cryptocurrency with a similar name bitcoin cache to understand why this It happened and what is the difference between them You need to know the background of the size of blocks bitcoin blokcheyna limited to one megabyte when the transaction was not too much such a restriction practically nothing on It influenced but essentially limited dudos possible attacks with increasing popularity of bitcoin transaction number increased but due to restrictions the maximum block size is not everything transaction is placed immediately Periodically there is place in May In 2017 the situation has deteriorated some users complained that they We have to wait for confirmation of a few days for faster processing the user can designate an increased Commission but it makes use of bitcoins quite expensive especially small payments disappears sense to use them for example in cafes and bars August 1, 2017 was held forced a new branching unit was created twice in different formats bitcoin block was still one megabyte and block new cryptocurrency and named bitcoin cache had been 8 megabytes Nevertheless holders from this bitcoin only won because after separation they kept all their Bitcoin but automatically become owners still the same bitcoin amount of cache so despite similar name common history Bitcoins bitcoin cache are two different independent cryptocurrency at this place all Like subscribe to a channel Pompey Averbakh [music]


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