hello everyone today i would like to talk about a fairly serious topic this is fraud this is with the camera as in I think we noticed almost half a year growing growing bitcoin growth other coins appear new designs and In general, the news background is enough positive regret with it on the market is coming and scammers their goal as rule become beginners and experienced or just gullible people who exhibit strong enough activity successful various chat rooms and communication liberzh with this i would like to talk about today most common methods fraud so you can secure yourself and your assets the first of these are fraud through telegram this topic has become the most relevant back in 2017 18 years when a large number of people have invested in essay about when was the surge and everything respectively from the camera failed sidestep this topic so essentially she for them was the golden living scheme was simple enough due to the fact that most mandatory requirement projects have been joining telegram people We went there to them immediately wrote from the cameras naturally he pretended to be admin or team member or founder even completely copied the name of the photo sometimes even nickname for example the most popular was case change with a and l what is big what is small is not right away striking and in fact if you read the whole word the meaning does not change much people came across it accordingly at the beginning of communication as soon as a person enters the group greet him and say that for any of the questions please contact us always here always ready to help accordingly dependence on interpersonal skills person person either continued dialogue either ignored in case of continuation with chambers quietly started develop a dialogue that is asked additional questions further, in principle, everything depended on experience with the camera if it was small patent the usual situation was such that hello hello have you gone casey if the date would not you like invest with a bonus and here is your address and let’s get faster money if the cameras were experienced he I understood that there is a risk that a person is not for him will believe either will doubt and so further he asked additional questions for example how long have you known about our project where you came from invested you previously did not want to be to invest in us here now special program with additional bonuses there and so on it lasts day how do you like this idea the man agrees then he has find out email address someone find out who there is no figure out the currency ie bitcoin or ethereum amount and after that prepare ostensibly for him individual wallet address let it will ethereum send directly chat and say you can dump within 5 minutes tokina you come back together with the bonus respectively you become investors of our project naturally at this stage if a person conducts a transaction of his pre asked to send another transaction hash for order to make sure that really money came after that from the cameras starts to freeze either sends a ban right away or deletes itself On this in principle scheme the and is ending however, there are several other options. development for example as i said earlier some ask email and email are needed for at least two options for later resale either for use phishing about this we’ll talk a little bit later however the main purpose is to to try steal more money from you via phishing emails often with camera send various links either files are usually hidden behind them either viruses or miners that is, no one else is for you no will bring no benefit in this case What can be done firstly? that he is worth remembering once and for all this is what the team project participants administrators and so then no one ever writes you 1 that is, even in projects they are now writing that admins just don’t have the right to write you first precisely in order to warn the danger of such theft second moment also in the enshrined message offers a list of official administrators whom you can ask for support ie you nobody stops you yourself first write exactly the official administrator and he can with you to talk however, in this case you need remember that no investment through telegram you can not do that year there was a precedent when the new administrator project strength managed to rob the participants on one and a half thousand ethers of connection with which I either strongly recommend us conduct 7 plaintiffs either through the site project or through some specialized sites right now for example popular ooo, respectively all investments are made through sites exchanges that the most convenient and secure On this principle, let’s all go to next view however, there are more complex fraudulent schemes for example creating fake social networking projects and liberzh or creating a freecall project in whole the first case is quite simple help need to check every announcement every news in different social networks if not duplicated most likely she really as for fake projects you need here yourself independently check the command and check by partnership as regards command algorithm is the following that is you check photo matching photos or not is it really a person’s name photos then you check the merits that person that is where he worked does he work on this project than he is there generally is and so on as for partnerships the situation is about the same you go to the social networking site partner and reveal the accuracy of information about whether the partnership had any news about maybe some extra information and so on the same concerns various mining services state kingu on yew groups and so on Unfortunately there are times when the exchange itself turn out to be fake in this case this type of fraud can be called as help like all fraudulent schemes she is enough simple its meaning is that you write young person or girl asking for help the situation is the following they allegedly traded or brought money to the exchange Asya now the exchange does not give them to them there is a problem with nod this is not from that country banned account still something else something accordingly he or she take off link to the exchange and throws off control data ie mail and password please ask my address here wallet please bring this bitcoin can afford to pick up the percentage of conditional 50 percent respectively a person comes in to the exchange there is already no phishing normal site usually there some kind of activity is simulated there are being expensive open-close orders and so then a person comes to balance and really one bitcoin natural he tries to withdraw them however for output another one is already required identity verification system writes that all is well money on balance however, we need to confirm that you please send to the same address a deposit of 10 20 50 and so on dollars accordingly we will understand so let’s say log in the address and you can display these means which is bitcoin plus what you planned Naturally in this lies the whole deception that is, these were still in my for ten back and you transfer funds after that Naturally a man who gets you wrote after this system gives you nothing or asks you yet some kind of deposit and so on proper this is where the whole essence of the scheme is In this case, the recommendation is the same as only some unfamiliar person is writing to you man with something like that is enough Suspicious request and should just make him ban and where After all, the correspondence as in the past you won’t get anything useful from here Respectively and move further further should talk fake air trails and email phishing as for airdrop auto This topic is most popular on Twitter As a rule, under large accounts of type Ethereum Exchange by nation and so on under their posts various bots or people so same leave their records usually this bright picture with some announcement be that airdrop or some kind of investment story type you give away one broadcast get 10 give 10 get 100 and so on and the link when going to this link in you opens a beautiful site bright plate where it appears supposedly current transaction process ie you can see what really people send one tenth of the ether or one ether and and go back more quantity however, in the first place and the transition to this site if you have turned off or just not does this virus work you most likely rally and some viruses Trojan life or more seriously by increasing your risk accordingly identity theft various passwords can get installation miners and so on and second moment if you check where the deposit address should be send a whistle you will understand what fact no transactions then no there are attila on this scheme peck just newbies and usually no more than these addresses three to five transactions but these are written transactions do not get paid back the same should be said about email phishing unfortunately for 2017 2018 was stolen quite a lot of personal user information ie their document fights in the ice of their latex us and so on or now and 5 email addresses are often used for phishing that is supposedly sent from the project site letter with a story about some new stock possible pre-sale or post sales supplement and so on when you go to the link you can get more information well and respectively, further stories about same and go to the site you rather just grab the virus or something else it is important to notice here that a lot users use metamos wallet by metamos himself and recommends after use it always block because similar sites can get he access and in essence steal your and currents but ethereum and so on also wanted would tell about less trend end of 2018 years this is a pyramid on smart contracts or what they called themselves smart investment projects contracts it is clear that such pyramids were before however, for Russia and CIS countries they became popular at the end of the eighteenth year the pyramid was an ordinary smart contracts which invest you could get here one percent up 300 percent for a certain period it is clear that the scammers saw that people bear that day for decide to create your own and We look like you, however, in this case the calculation was on people who are not possessing sufficient technical knowledge or who basically does not read this contract though all the information about the job contract is transparent meaning you can go to St. Petersburg and read with a contract that he suggests respectively scammers created their contracts and they had one goal, that is, to collect means and withdraw them to their one own wallet respectively people who simply invested in every project seeing only a new project right away sent ethereum there and waited for some recoil accordingly the person send there was nothing on the air except full ignore further already probably the beginning of this year began to appear like this same youtube channels exposing articles who analyzed smart awards and also tried to save people from losing their means I told probably the most popular fraudulent schemes however, we should not forget that her scammers are constantly evolving I wanted would highlight the correct three methods which with 99 percent and 9 percent will allow you protect yourself and your assets The first method is personal storage. information should not be passed to anyone your e-mail especially passwords and private keys for account in the exchanges and your wallets also need extra connect two-factor authentication whether via phone or via special programs like i say above maximum for admins can require wallet email address only if you yourself write remember admin again whether telegram or some other social networks will never write you first the second point is the transition to safe the link here is already rather about phishing as i said earlier myself i recommended adds all resources bookmarks this way you go up chance to avoid fake site or go to the website and projects liberzh through popular horse sites market by the third point is a test and rechecking this case should not be trust one person and one the resource is always needed before check all the information that get from the person you are with communicate either from a resource with which you interacting collect various reviews and so on I will leave all useful links in the description all reliable sources i will leave in description do not forget to subscribe
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